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{March 18, 2017}   “A long awaited video”

The first of many videos to come will now be released after this coming weekend as a sign of respect to those who lost their lives in the recent UK attack——quote- I do note in any way promote terrorism but rather condone it , keep tuned as you will not want to miss the many answers included to resolve your suspicious and grotty little minds especially for those who have tried to post their sex sites on my Twitter page of which is purely a business site to promote Marketing/Music/Art & World News.

Happy with my plants so plush a favorite Grevillea(Peaches & Cream)

And the (Jack Harre) Leucadendron growing beautifully in these pots.

{February 25, 2017}   “My Worldwide Blog Views”


This is a summary for countries who have viewed my blog Stop Abuse to Women ——- Australia clearly have issues——but won’t speak out on a very important subject about this particular story.

International Women’s Day 8/03/2017 What a Joke.

There is no support here despite the length of time the offences against me have continued ——- I couldn’t think of a better person to represent myself in a court of Law other than myself who can only speak of these events as they happened, the reason the public over here are not responding I believe is because these stories were started by the Media with many high-profile names included then some previously dumped ex-boyfriends joined in led by a specific group of people who continued this deceitful litigation in the background 24/7 right through the entire 27 years and Police seem to be protecting them because they have not moved forward either with charges at this point,in respect to various people I will fight for my freedom as the public are now aware that much of what they were led to believe is not and never was true, just 4 days ago I was denied Health Care at one of our major hospitals all because 1 young Nurse decided I did not have the right to be seen by a Doctor (a basic right) it really has become a no joke situation as I witness the confusion from our youth of whom many were groomed into believing that to Abuse a woman is okay regardless of whether they know her or not, somewhere along the line I will break these barriers and against my will have to take on the state of Victoria to help and further prevent Abuse to Women, the compensation figure will be high, and to a particular TV station you are not out of the picture sitting back on your screens each week grinning like Cheshire cat’s and interfering in people’s business when you have no right unless it is agreed with by the person in question , how long can you just keep sitting there watching our Women become slaughtered by their partners when my story has been circulating for nearly 30 years and I have never been approached to tell my side it is time you made a compromise to some degree but you know it will come at a cost——————-



it will take more lives before you wake up I would really love it if any of you could tell me what you are really on about I have been out of the picture for almost all of those years.



{October 21, 2016}   “Please support my Petition”


The link for support is on my page at when I have a certain amount of signatures it will then be listed at ( where you can find it(just go to the search bar and type in my name)nobody in this life needs to be treated in this way and for the astonishing length of time this is one hell of a psychopath along with the group who have continued ravaging my life for nearly 3 decades without any contact from me everyone was told to keep quiet do any of you realize the type of drama that you are causing through our community ? kids and teenagers who often read my blogs are now so out of control because my case needs to be discussed and brought to the table for awareness the Government and Media have always been aware that one of their own has been treated in this way and have offered nothing in the line of counselling/compensation/or any initiatives in helping slow down Bullying or Terrorizing another person, I am now in the process of charging many people for their actions including the Australian Public.

The significance of believing someone is wrong for their actions does not even come close to Harbouring and Protecting Criminals of which is what many of you are doing by not speaking out you willingly got yourselves involved my Petition should be signed so you can wake up to what you are doing and prevent others from the same consequences.


Have decided that I am going to give you now nothing more than processed paperwork from court proceedings because that is about all anyone of you involved in my story is worth.

After years of thinking how all this turmoil began based on 2-minute nude pictures produced from a video coupled by a vendetta from the male and his group who took them and then moved them on to the Media where the punishment from the outside ran against me for a total of 27 years of being attacked Publicly both by Insults/Intimidation/Bullied/Stalked and Followed/as well as Family members/with me having been terrorized on a day-to-day basis and continuously Sexually Harassed in Both Business and Job losses from Abuse of all sorts, as well as continuous calls to both my home and my then mobile phone and Sexually Harassed to the point of disbelief that included ex-boyfriends putting their ten cents in with personal information that only they knew out of relationships and with also professional people in a position of trust in our Health system revealing any Heath Records information, is so Shameful that I find myself hardly wanting to write about it but I have to because I know that I have never in my life done anything on a level that may have caused anyone long-term or uncomfortable circumstances for others the object of their game was to force me into the Sex Industry to make money out of me of which is something that is not in my makeup not under any circumstances one Ex-boyfriend from 43 years ago  used his car-yard in Strathmore as a reporting station with his friends(many criminals) and the public to freely discuss scandalous stories building his reputation for attention.

