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{June 26, 2017}   No Drugs video (2)

Why you should not take Hardcore Drugs 

3 Things in my favor that also make me stay Healthy—- I am a None Smoker/Detest Drugs of any Sort/and am a Social Drinker only to celebrate Special occasions. 


The Mental Health system is full of people who have been given drugs with similar side effects that damage their lives forever when a huge percentage should go home through different programs but they are being controlled by our government forever under the Mental Health Act—- this area needs much change where is the line drawn between people who simply want to live and maybe messed up once and people who actually have a chemical imbalance? the Mental Health system and Police have gone way too far and lock anyone up who has done something basic out of the ordinary and quite frankly they have trouble to pinpoint the difference between someone who is normal from what I have seen through my story some of them themselves needs locking up for their actions I am one who will never walk through the doors of a Police station ever again without a Lawyer by my side.

One person checks my blog every day even if nobody else does he was never a friend and I now know Police know who this person is that has caused all the drama along with the network of people lasting almost 3 decades when will sense prevail?


These are confirmed Cyber Crime Complaints around 25,000 for each month.

Top 5 Countries Victim location

1.The United States 80%   2.United Kingdom 2.47%   3.Nigeria 2.2%   4.China 1.91% 

5. India 1.46%

Top 10 States Victim location

1.California 14.53%   2.Florida 2.47%   3.Texas 2.2%   4.New York 1.91%

5.Illinois 1.6%   6.Pennsylvania 14.53%   7.Verginia 2.47%   8.New Jersey 2.2%

9.Washington 1.91%   10.Ohio 1.46%


$1,070,711,522   Losses Reported

288,012 Complaints Received

127,145 Complaints Reporting a Loss

8,421 (Average dollar Loss for Complaints Reporting a Loss)

3,718 (Average Dollar Loss Overall)

$560 Medium Dollar Loss 

Internet Crime Complaints Centre Statistics 2015

The challenge is out there for anyone to produce an APP that can Detect Fake Profiles on Social Media pages such as Twitter/Facebook etc

This is now the way many Hackers are coming onto our Social Media PAGES and when they have enough information even though you Block THEM they then  Delete their accounts of which makes them difficult to detect.

I have made mention for the idea of such an APP to Twitter/Facebook and Microsoft where they should give this to their Followers just like the Grammarly Spell check this product should be incorporated with all Microsoft software.



{April 2, 2017}   My turn to Speak(Video 1)

Please allow at least 10 minutes for the first of my videos to address my personal and now very public story, where unfortunately at the end of the video you will hear an unfamiliar sound the person filming was having a diabetes attack—– Added information 21/04/2017 In the 11 years I have resided in the township of Sunbury Vic I have never heard such peace and tranquility on the roads surrounding my home since I posted this Video and that can only mean one of 2 things Attitudes of the Public are changing for the better or you are all just plain scared from the false Litigation that you have preached for these last 3 decades     Video’s 2 & 3 will be added to this post soon the reality of just how long I have been tormented by all of this garbage thrown at me was realized fully in those months between April & May this year it was very confronting and challenging.

[video width=”300″ height=”200″ mp4=”

Video (2)is now published 26/6/2017 on Why you Should not take Hardcore Drugs and therefore find a more Healthy way to keep Your body in good maintenance I also have 3 main things in my favor for keeping a good Health record and they are that —-I am a None Smoker and Despise all Drugs at the best of times and only have Alcohol to celebrate an occasion.



{March 18, 2017}   “A long awaited video”

The first of many videos to come will now be released after this coming weekend as a sign of respect to those who lost their lives in the recent UK attack——quote- I do note in any way promote terrorism but rather condone it , keep tuned as you will not want to miss the many answers included to resolve your suspicious and grotty little minds especially for those who have tried to post their sex sites on my Twitter page of which is purely a business site to promote Marketing/Music/Art & World News.

