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Well you have all heard me speak plenty of times on a consistent level where I have openly asked people to speak up and bring any issues forward about my story but still you stay voiceless (and I am constantly still being harassed with phone calls and attacks on my computer)nearly 3 decades down the line so my only option is to keep fighting for justice with my case until common sense prevails so many titles fit my story from the beginning Revenge-Porn/then it moved on to Conspiracy(with far more people attacking me) from Litigation/defamation/Human rights violation/and so much more I begin to wonder how you all sleep at night.

I’m backing it in that many of you realize just how wrong you have been in making the judgment on me just because consistent stories emerged from much false litigation.

Okay let’s  and bring some of these facts together if we all want to break down the barriers for the meaning of White Ribbon Day and the cause of helping prevent Domestic violence/Revenge Porn/and Cyber Bullying then we all have to work together in doing so for the benefit and well-being of our future generation of kids who are already very much out of control as I speak.

You could start by speaking out about your own feelings of topics that sit uncomfortably with you even if it means giving up someone you know who said this or told you about that get these issues out on the table and then compliment yourself for becoming that of a good person.

Today I am going to discuss Revenge-Porn and Ex-boyfriends those who cannot accept that when a relationship is over their reaction often ends by using revenge-porn against their earlier partner I have never really understood the fascination from those who react to simple nudity of which in general is a very natural part of life and yet so many men use this as a pay back against women to try to damage their reputation pathetic I say poor excuse on a males behalf, unfortunately, it did happen to me and ruined my entire career of whatever it was I chose to do so on that note (I ask anyone of you who has information for either URL sites of where my pictures were downloaded and or some of the names of people,who put them there these pictures were displayed as long as and as late as this year a total of nearly 3 decades simply ridiculous (I do have some information but would like to acquire more) if you feel uncomfortable sending anything to my email address then don’t give your information to Crime Stoppers.

You will learn that I never Abused any of my previous relationships I certainly yelled and screamed a bit when they didn’t pull their weight but they were given so much rope and took far more from me than I deserved to have taken, their track record of Abuse via means of taking whatever they wanted and taking advantage of a good thing far out weigh’s anything I could have ever done to them there is video 3 to come on that subject many members of the Public allowed our youth to Abuse me either in person or with their cars ripping up the road outside my home and surrounding streets is absolute Terrorism and criminal against an individual.

House theft was part-time entertainment for more than one of the offenders in this story the Purple Bear displayed is from a robbery some 40 plus years ago this was given to me as a gift at age 17 the thought horrified me to learn so many years later that it was part of stolen goods from house invasions please ring Crime Stoppers if you recognize it from perhaps a child’s nursery or shop there has been a pattern made for it so hopefully someone will recognize it you will be helping to solve crime the other item displayed in the video from 1986 possibly Eastern suburbs a one-off fur coat made especially for its wearer stolen from a home invasion these are things the persons in question never told you I just happened to protect the items for their owners hoping that one day you could have them back the person who will also recognize this coat is the person who made it for the wearer please contact your local Police or Crime Stoppers.

To the offenders (more than one) before I put this post up yesterday you were ringing my landline every day using discontinued numbers to connect to my line from 12th to the 15th of December after I put this post up you stopped why because you are guilty of many more offences aside from troubling me for the last 28 years and most of you all live in Melbourne —– Your interest in who my Insurance company is and the threats that you imposed on me tells me that (1) you intend to rob my home (2) or burn it or both let me help you out with some facts No items of value or Important documents are in my home and if you burn my home well you would be giving me a brand new one How Perfect I have always adored 2 story homes.

This blog has stopped them from harming myself or my home and has kept them at bay for now but Public help is required for these items.

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Progress with positive outcome has been made in some areas that is the reason for delay of upgraded posts I hope to deliver information on that progress soon I too have experienced the last 11 Years of Cyber-Bullying I am now focused on all the”Molly’s across the world along with myself who have met the strain and effects from this despicable treatment from others who hide their faces.






{December 11, 2015}   “Decades of Sexual Harassment”

“Decades of Sexual Harassment and Abuse with absolutely no support from Australia or my immediate Family and past Friends” not one member of my relatives have ever come forward to speak about any of this Litigation due to the fact that it came from the public so all of it must be true they thought without asking me anything.

So many of you have participated and joined in this long-running issue without the slightest hint of thought that perhaps you may be wrong with your judgement in what you have done Australia is known for helping others, but there is another side where you have proved that you have no problems in dishing out Sexual Harassment of the highest proportions/Bullying of the lowest form/followed by Intimidation/Stalking/and so many other tags that belong to those couples who have attacked me along with the Coordinated Network of Monsters and ex-boyfriends who motivated our youth with taunts of this is the girl in the picture and this is the car that she drives and this is where she lives.

Never will my case be just pushed under the table as I too deserve compensation for the trauma that you have all caused in my life where you have kept me out of a permanent job for 24 years you have destroyed my life to the point where I have had to make sacrifices by using no mobile phone not going to dentists/hairdressers/restaurants or veterinary clinic’s for my pet’s and even competitions on television the moment I enter one of those where you have to leave a telephone number within a week my private line will start ringing because someone has handed out my number.

The sacrifices were also continued when I asked Police for help( worst-nightmare) in finding the monsters behind this saga and because of the lack of help from them I had to give up my Security license I had also given up my Driving Instruction license of 27 years before hand due to public harassment and yet there is nothing that I have done to anyone that warrants two and a half decades of continued harassment where I will step out in public and there will be someone ready to instigate a situation and cause trouble without any comments from myself other than being there Police will make sure their own female officers who have possibly been treated in an unfair way where they may have been sexually harassed will be well and truly compensated for I am no different as a member of society where I have to vote at each election.