How it all continued the very people who bring you these stories(the Media) are responsible for their part in knowingly participating in this atrocious Litigation lasting for nearly 3 decades where the word Prostitute based on the 2-minute video where they then decided to become (judge/jury/and executioner)preventing me from living every step I took forward I was pushed back where they used every resource within the circles of television that they had access to in all forms of Professional people/covering all forms of Sport in particular Motor Sport and Football/Tradespeople/you name it the lot they have known all this time and I have never been approached or spoken to.

While this all went to plan by the person with the vendetta who took the video for A mature photography reasons that were deemed private back in 1990,as he already had the support from the Media he and his group of followers continued the rampage on me by posting and photo-shopping my nude pictures to a website where the world could see them thus telling everyone never to say anything to me where I would be at best home in bed asleep and through all of this time they used a younger generation of kids and teenagers grooming them by showing them the nude pictures of me and telling them they were better than me and by doing this allowing them the right to Abuse me when seen in a Public place or outside my home in their cars ripping up the road and if that didn’t give them opportunities then they were given my mobile number to make silent calls at any time of the day or night.

This is why I was unable to recognize 99% of the Abusers because I had never met them before in my life both male and female’s were equally to blame for the Abuse with female’s having been encouraged by their boyfriends my story and the course of circumstances I believe are what has contributed to the latest case of students right here in Melbourne Australia grooming and conning their female classmates into posting them nude pictures of themselves just so they could be put on to websites to become demoralised and to show the lack of respect to women just like what happened to me— the more stories the trouble makers could gather be them True or False the more Fear and Hatred they put into the minds of those listening the amount of People who added themselves to my life with false stories were staggering and for other reasons alike I also blame what has happened to me on the massive spike in Domestic Violence over the years as well as One Punch Victims the attitude is because I don’t like you I am going to smash your face in or take a knife to you even though they may be total strangers this Abuse story went National long before I ever started writing about it and my purpose of that was to slow people down and make them realize their big mistake but with the impact it has had on a Nation it’s looking like the rest of my time may be spent with much paperwork and in courtrooms because all of this troubling activity has to stop quote most support for this story has come from overseas but I am progressing at a steady pace and am confident that justice will take its course in the hope that less women will not suffer the same fate that I have because you need to be a mountain of steel to survive what I have the Ex boyfriend in question that I left 43 years ago through an episode of domestic violence fracturing my nose and an assault on my 8-year-old brother Michael Harper married twice with 2 grown daughters and a son under 21 why a person would go to such an extent to damage an Ex girlfriend from so long ago and not protect his immediate family is beyond me where at 65 he may stand the chance of being jailed I should have been the last person in his thoughts if at all my fatal mistake was to take into account his age at 19 where I dropped an intervention order on him saying to myself it is better to part on  good terms if possible without arguments but over the years even though we were not intimate that did not stop him from selling one of my cars using a forged signature keeping the money when I only asked him to value it , he also had his thieving friends steal a colour TV from me one of few at that time in Australia and on another occasion pointed a gun to the back of my head in a moving car in Toorak Rd many years ago through jealousy all because I said hello to a bouncer at a venue that we both ended up at ,he walked into the Police station in question and told the officer that I was mad and that it was a toy gun he had and the cop let him go I was never called back for questioning so far from the truth he has never been charged with any of these offences because I chose to get on with my life you be the judge what punishment would you want to see a person that creates this much havoc to someone else get ? this guy would not even be able to tell you what my favourite vegetable is ?