Happy with my plants so plush a favorite Grevillea(Peaches & Cream)

And the (Jack Harre) Leucadendron growing beautifully in these pots.

{February 25, 2017}   “My Worldwide Blog Views”


This is a summary for countries who have viewed my blog Stop Abuse to Women ——- Australia clearly have issues——but won’t speak out on a very important subject about this particular story.

International Women’s Day 8/03/2017 What a Joke.

There is no support here despite the length of time the offences against me have continued ——- I couldn’t think of a better person to represent myself in a court of Law other than myself who can only speak of these events as they happened, the reason the public over here are not responding I believe is because these stories were started by the Media with many high-profile names included then some previously dumped ex-boyfriends joined in led by a specific group of people who continued this deceitful litigation in the background 24/7 right through the entire 27 years and Police seem to be protecting them because they have not moved forward either with charges at this point,in respect to various people I will fight for my freedom as the public are now aware that much of what they were led to believe is not and never was true, just 4 days ago I was denied Health Care at one of our major hospitals all because 1 young Nurse decided I did not have the right to be seen by a Doctor (a basic right) it really has become a no joke situation as I witness the confusion from our youth of whom many were groomed into believing that to Abuse a woman is okay regardless of whether they know her or not, somewhere along the line I will break these barriers and against my will have to take on the state of Victoria to help and further prevent Abuse to Women, the compensation figure will be high, and to a particular TV station you are not out of the picture sitting back on your screens each week grinning like Cheshire cat’s and interfering in people’s business when you have no right unless it is agreed with by the person in question , how long can you just keep sitting there watching our Women become slaughtered by their partners when my story has been circulating for nearly 30 years and I have never been approached to tell my side it is time you made a compromise to some degree but you know it will come at a cost——————-



it will take more lives before you wake up I would really love it if any of you could tell me what you are really on about I have been out of the picture for almost all of those years.



{February 12, 2017}   “A night out with Human Nature”

Wow a night out at the Human Nature concert Margaret Court Melbourne 4th Feb 2017 was very entertaining a keen supporter of the group especially in their earlier years known as the boy band they gave it all with a powerful packed and energetic performance right throughout the evening  that made me energized to the point where I was very voice stress with Yahoo’s right through the concert feeling somewhat frustrated before going in and not having experienced any events at Margaret Court before it became very clear that to drive your car into these areas of both the Tennis centre and AMMI Park with more than one venue operating at any time the place has very little or no parking facilities to cope with crowds with many having to leave their cars at the MCG walk all the way across the bridge then on to Margaret Court and at the end of it Pedestrians everywhere on roads blocked off forcing those who live in the Northern suburbs to only turn right where drivers were being dragged right across the city to have to get to home, not music to my ears I am not a public transport user and availability to these facilities should have been designed with multi-level car parking spaces and Overhead pedestrian Walkways to accommodate more than one venue being used otherwise you’ve got empty VENUES like I find it hard to swallow that a 5,000 person venue has no parking space on their side like Margaret court because AMMI Park is running a 25,000 person venue on the other side leaving all car parking spaces pre-booked all a terrible design many people cannot walk certain distances let alone asking them to get public transport when they may live long distances away it is the same for MOOMBA never any parking space available surely I am not the only one to complain?

Lucky I enjoyed the concert, otherwise, I would have been 3 more strengths angry anyway here are some videos not terribly close taken on a phone camera these fellows really make you feel alive they certainly did it for me and yes I miss behaved with Yahoo’s right through the concert


These are the before and after pic’s of my Peter Brock rose-bush I had previously planted in my front garden nothing much grows there due to mass root growth from age-old larger trees in adjoining properties but you can clearly see the improved version now out the back in a raised garden bed with 30 new roses that are about all I will need for my Birthday & Valentines day today.


Wear Blooming.























