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Over these years I have experienced much cruel and brutal Bullying coming from Adults who prime their kids to do the same where the teenagers feel comfortable because they know their peers will protect them now I have come up with the most Simple answer That I believe will stop Bullies and have them thinking again before opening their mouths —— from now on I will be using forms of recording Public Harassment towards myself and may even have a Go Pro hooked up I want to see more people who are constantly being Bullied for reasons used that don’t even exist wearing recorders & cameras.

Also Sick of listening to the same all night house party that has lingered on week after week for years and the trail bike rider at all hours any time of day and night delivering their drugs in terrorising those respectable human beings that do the right thing and that is just in the area where I live so imagine the other communities that are putting up with the same this is where the hones still in their(nappies) exit from the party and rip up our roads I am also tired of (the criminals)often being protected where on the other hand the innocence of those too often being attacked are treated like mud when they ask for help nobody should ever be locked up for Defending themselves in particular when it comes down to long term torment from anybody.

Sadly my country has now created its own destructive next generation of Bullies and ongoing violent Family Violence.

9/04/2018 Nice and quiet this last week hmm.

18/5/2018 It just gets better doesn’t it???

This concept is working for me where I am able to walk around freely without interruption as people are now conscious that they can get themselves in trouble through unnecessary Bullying involving not just them but their friends that tend to join them, I suggest to parents to allow your kids to arm themselves with recorders & cameras to capture the annoyance and damaging effects from those who think they can get away with Bullying this type of behavior will carry into adulthood if it is not stopped in its tracks I saw the latest episode of a program recently where 12 & 13-year-olds were being not only Bullied but punched and kicked by other 12 to 13-year-olds instructed and encouraged by their older mates from the same school the older teenagers are your targets these are the ones causing the damage and getting away with it standing back laughing at the injuries they are causing the innocence of others because of  horrific fighting between children this is the type of thing that causes suicides–the teenagers responsible should be pulled out of school and put into boot-camp to help solve the problems before it becomes way to late forget any careers for them because now their futures are bleak I have told you before in my story that it is Adults & Parents who encouraged teenagers to believe it was okay to Bully me because of False and very nasty Litigation I condone all of you for your choice to pick on an almost complete stranger in myself where most of you do not know or understand very little of who I am.

As I have 4 cases pending at present another part of my defense I am now going to block off any further information to the Public on my story until further progress happens as there are too many of you who are quite willing to carry your hate and aggression for as long as possible and don’t wish to have discussions about it and I am left to continuously defend myself also the Media should open my story and take some responsibility for the way they have attacked me without ever having spoken to me.

26/04/2018 The work I have to put into my case is extreme however I must push on keeping in mind that every day must be celebrated and life must be enjoyed putting all other issues behind me and moving to greater heights.

18/5/2018 My advise to the offenders who constantly attack my phone and computer YOU HAVE THE UTMOST CHEAK to think you can get away with continually Harassing me after all this time.

{June 26, 2017}   No Drugs video (2)

Why you should not take Hardcore Drugs 

3 Things in my favor that also make me stay Healthy—- I am a None Smoker/Detest Drugs of any Sort/and am a Social Drinker only to celebrate Special occasions. 


The Mental Health system is full of people who have been given drugs with similar side effects that damage their lives forever when a huge percentage should go home through different programs but they are being controlled by our government forever under the Mental Health Act—- this area needs much change where is the line drawn between people who simply want to live and maybe messed up once and people who actually have a chemical imbalance? the Mental Health system and Police have gone way too far and lock anyone up who has done something basic out of the ordinary and quite frankly they have trouble to pinpoint the difference between someone who is normal from what I have seen through my story some of them themselves needs locking up for their actions I am one who will never walk through the doors of a Police station ever again without a Lawyer by my side.

One person checks my blog every day even if nobody else does he was never a friend and I now know Police know who this person is that has caused all the drama along with the network of people lasting almost 3 decades when will sense prevail?


{April 2, 2017}   My turn to Speak(Video 1)

Please allow at least 10 minutes for the first of my videos to address my personal and now very public story, where unfortunately at the end of the video you will hear an unfamiliar sound the person filming was having a diabetes attack—– Added information 21/04/2017 In the 11 years I have resided in the township of Sunbury Vic I have never heard such peace and tranquility on the roads surrounding my home since I posted this Video and that can only mean one of 2 things Attitudes of the Public are changing for the better or you are all just plain scared from the false Litigation that you have preached for these last 3 decades     Video’s 2 & 3 will be added to this post soon the reality of just how long I have been tormented by all of this garbage thrown at me was realized fully in those months between April & May this year it was very confronting and challenging.

