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There are many things in Life where disgruntled people feel the need to take whatever they want regardless of how the circumstances may have an effect on some of us and you the Woman of the World are no exception for you ask for very little and give so much especially those in 3rd world countries battling war under circumstances that are barely fit for any survival ,you are left to carry the burden of children of which you know you have no capacity to be able to feed or cloth under such horrific conditions beyond belief where you bear so much pain only to watch your children dying before your eyes with very little or no help from anywhere because the numbers of newborns are so high your face expressions tell it all from afar where the messages are so clear, that something significant must be done in the prevention of pregnancy if you are to survive.

Your courage to stand up for your rights as human beings is somewhat stunning and ever so brilliant where the rest of the World now need to take a stand and support your position I begin with the wars quote-who needs a war, Nobody, this bloodied mess has gone on for an eternity and has to come to a full stop those who disagree you all need to move to the one area and fight between yourselves until there are none of you left to course any pain.

The women of the World who give everyone their first breath require pregnancy prevention programs and should be treated with the utmost respect for the sacrifices of becoming mothers at those times of need where they should feel proud of their achievements instead of pain and misery.

Your courage to make a stand for your rights as human beings has left Nations of people breathless and for that reason alone I feel so proud for you as you take those steps forward for Freedom from being Bullied into things you don’t agree with and to have to take on the burden of children that you cannot accommodate your lives as woman play a significant role in the production to multiply the number of people who exist in this World but so to should you have the choice to produce when you yourselves are ready,I stand by you for the power of your own futures and ask for the Freedom that you rightfully deserve to bring Peace and Harmony into your lives.

Whilst remembering other countries want to pay Australia to use our land for Military practice this would destroy it our country now need to make an apology to those generations of Farming Families that stand a chance to not only lose their lively hood but also in turning their lives into a hell hole observing this would be done for money purposes,the shame I feel for our Government now is so strong we as a Nation would not want this to happen and nor should our Government as without your positions you are everyday people just like the rest of us please stop this Heartbreak.

{November 11, 2016}   “Favorite Childhood Place”




Bolobek – Mt Macedon one of the most picturesque places for gardens in Victoria.

Wonderful to visit some of my childhood places earlier this year we lived just down the road in McBean Avenue and spent many hours on this property whilst waiting for my dad to finish his job as a farmer at Bolobek looking after thousands of Sheep and Cattle on massive land I would sometimes swim in the pool that no longer stands because of fire having ripped through Macedon and Mt Macedon, disappointed the swimming pool was no longer  there because I am sure I would have jumped in it reliving some of those memories at just 12 years old the property was then owned by David Syme and company who used to own the Age paper here in Melbourne this was their weekend retreat,Macedon made even more famous now as being the home of this years Melbourne cup winner.

A privileged childhood we had close access to go Fishing/Rabiting/Shooting/space for all animals/Opportunity to learn to drive motor vehicles at a young age /back to Snow in the Winter months on the mountain top at Mt Macedon/a creek that ran the full length of the property where you could swim in parts I used to sail my little boats down stream so gum-boots were very much a part of my life and one of my brothers mates who owned a T/model Ford would sometimes drop us at the gate at Macedon state school where many kids were under the impression we were some kind of celebrities always would there be children lined up at the front of the school to greet us,all of my other 9 brothers and sisters were good at their chosen sports,dad played some musical instruments and mum had a delightful soprano like voice ,we would often hear her singing in the laundry when it came time to do the washing so much of it with that many kids I guess she had to entertain herself in other way’s married for 42 years.


This article is explanatory towards Driving Skills and what makes a good Teacher/driving and teaching people to master their own skills became my life with a very early start just after age 16,I was very privileged to have had access to the most lucrative world of muscle cars in every colour with most models including many American imports that kids of today only dream of being able to drive this was where I gained much experience on our roads long before holding my road license driving to the shops in a GTHO to collect the groceries and then going on to become Victoria’s youngest Driving Instructress by the age of 23 teaching many kids of the same age–before having left Ford Motor Company in Broadmeadows earlier in 1976 to pursue my career,whilst there I knew that my passion for anything motorised was clear and very strong so whilst my work colleagues would take their tea brakes I often made appointments with the person in charge of any area to walk through the entire plant to understand the total extent of what it took to produce the finished product including the truck section I simply loved being there around cars and cars and more cars for me it was a gratifying experience also discovering my love for Motor Sport and enrolling in a course at Batman Automotive College under a service station attendant hand,I was unable to sign up for the normal 4 year apprenticeship for mechanical as 23 was back then regarded as too old so I chose the other class and therefore,had to list the company name of whom I would be working for but with much experience already up my sleeve I knew I was going to become a driving school teacher so I just picked the first company name that came to mind to complete the course never telling the owner of Stuckey’s tyre service Russell because I didn’t think it would matter as I had already chosen to become a driving instructor,hope you are okay with that Russ as I used to call you.