This kind of community impact has sent a generation of our youth spiralling out of control where they believe that anything they do is all okay and in not separating wrong from right.

It seems many of you want your name in lights well that can be done but first breakfast for me this morning so perhaps in the next segment (extended notes )22/12/2015 At this point I will hold back on printing any  further names to this story due to the fact that a major television company is involved with the Litigation from this story where I will wait to be advised by legal.

My photo-shopped pictures that were filtered throughout Victoria and afar and on porn websites will be a reminder to all of you for the rest of your lives as I will make sure of that until you change what you started.

I no longer want to support my banner of Stop Abuse to Women as I realize myself where an enormous amount of this horrifying disturbance is coming from it started with dejected boyfriends then circulated on to a generation of youth of whom I had never met followed by many couples that I had never had anything to do with then the gay and sex community jumped on board spreading wildfire and complete rubbish stories despite the fact that I have never harmed anyone of them in any way that is not my scene (extended notes)—- with all of this supported by a major television station of where none of them have ever approached me to ask my version of any events this is how these stories of Litigation travelled so far and so fast reaching every group  of working industry and categories of sport and into most cities interstate I have summed up any issues in total many times and have found no grounds for any of what has been said in relation to having an effect on any members of the public or any people who have played a part in my personal life of which means for any intended purposes you never had a major story in the first place and just assumed much of what you had heard was true and I still have the rest of my life to bring all of this damage to light and however although I now care a lot less about many things that I was so passionate about in life I am a person that does stand for justice.





My continued fight for survival has always been based on just what is all this fuss about? and still is because you have started something you can’t stop the tolerance I have had to endure is endless having to fight for every step I take and no thanks to Australia all support has come from outside my own country of which I find quite alarming this fight is no longer about me but more to the point about you and what’ you, in general, have caused as a judge and jury within community levels turning the youth of this country upside down and the imports from other countries who come to Australia many not as righteous human beings wanting a better life but as a breeding ground to have their families in peace and then only to watch them turn around and want to kill the whole world.

More stronger and precise laws need to be added to reform our country now such as any foreign couple wanting to live here only be allowed 2 children otherwise we will deport you back to where you came from anyone who has more than 2 children would not be allowed in this country to begin with in fact I would like to see Australia adopt a 2 children policy all round and that seriously ill drug users be doctored so they cannot breed at all and don’t come back at me and say’ but they have no human rights well you have given me none so why should the real offenders have any.Religion should have no bearing on the way this world is turning Out of Control that is.Pauline(H) was right about many things in her political career and you went and locked her up in a prison she had a future vision of long-term problems for the future same with Derryn(H)he only spoke the truth at best and tried to save children from any further harm by shamming pedophiles and our courts locked him up as well Sham Shame on you policies for first offenders needs to be no less than a 12 month jail term (to be served) entirely with 2nd ad 3rd offenses to be much more harsh this means building more jails to accommodate more offenders and well you all know how I feel about horrendous criminals so my choice of the death penalty comes as no surprise.You also tried to permanently put me into a nut farm blaming me for everything but guilty of no crimes that didn’t work for you because some people knew the difference between crazy and normal and I come under the normal category.On so many levels and in every category people from all walks of life joined into this wicked stance of Public abuse involving groups such as football/motor racing /car clubs/television as a judge and jury never having spoken to me or asking any questions not even once you have supported drug runners and sports people who have absolutely run off the rails the world are reading these blogs and you are protecting the main players in this case.My nieces and nephews have suffered immensely through these times not understanding how their once loved and popular aunty Cheryl could be treated in this way where they also want answers I could not help but match my story with similar circumstances on A Current Affair last night where an ex-wife was set upon by police all because her ex-husband claimed she had stolen money from his business accumulating 46 charges of fraud and it turns out that he was lying in order to not pay her any money from their marriage break up police terrorized this woman before hearing both sides of the claim I feel much the same punished for no reason.Most of you know who has been behind the motivation of this abuse lasting 25 years and its time to speak up.”Thanks to many of the teens in the area you have all but stopped your car-hooning and have brought some peace to a community try encouraging your mates in every area to do the same.”

Lastly on this topic your teenagers are out of control in so many ways what are you going to do about it? yes, you the public I refer to I don’t have any kids so they’re not my problem.You need to give the main offenders up in my case so that I can help you turn all of this around this disgusting abuse and humiliation towards women has already gone too far it’s time for change  and don’t rely on a foreign prime minister in Tony Abbot to fix things as he does not have a long term view on this countries future he is also a religious catholic who will not in force any of the proposals I have mentioned as well as he will not tax church people on the buildings they buy or the cash they take in of which we all know does no longer go into helping the needy but rather stay’s in the pockets of the organisers.Hillsong is the perfect example sucking innocent victims into handing over their cash at every opportunity they get trouble with that is the only people they help are themselves raking in trillions of dollars.

Happy VALENTINES Day to all who regard it as a very Special Day with your LOVED ONE always cherish the moment ,I see every day in our lives as being precious where fun times should be had by all ,AS I share my Birthday with a Nation and enjoy all the good things and hope you all do to.

This fun photo was taken of me at age sweet 16 as part of a promotion in a hair-dressing salon in Exhibition st Melbourne ,my golden locks had been permed  but my hair in general, is dye straight,I still have that same gorgeous head of hair today as I turn 61 Yeah Cheers Enjoy.


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