[video width=”300″ height=”200″ mp4=”

Video (2)is now published 26/6/2017 on Why you Should not take Hardcore Drugs and therefore find a more Healthy way to keep Your body in good maintenance I also have 3 main things in my favor for keeping a good Health record and they are that —-I am a None Smoker and Despise all Drugs at the best of times and only have Alcohol to celebrate an occasion.



{March 18, 2017}   “A long awaited video”

The first of many videos to come will now be released after this coming weekend as a sign of respect to those who lost their lives in the recent UK attack——quote- I do note in any way promote terrorism but rather condone it , keep tuned as you will not want to miss the many answers included to resolve your suspicious and grotty little minds especially for those who have tried to post their sex sites on my Twitter page of which is purely a business site to promote Marketing/Music/Art & World News.

Happy with my plants so plush a favorite Grevillea(Peaches & Cream)

And the (Jack Harre) Leucadendron growing beautifully in these pots.

{February 12, 2017}   “A night out with Human Nature”

Wow a night out at the Human Nature concert Margaret Court Melbourne 4th Feb 2017 was very entertaining a keen supporter of the group especially in their earlier years known as the boy band they gave it all with a powerful packed and energetic performance right throughout the evening  that made me energized to the point where I was very voice stress with Yahoo’s right through the concert feeling somewhat frustrated before going in and not having experienced any events at Margaret Court before it became very clear that to drive your car into these areas of both the Tennis centre and AMMI Park with more than one venue operating at any time the place has very little or no parking facilities to cope with crowds with many having to leave their cars at the MCG walk all the way across the bridge then on to Margaret Court and at the end of it Pedestrians everywhere on roads blocked off forcing those who live in the Northern suburbs to only turn right where drivers were being dragged right across the city to have to get to home, not music to my ears I am not a public transport user and availability to these facilities should have been designed with multi-level car parking spaces and Overhead pedestrian Walkways to accommodate more than one venue being used otherwise you’ve got empty VENUES like I find it hard to swallow that a 5,000 person venue has no parking space on their side like Margaret court because AMMI Park is running a 25,000 person venue on the other side leaving all car parking spaces pre-booked all a terrible design many people cannot walk certain distances let alone asking them to get public transport when they may live long distances away it is the same for MOOMBA never any parking space available surely I am not the only one to complain?

Lucky I enjoyed the concert, otherwise, I would have been 3 more strengths angry anyway here are some videos not terribly close taken on a phone camera these fellows really make you feel alive they certainly did it for me and yes I miss behaved with Yahoo’s right through the concert


These are the before and after pic’s of my Peter Brock rose-bush I had previously planted in my front garden nothing much grows there due to mass root growth from age-old larger trees in adjoining properties but you can clearly see the improved version now out the back in a raised garden bed with 30 new roses that are about all I will need for my Birthday & Valentines day today.


Wear Blooming.























There are many things in Life where disgruntled people feel the need to take whatever they want regardless of how the circumstances may have an effect on some of us and you the Woman of the World are no exception for you ask for very little and give so much especially those in 3rd world countries battling war under circumstances that are barely fit for any survival ,you are left to carry the burden of children of which you know you have no capacity to be able to feed or cloth under such horrific conditions beyond belief where you bear so much pain only to watch your children dying before your eyes with very little or no help from anywhere because the numbers of newborns are so high your face expressions tell it all from afar where the messages are so clear, that something significant must be done in the prevention of pregnancy if you are to survive.

Your courage to stand up for your rights as human beings is somewhat stunning and ever so brilliant where the rest of the World now need to take a stand and support your position I begin with the wars quote-who needs a war, Nobody, this bloodied mess has gone on for an eternity and has to come to a full stop those who disagree you all need to move to the one area and fight between yourselves until there are none of you left to course any pain.

The women of the World who give everyone their first breath require pregnancy prevention programs and should be treated with the utmost respect for the sacrifices of becoming mothers at those times of need where they should feel proud of their achievements instead of pain and misery.

Your courage to make a stand for your rights as human beings has left Nations of people breathless and for that reason alone I feel so proud for you as you take those steps forward for Freedom from being Bullied into things you don’t agree with and to have to take on the burden of children that you cannot accommodate your lives as woman play a significant role in the production to multiply the number of people who exist in this World but so to should you have the choice to produce when you yourselves are ready,I stand by you for the power of your own futures and ask for the Freedom that you rightfully deserve to bring Peace and Harmony into your lives.