Well just to close the information on this post, there are many forms of drama that my life has been left with and they are not wanting to leave any phone numbers with anyone ever and only communicate via email for my protection where everyone else walks around with their mobile in their face all day long and because of this aggravation I don’t enter competitions and try not to fill out forms for anything I am careful who I choose to speak to and at best don’t want to say anything if at all through not being able to trust anyone I find myself observing more of what people do and don’t want their friendship I tried to make a living from online sales but found that by simply having a computer the same group responsible for distributing the nude pictures of myself were happy to try as best they could to intervene and interrupt anything I did by trying to hack into my computer no less than around 15 times in the last 10 years with me having to make constant adjustments and in using the finest quality Security that you can buy their aim was to try to pin something on me but there was nothing and that was aside from any hackers from overseas doing their best to rip off innocent people scamming them for millions of dollars any long-term jobs are now a thing of the past caused from the prevention of being stopped from gaining full-time employment not to mention the treatment towards my animals when they needed Veterinary care was at times that of pigs where the Abuse was reversed directly on to my pet’s who rightfully deserved the same care as anyone else’s pets I  have now found peace in that area from someone completely outside my township this long-term attack on me has also had a massive impact on my family members in particular my much younger nieces and nephews who could not understand any of it given that their version of their aunty Cheryl is that of a kind gentle considerate person of which is correct.




There is so much more I can say but what for I can now leave that for a Magistrate to decide what form of compensation I be given for 27 Years of Public Abuse where I have never been asked any questions regarding the said complaints and  having never committed any crime that has damaged another person—– the journey has been long and drawn out where I have had to share my experience with the world to make you sit up and realize your mistakes(the Public) of which has turned another generation of our youth upside down with misleading Litigation my private life and personal choices had nothing to do with any of you but you made it your business and for that there will be a price to pay because at the end of the day you are all to blame for your participation in such stressful events.

































Somebody does not like who they are ,taking down another person’s posts this is a criminal offence and an invasion of privacy,followed by Bullying with the intent to terrorise an individual,”gee”paperwork takes up a lot of your time but then again time is on my side.

20160130_144550img050img02920150121_172402 - Copy - Copy


Have fun viewing these pics , I despise people who Litigate about others just for attention


Justin Fletcher at 18 past boyfriend of 2 years plus 1988″


Shane Tulac past acquaintance and renter 1991.


Irene Pen??? Past Renter 1991,charged with 11 counts of ID theft,all victims were from the Eastern suburbs  was banned from all Race Tracks(Works for VRC)on main gates.



Spent 8 and a half years with Michael Foster he proposed many times but through those years the strain of Litigation would have made it impossible to work,sending him on his way to find someone closer to his age.


A 2-year plus relationship with Adrian Burns at an earlier date, not long out of the army, I chose to provide for myself during all of those relationships because I felt after 2 or 3 years that I would not end up with any of  them.

Cannot stand some of the other faces who involved themselves in wanting to destroy my life but I will tell you one thing I’ll have the last laugh.



{August 17, 2016}   TAC Updated-17/8/2016

People who did not want to take responsibility for their actions invaded my computer at an earlier date and have removed both themselves and earlier articles of my Credibility from my site, but don’t worry I’ll put them all back for you ,bad people who wish to make others feel worthless are pieces of shit themselves.

TAC had the pleasure of taking the credits for my Research on Road Safety back through the years with their 120 hours on the Road Campaign, as I have before stated every Driver requires much more than that, in fact, hundreds of hours, because this Litigation was going on about me, they took the Credit for my information.Have had to attend to some recent issues of a different kind and will address the Public via video very soon,the video to come will not be about TAC but rather a full explanation of how 27 years of Public Abuse arrived based on a 2-minute nude video and continued right through those years causing the damage that has just surfaced from within schools of your boy’s and their nude female classmates right across the board.





All Things positive no matter who or what anyone think’s that they can stand in the way of progress this year will not succeed as it will be a fun and exciting time for those who have much energy to burn no matter what I write about there will be a positive answer waiting for you to take the initiative and make things bright in your life when all seems lost my comments on topics both past and present may offend some but true reality is all I know and I will write about honesty to the best of my ability much of my personal life will be kept under wraps this year due to legal advice about my case until we get to the bottom of it and we will.

Fun pictures will always be part of blogging for me then it’s down to some very important issues of public concern.