There are many things in Life where disgruntled people feel the need to take whatever they want regardless of how the circumstances may have an effect on some of us and you the Woman of the World are no exception for you ask for very little and give so much especially those in 3rd world countries battling war under circumstances that are barely fit for any survival ,you are left to carry the burden of children of which you know you have no capacity to be able to feed or cloth under such horrific conditions beyond belief where you bear so much pain only to watch your children dying before your eyes with very little or no help from anywhere because the numbers of newborns are so high your face expressions tell it all from afar where the messages are so clear, that something significant must be done in the prevention of pregnancy if you are to survive.

Your courage to stand up for your rights as human beings is somewhat stunning and ever so brilliant where the rest of the World now need to take a stand and support your position I begin with the wars quote-who needs a war, Nobody, this bloodied mess has gone on for an eternity and has to come to a full stop those who disagree you all need to move to the one area and fight between yourselves until there are none of you left to course any pain.

The women of the World who give everyone their first breath require pregnancy prevention programs and should be treated with the utmost respect for the sacrifices of becoming mothers at those times of need where they should feel proud of their achievements instead of pain and misery.

Your courage to make a stand for your rights as human beings has left Nations of people breathless and for that reason alone I feel so proud for you as you take those steps forward for Freedom from being Bullied into things you don’t agree with and to have to take on the burden of children that you cannot accommodate your lives as woman play a significant role in the production to multiply the number of people who exist in this World but so to should you have the choice to produce when you yourselves are ready,I stand by you for the power of your own futures and ask for the Freedom that you rightfully deserve to bring Peace and Harmony into your lives.

Whilst remembering other countries want to pay Australia to use our land for Military practice this would destroy it our country now need to make an apology to those generations of Farming Families that stand a chance to not only lose their lively hood but also in turning their lives into a hell hole observing this would be done for money purposes,the shame I feel for our Government now is so strong we as a Nation would not want this to happen and nor should our Government as without your positions you are everyday people just like the rest of us please stop this Heartbreak.

This blog has been brought from Facebook to hear of which is my official Website for all posts at

Dealing with Bullying and Abuse

“First find the course although this can be difficult as Bullies work in pack’s and do not like to be confronted although relating back to the incident can often set up the beginning stages of the course making dealing with it somewhat easier”.

Always be familiar with your surroundings and try to engage with a friend at most times when in Public as Bullies too often target people at their most vulnerable when they are on their own.

Be observant in the way some of your acquaintances speak to you and listen carefully to their tone of voice because they could well be Abusing you without you actually recognizing the Bullying factors some people do not comprehend that just by raising their voice can mean the difference between what we call a normal conversation and or Abuse be alert to this most of us have lost our temper at some stage and there is nothing wrong with letting go some of that anger through circumstances that we don’t agree with but there is a fine line between the way someone delivers anger and or Abuse and it may only be a one-off however it is when it continues that it becomes consistent with Abuse and that’s when the problems start of which often leads on to Domestic Violence.

Always seek some sort of counselling in such events where you will benefit and that it will help you cope however I have seen so many levels of both Bullying and Domestic Violence brought upon by others where I have broken up arguments between people managing to defuse situations I am fortunate enough to have been able to cope with my own circumstances without the help of a counsellor very few have the capability to deal with and understand the levels of what Violence can do to a person, in particular, Mental Abuse the silent killer never think twice about a leaving a loved one through Violence as if you stay it will only become worse and leave you with lifetime scars of which you can help avoid by taking notice of early signs where Bullying starts.



{January 13, 2017}   “Please support my Petition”

Cheryl's space

The link for support is on my page at when I have a certain amount of signatures it will then be listed at ( where you can find it(just go to the search bar and type in my name)nobody in this life needs to be treated in this way and for the astonishing length of time this is one hell of a psychopath along with the group who have continued ravaging my life for nearly 3 decades without any contact from me everyone was told to keep quiet do any of you realize the type of drama that you are causing through our community ? kids and teenagers who often read my blogs are now so out of control because my case needs to be discussed and brought to the table for awareness the Government and Media have always been aware that one of their own has been treated in this way and have offered nothing in…

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