Whilst remembering other countries want to pay Australia to use our land for Military practice this would destroy it our country now need to make an apology to those generations of Farming Families that stand a chance to not only lose their lively hood but also in turning their lives into a hell hole observing this would be done for money purposes,the shame I feel for our Government now is so strong we as a Nation would not want this to happen and nor should our Government as without your positions you are everyday people just like the rest of us please stop this Heartbreak.



Well ,most politicians will pledge no I won’t sell this or that and if you vote for me this is what I can bring to the table but a lot of it is said with little or no outcome leaving many people unhappy ,for me this year I will cast my vote with the smaller parties(even though I don’t want to vote at all because of my personal story) I think some have more to offer than liberal or labour,and although there are topics I do not choose to support there are some that I believe in.

First, I would like to see much tighter rules and regulations on those who wish to become Politicians because it seems they just let anyone in, we had a young person thrown out from one of the country areas because they discovered he owned a brothel,with another male who refused to vote each year and just kept paying fines ,he is not even Australian and yet he is their asking people to vote for him ,how sleazy is that he would be the first person I would throw out now that I have learnt more about his character, life ,really is a joke at times when you see these types of things, I absolutely think it is Grotesk that politicians continue being paid after they have finished in politics,no country can afford to do that , especially when politicians abuse the system and they all have at some stage, I guess by now you have realised that I think very little of the rubbish that comes out of their mouths at times like little children fighting in a pen.

Our Gun Laws — seem to be working okay so that’s not so much of an issue but those who carry knives are of great concern, I view people who hide behind a knife with the intent to harm someone as being an absolute low life that shows so much weakness in a person they have no morals and need to be isolated in jail cells just like they isolate their victims with silence before they strike,our laws for these types of crimes should be water tight so that when they go to court they automatically receive the largest penalty,already put in place to make it easier for a judge to read the sentence this procedure would also free up the time spent in a courtroom and that same ruling is required for one punch perpetrators who think it’s just a big ego trip , I would like to see new laws send these people directly to jail to serve their time with no remand and no appeals, the penalty sticks full stop.

Consistent topic Marriage of Equality —- I don’t think anyone really cares including myself , whether 2 guys or 2 girls sleep together to show their affection because what people do in their own bedrooms is their business as far as I am concerned, I have nothing in common with gay people so they are not my problem, however ,to change the law or make up a separate law for them to marry each other is really just a fantasy, that is not real, it is in their eyes but not to a straight person and the complexity of bringing a newborn into the world of the same meaning IVF well why would you want to breed more when many of you don’t even like yourselves I believe adoption laws should be easier for couples all round where they would not have such high costs and could be just as happy understanding the joy’s on how to bring up a child, IVF IS PART OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM AND TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE and for women why on earth would you want to force your body to do something it does not want to do naturally,surrogate is also crazy to complex for all those concerned and very confusing for a child in later years,there are dozens upon dozens of adorable children out there from every race all wanting caring parents.

Hot Topic Medicare—-The issue with medicare is that there are so many people reliant on cheaper services all the time because of chronic health problems where they continuously eat into the system and there becomes very little left for anyone else so I can understand why it has been suggested that the public should put in for the services they get ,where else will that shortfall come from if there are no extra  contributions ? money does not fall from the sky.

One of the latest topics to arise —-Who is the blithering fool ?only kidding I already know, who suggested that parents who lose children by means of having been murdered at the hands of someone out on parole should receive compensation is simply ludicrous, some of those murdered were either on drugs or had taken them of which means they hung around with those of the same until the public accept Capital Punishment where do these offenders end up ? back where they started into the community you need to decide to want them out of your life forever or they still hang around at your cost,why on earth would you expect compensation that would mean that every family who loses a child would expect compensation regardless, and that will not happen it even sounds ridiculous.

Taxes—-Our government forever take taxes from many places they shouldn’t again, and again, try taxing those businesses who trade within Australia from overseas, I know they cannot be taxed twice both in their own country and here but Australia is where they are trading from making their money and those operators from within the churches let’s face it the days are gone when they used to help people now all they do is take and molest whoever they can get their hands on that’s fact.