Let’s relate to the one punch events in every case where you the members of the public insulted and taunted me with messages of bullying and hate through defamation of countless stories all designed to set me back in some form or another don’t think for one minute that I could not have defended myself every time you bet in my younger years I gifted with the ability to protect and to defend against dangerous situations and could have easily sat many of you on your butt for the plain ignorance you showed in wanting to attack a stranger in myself where for me It is difficult to accept that human nature can go so incredibly wrong because you think you have the right to do such things those of you who create these circumstances for others where the messages are not getting through will fall very heavily the lock up is not a nice place where you will become bullied yourselves and this will prove your weaknesses by having been there the messages from the gentle face of professional boxer Danny Green and his plea that one punch can kill and that it is not on to create such damage to another person could not be put in a more clear and direct way as the implications from such a blow is in general fatal I can relate to an incident where I was on duty as a security officer well before 2011 and were being harassed by two couples young and middle-aged where the younger ones were taking instructions from the older two who wanted more up to date pictures of me to show the public to keep this horrible litigation going around the clock as there old nude pictures of me were now stale(if I had moved and I wanted too) from the position I was standing in when this trying to be Cheryl look a like same coloured hair and pony tail senseless idiot through her arm around my neck assaulting me with her phone camera hard against my face and with the older bloke clicking away on his camera that move would have caused that senseless female to fall back on the concrete below her thus causing her to hit her head quite heavily surprisingly I felt so sorry for their stupid behaviour that I just stared at them and let them go and even though the intensity surrounding me was so real I am the better person for my choices on that night and hope you learn from my statement as that is only one of the episodes over two and a half decades that I have faced where those dishing out could not have handled the pressures in the way that I have shown as the true professional and well-mannered person that I have always been.

Further, notes-The older couple were the same two stalkers with a video camera filming my relatives home in 2006′ with three of us inside when I was temporarily staying there looking for permanent accommodation and as I recognised  that they were up to no good I ran out the door and followed the male with the camera for 1 block where he teamed up with the female who had earlier walked past the house with a child these stories were constantly taken back to people in television where my life was turned into a complete circus many know who these offenders are and where they are from.

Many incidents that took place involving myself happened during the course of my 11 years in Security  between the years 2000 ‘and 2011′ six of these incidents were caused by the nationality from India I found it difficult to understand why this race of people would want to hurt me as I knew nobody from that country have never had friends from that country and my duties as a Security guard had no connection to these people they simply took it upon themselves to inter-fear with what ever I was doing I was always puzzled as to Why? up until now learning of the case of rape against one single person from their own Country and the vicious rapes that occur on a daily basis here in Australia I was branded a Prostitute amongst many other things through the distribution of nude and explicit photo’s distributed by x boyfriends,those involved never knew one another until these photo’s emerged ,Nothing I have done with any of these men other than reject their proposals of marriage along the way should have caused them to react to a female in this way as I did nothing but Love them to death ,I had loved men all my life and lived my life that way surely the gracious need to be loved by any one is definitely not wrong so where and why? did these blokes go so wrong to feel the need to dish out Abuse to a Woman they once loved involving the public and in carrying vicious hate stories so that people would be afraid to come near me and so that I would end up with No friends.

When many of these followers joined the Abuse to Cheryl campaign who did not succeed snapping photos of me when they wanted them the following night whilst I was on duty as a Security person there would be a bloke of Indian decent who wanted photos of me and they would always know where I was working at any one given time where I was chased and probed worse than any animal could have endued —- I had no idea why anyone wanted to chase me I still don’t —– other than the fact that you are all sheep following one another for no good reason—– and the fact that pretty much non of you are willing to explain your actions or give reasons about why you have set upon a person consistently for 22 years.

It is only since I started to print my story last year that you have stopped the Abuse to me and I don’t even need a mobile phone anymore because all of you that hounded me no longer have the gut’s to hassle me with silent phone calls,You the Australian Public started this war and many incident people have suffered or even died because of it Now you need to spend your time turning it around because the majority of arrests these days for crime are ages groups of 20 year old’s because they have grown up listening to this Abuse and they believe it is okay to Abuse a complete stranger as a point of control.—- Quote – I BARE NO SCARS from this from this long term Abuse and regard myself as the fortunate one to be able to move forward but people need to be aware that if you hold vital information on those that started this Horrible ,and Vicious Abuse and Litigation against me that other women will be affected by it .

My answer to the 6 men from India that treated one female in the most Un-Humane way is the Death Penalty the Bus Driver included. In the year 2012’ 37 countries viewed my blog on Stop Abuse to Woman.

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