img040 img041




Now spending most weekends at a race track somewhere I participated in some club events,went go-karting tried my hand at some Formula Ford and did some track work as an official on the ground and spent many a time in the Bob Jane helicopter riding over my favorite track at Calder Park Raceway I remember when they built the Thunderdome I just wanted to sleep there even if it was just for one night expressing my feelings for the track to Bob Jane’s ex-helicopter pilot John of whom is no longer with us during these times I met a mechanic where we shared a factory together for two and a half years Phil built V8 engines for the Sports Sedan class where I would on occasions help with the preparation and test drive some of them in our street before owners would collect them (they never knew of course) along with teaching people to drive I ran a car-detailing business that grew so quickly it was overwhelming I started with cars that developed into a demand for detailing boats and caravans and had to give it up— through all of those years my credibility to be able to drive anything on wheels repair them and share with others my  training skills to do the same, where the only thing I wanted to talk about was machinery was a craft I practised daily however today because of my personal story and the grief that it caused because of the loss of being able to continue what I loved best at being able to deal with and sort out other people’s weaknesses when it came to driving skills I doubt whether I would ever want to visit a racetrack again or in fact talk about my years spent around motor cars as it brings me much sadness my greatest passion was being part of it and many of my years were devoted to helping Road Accident Trauma Victims undoing their fears and watching them progress on to getting back into a car and on the road once again.





This day at Calder Park Raceway was for a competition I ran for new drivers enrolling to have some fast laps around the track complete with rain bucketing down a familiar sight.




My first run in this little rally car shared by myself and it’s owner on the day saw me win my class and beat the owners time trials by heaps that lead him to sell the car not long after having owned it for around 12 years people could see I had a lot of talent and would offer me their vehicles to race where I never needed to own a car to race myself.








Was never without a smile especially around motor cars out of five brothers I ended up the car enthusiast big time.




That’s me on the left at Corio near Geelong go-kart track where I came in the first three where it was also my first 250 race that  gained me another signature on my treasured cams license the female who signed my license(from Sunbury Go-Karting Association) asked me how long had I been racing because I looked good and was right up with the front-runners I was almost too humble to tell her it was the first time I had raced a 250 go-kart of which had been offered to me at the track along with 4 others to choose from the All Ford Day that I ran in 1992 at the Whittlesea show grounds with no help over 2 days was no different I single-handedly was able to judge all competitors cars 85 of them covering (exterior/interior/engine and at the end of the day was given the opportunity to drive the massive Ford gas-powered truck that Ford Motor Company had sent up from Geelong where I jumped in and asked one question is there anything I need to know and the ethic driver sent with the truck just looked at me in dismay finding it difficult to believe that a female could just bog down and drive this monster of a truck that she had never laid eyes on before and handle it like her own in fact he was so intrigued that when I stopped between the gateway out of two he asked me could I reverse it and go into the other gateway(being able to manoeuvre anything motorised was a natural ability with my training and teaching skills) my reply was they are both the same size gateway’s but I did it anyway just to make sure he did not get over excited on the way back to Geelong as I wanted him to have a safe journey and arrive in one piece for many people from the public to say I had no credibility when it comes down to my craft your litigation would not stand a chance in a courtroom because I know who I am and what I am capable of and that statement is far greater than what most average people can do talking positives Quote-You All Need A Lesson In How To Aquire Some Manors.

These achievements I am very proud of ———-especially back that far to hold just about every road license and having been able to work with them all was such a pleasure










One Happy Day for me and my friend Karla as she now has a safe place to stay I am off for Valentines Day lunch with my other friend Paul.



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“Hope You Have an Enjoyable Valentines Day”


The greatest gift on my Birthday for Today THIS THE 14TH February 2016’was to see my friend Karla from Odessa Texas U.S.A become debt free by down sizing her home of 16 years I am one Happy Person for this lady to have seen and to have been part of  the courage she showed and the staying power to fight the battles and challenges without family input at her age of 65 I commend you Karla and can’t wait to visit you and your country AS TO KNOW YOU WILL NOW BE SAFE IS A BLESSING.

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{January 31, 2016}   “Helping the Homeless”

Through the different forms of Homelessness (Natural disasters/Loss of job and not having one at all/through misfortune circumstances beyond your control/of happenings often caused by others that have affected you at some stage/and through Third world countries who have absolutely no proper infrastructure to survive)

Many people who don’t have a place to call home automatically become affected by the unfamiliar surroundings of homelessness that cause them to feel scared and left in the wilderness as to override these feelings is a very difficult task and can only be done through sheer tolerance of the circumstances of which unless changed leaves people in disarray for children this is seemingly impossible as they just want to grow up with normal behavioral patterns but cannot so next time you see anyone homeless please reach out to them in some kind way and comfort them.

Having designed this gorgeous red number in the 90’s much to my delight I was able to slip into it quite nicely the roll of fabric was given to me to try out by a fabric supplier in Richmond Victoria and is unusually fully waterproof.

{December 31, 2015}   “My Christmas”pic’s.



{April 23, 2012}   More Personal Achievements.


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