So many topics to write about, some interesting changes towards my story action speaks louder than words No apologies will ever be accepted for the damage so many people have caused within our community/99% of Those Who Abused I Had Never Met,a younger generation were recruited,shown my picture were told they were better than myself were given my mobile number and told to Abuse and Intimidate me whenever I went out into the Public sector this is the reason I never knew any of them however now that I know where most of them came from and who many of them are The Rest of My Life WILL JUST BE A BREEZE after I have addressed all of these issues I won’t be stopping anytime soon until you all face what you started.





My next post was going to be about more of the car industry but Donald Trump has brought up a subject about pregnancy termination that absolutely defies belief stating that he believes women should be punished for not wanting to keep a child where a woman has become pregnant for all the wrong reasons and it would not only make life so difficult for her but make her suffer for the rest of her life for 1 thousand reasons —– here are some of those–quotes the female may be too young is just getting to know her own body and cannot cope with pregnancy at such a young age—-quotes(men who force children into arranged marriages should be castrated) to add to that where there are no finances available for another mouth to feed or a stable roof over her head making it struggle street all the way during her natural life —-(why should a female suffer at the hands of a male who simply wants to relieve himself of which can take only minutes quoted(but a female is often forced to bear the pain for the rest of her life on her own/quote-pregnancy is preventable by both parties in this modern world of science—-if all that is required is a sexual encounter where all men want is a romp in the hay quotes(that’s more than half) with no attachments then children should never be a thought in the minds of those who take part.

Trump is well out of his boundaries to make statements that implies he believes all women should be punished for pregnancy termination well Donald you have no idea of the pain that some women suffer in both having been raped and or made to have a child that they don’t want all for 2 minutes of bliss met by men there is only one thing I agree with in this issue that Trump has ignited sadly many years back there was not the availability for women to have safe pregnancy terminations and because of this,many women faced backyard abortionists where the dollar came first with no consideration for the safety and care of the female who may have required this service some died and even bleed to death these types of scum who performed these illegal so-called backyard abortions I would lock up and throw the key’s away leaving them there to rot but the other side of pregnancy termination where it is performed in professional hospital’s and Family planning clinic’s with professional staff and equipment that is non-harmful to women where every woman should go if she is in a troubled relationship due to violence or for other reasons,women are provided with the correct counselling and monitoring procedures to make sure they know and understand and can cope many women who go for these terminations have been married and separated or divorced and in another relationship where they have finished their family and do not want any more children and so that should be left to their choice for a male or some religious group to make these statements is well out of their boundaries these decisions need to be left in the hands of women to make their own choices as it is their right to choose what happens to their body and their life and not for someone else to bully any female into poverty and pain.(Extra notes-Yemen girls married off as young as 8 years old every day and in many countries child marriages occur at the same rate thousands of them because of poverty with families selling off a child bride,75 Syrian women rescued from just under a week ago through having been forced into brothels where they were exploited,bashed and Abused beyond belief where a doctor has admitted having had to do more than 200 pregnancy terminations(No words can describe these senseless acts on women from men who take advantage by becoming violent,women who are at best gentle creatures are all too often interrupted by some sort of violence.


On the other side—–

(Extra notes-Yemen girls married off as young as 8 years old every day and in many countries child marriages occur at the same rate thousands of them because of poverty and overcrowding with families selling off a child bride,75 Syrian women rescued just under a week ago through having been forced into brothels where they were exploited,bashed and Abused beyond belief as payment for those soldiers fighting overseas one person involved in that case a doctor admitting having had to do more than 200 pregnancy terminations(No words can describe these senseless acts on women from men when they could prevent such atrocities just by wearing a simple thing like a condom my punishment for such acts would be castration for every one of them,and now America has a candidate running for Presidency and he want’s to punish women for not wanting unwanted pregnancies what is the world coming to.

quoted-It Makes No Sense To Me To RUIN ONE Person’s Life In Order To Creating Another NO SENSE AT ALL.

The Quote of the day-I have written these messages for you to respond to your long-term Litigation and worthless Abuse towards myself spanning over a long-term and as I had predicted none of you have the stomach to apply yourselves another reason about why No Answers or support is because it is none of my business to ask any of you Would You Have a Pregnancy Termination just as it was Non of the Public’s business to accuse me of whatever you thought fit.

This article is explanatory towards Driving Skills and what makes a good Teacher/driving and teaching people to master their own skills became my life with a very early start just after age 16,I was very privileged to have had access to the most lucrative world of muscle cars in every colour with most models including many American imports that kids of today only dream of being able to drive this was where I gained much experience on our roads long before holding my road license driving to the shops in a GTHO to collect the groceries and then going on to become Victoria’s youngest Driving Instructress by the age of 23 teaching many kids of the same age–before having left Ford Motor Company in Broadmeadows earlier in 1976 to pursue my career,whilst there I knew that my passion for anything motorised was clear and very strong so whilst my work colleagues would take their tea brakes I often made appointments with the person in charge of any area to walk through the entire plant to understand the total extent of what it took to produce the finished product including the truck section I simply loved being there around cars and cars and more cars for me it was a gratifying experience also discovering my love for Motor Sport and enrolling in a course at Batman Automotive College under a service station attendant hand,I was unable to sign up for the normal 4 year apprenticeship for mechanical as 23 was back then regarded as too old so I chose the other class and therefore,had to list the company name of whom I would be working for but with much experience already up my sleeve I knew I was going to become a driving school teacher so I just picked the first company name that came to mind to complete the course never telling the owner of Stuckey’s tyre service Russell because I didn’t think it would matter as I had already chosen to become a driving instructor,hope you are okay with that Russ as I used to call you.


img040 img041




Now spending most weekends at a race track somewhere I participated in some club events,went go-karting tried my hand at some Formula Ford and did some track work as an official on the ground and spent many a time in the Bob Jane helicopter riding over my favorite track at Calder Park Raceway I remember when they built the Thunderdome I just wanted to sleep there even if it was just for one night expressing my feelings for the track to Bob Jane’s ex-helicopter pilot John of whom is no longer with us during these times I met a mechanic where we shared a factory together for two and a half years Phil built V8 engines for the Sports Sedan class where I would on occasions help with the preparation and test drive some of them in our street before owners would collect them (they never knew of course) along with teaching people to drive I ran a car-detailing business that grew so quickly it was overwhelming I started with cars that developed into a demand for detailing boats and caravans and had to give it up— through all of those years my credibility to be able to drive anything on wheels repair them and share with others my  training skills to do the same, where the only thing I wanted to talk about was machinery was a craft I practised daily however today because of my personal story and the grief that it caused because of the loss of being able to continue what I loved best at being able to deal with and sort out other people’s weaknesses when it came to driving skills I doubt whether I would ever want to visit a racetrack again or in fact talk about my years spent around motor cars as it brings me much sadness my greatest passion was being part of it and many of my years were devoted to helping Road Accident Trauma Victims undoing their fears and watching them progress on to getting back into a car and on the road once again.





This day at Calder Park Raceway was for a competition I ran for new drivers enrolling to have some fast laps around the track complete with rain bucketing down a familiar sight.




My first run in this little rally car shared by myself and it’s owner on the day saw me win my class and beat the owners time trials by heaps that lead him to sell the car not long after having owned it for around 12 years people could see I had a lot of talent and would offer me their vehicles to race where I never needed to own a car to race myself.








Was never without a smile especially around motor cars out of five brothers I ended up the car enthusiast big time.




That’s me on the left at Corio near Geelong go-kart track where I came in the first three where it was also my first 250 race that  gained me another signature on my treasured cams license the female who signed my license(from Sunbury Go-Karting Association) asked me how long had I been racing because I looked good and was right up with the front-runners I was almost too humble to tell her it was the first time I had raced a 250 go-kart of which had been offered to me at the track along with 4 others to choose from the All Ford Day that I ran in 1992 at the Whittlesea show grounds with no help over 2 days was no different I single-handedly was able to judge all competitors cars 85 of them covering (exterior/interior/engine and at the end of the day was given the opportunity to drive the massive Ford gas-powered truck that Ford Motor Company had sent up from Geelong where I jumped in and asked one question is there anything I need to know and the ethic driver sent with the truck just looked at me in dismay finding it difficult to believe that a female could just bog down and drive this monster of a truck that she had never laid eyes on before and handle it like her own in fact he was so intrigued that when I stopped between the gateway out of two he asked me could I reverse it and go into the other gateway(being able to manoeuvre anything motorised was a natural ability with my training and teaching skills) my reply was they are both the same size gateway’s but I did it anyway just to make sure he did not get over excited on the way back to Geelong as I wanted him to have a safe journey and arrive in one piece for many people from the public to say I had no credibility when it comes down to my craft your litigation would not stand a chance in a courtroom because I know who I am and what I am capable of and that statement is far greater than what most average people can do talking positives Quote-You All Need A Lesson In How To Aquire Some Manors.

These achievements I am very proud of ———-especially back that far to hold just about every road license and having been able to work with them all was such a pleasure










et cetera
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