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{October 7, 2016}   ‘In Respect to Brocky’

Sharing a moment in time with this one of a kind oil painting portrait in Celebration of The Life of Peter Brock ,we can reflect back on those years when we watched one of our favourite Motor Racing champs in the winning circle time after time and remember many of the good times had by all with much joy and laughter he was a part of our lives in Motor Racing’s history that will never be forgotten,one personal comment I would like to add I know when I see a role model in sport I have alway’s said to myself I hope that person has plenty of children to follow in their footsteps oddly enough Peter didn’t and only produced 2 children, difficult to understand because he loved women and shared them freely wherever he went. I met him back in the 80’s and could see many likenesses between two people who had the same interests in the Motoring industry and Road Safety and thought we would make an awesome pair but I too shared the fact that I also loved men was a perfectionist and had a similar quick temper just like him in becoming very volatile at times so for those reasons alone I opted to shun him somewhat and left it at that we crossed paths many times where he always showed much respect and I often wondered should I have given it a go ? I had the opportunities—-

After watching part 1 of the Brock story on Monday the 9th October where I had previously read the book of similar circumstances you don’t really see the big picture from a book however now that the story has shown us the cold hard facts of his life I felt sick such sleazy happenings of the people around him between affairs with alcohol and orgies with wife and husband swapping Peter’s personal life really became a mess with his choice of partners so wrong for his well-being of which he expressed when I first met him in the 80’s there are now extended family members to consider so I won’t go into those facts but will say that he had not found his perfect match of which had affected him dearly.


Today the 7th of October 2016 also the closure of Ford Motor Company in Australia where I worked in 1976 and can express my love for the place of which I felt so much pride in being part of such a huge family with a very successful company we often wish things could stay the same but they don’t and it’s time to move on however in my heart I do not believe that our car manufacturers should leave and go overseas but we have to accept that.

{May 20, 2016}   “Motor Racing Fan’s”

A request to all Motor Racing Fan’s Mr, Bob Jane himself is in trouble and will lose his home unless dedicated Fan’s like yourselves can step in and raise as much money as needed to save the sale of his home through unpaid court costs caused from Family feud by his son Rodney,who has taken away his dreams to continue working at such a late stage in his life ,he has beaten Cancer but this unprecedented case has gone on for a while leaving the all time Master of his own game out in the cold from his beloved Motor Racing track at Calder Park here in Melbourne and now his only home,He has given all of his life to the Motoring Industry and well deserves for community to be there for him.

Bob Jane was recently recognised for his long-term participation in Motor Sport and I know most of you have been to Calder Park International Raceway at some stage,for the many events please find it in your hearts to start fund-raising and allow this man the dignity he so well deserves before he leaves this earth,survival at such a late age being kicked out in the cold is not something Motor Racing Fan’s should have on their shoulders so for each one of you no matter where you live could help this painful but worthy course,my email address is if any of you can and want to take part and help please don’t hesitate to throw me an email with your ideas before it’s too late act now      Cheers everyone      YOURS TRULY 

Victoria alone this year has now produced more than 30 first division winners in the lottery , anyone of you who has some spare cash and I’m sure you do please find it in your heart to come forward and even offer a loan to stop the sale of this man’s home to recover money for court costs he incurred through family greed,don’t just sit there if you can help there are more Angles out there than myself.


For Your Pleasure,with the KING OF THE MOUNTAIN anniversary coming up There is only one of these and I own it        “Enjoy” Motor Racing seemed empty when Peter Brock departed from this life.


The picture’s, are from a V8 Supercar round at Sandown Raceway here in Melbourne,the oil painting was initially made for one of Peter Brock’s birthday’s but it turned out so good my statement to Peter was I guess it is as good on my wall as it is on your’s and there it stayed heavily insured this has never been published before and would be valueless to any wood-be thieves because it’s signed to Cheryl.

Well I put out the call and sent an email to V8 Supercars asking then to consult the drivers to start-up a trust fund for both past and present Racing Car drivers who may have gotten in  trouble with finances or through making some wrong choices in their lives where they stood to lose everything including the family home asking them to give just $50 each and all motor racing fans $20-each on-going each year leaving the money in that fund to grow, saving the family home is the most important thing as without that people become dysfunctional within themselves feeling very unstable, I also asked that the same privileges be given to Volunteers who run the Race-Tracks year in year out with their endless input who never get paid one cent for their help in fact I can honestly say the only person I saw give those Volunteers anything was Bob Jane ,new jackets,posters and many other supportive things and yet the answer from V8 Supercars was non-responsive to date

My feelings for that of a community member towards these people is that of disgust and I can tell you if I had still been a temporary Volunteer for Motor Racing today I would have walked away with my head held high and would have encouraged every other Volunteer to do the same because without them a Race Track is non-functional and they get paid nothing after all these decades.

Informative information —-Mr Bob Jane has never signed “his”Calder Park Raceway over to son Rodney and never would and yet Rodney currently has control of it I did say currently it’s time the courts woke up to this kid who is out there buying millions of dollars worth of property,and benefits from the Bob Jane T/Marts name and even nephew Kim Jane races a Ute under the Bob/Jane banner how dare all of them treat Bob Jane with the disrespect they show and still use his name for their benefit shame on you all you are despicable as you have offered him no support,family members can often be the worst perpetrators of greed.

Very pleasing to see that recently Bob Jane became inducted into the Hall of Fame for Motor Sport of which he so deserves.






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{April 17, 2012}   The tags that I…

The tags that I was given starting from the Whittlesea residents even made my hair curl and it is dye straight Prostitute/Lesbian/Thief/Animal abuse /Child abuse/she is mad/and whatever else they could get their hands on was absolutely shocking ,I am and never have been any of the above I did collect data on abusive stories whilst I was in a place over a 6 hr period for a book I wanted to write on Stop Abuse To Woman and even sold them custom made clothing for their industry and even though there stories were horrific not one of them ever stole from me even though they had many opportunities ,I would rescue them all if I thought I could give them a better life than abuse ,but I know that they would only be replaced by newcomers ,and for this it makes me very sad——I now know who started these rumours about myself and kept them going for a total over a 27 year period where I have observed absolutely everything and now will deal with these people according to the justice system ,so please keep your stories coming into my email address if you were shown the nude photos of myself and told to abuse me when seen in public ,I know  tons of you were because you have approached me and asked me was I being abused at various places our younger generation totally mislead, for over 27 years and are now out of control—— quote(1) ps I loved men that is why I got in trouble in the first place,weak mongrel’s’ quote(2)I have not stolen from anyone one,nor shops or anything and would as I have always done protect goods owned by anyone ,if any of you never got paid any money I owed you back then it was through your litigation that avoided me to do so ,instead of being on track in 1996’to have all bill’s paid I had to declare bankruptcy,one of the most difficult choices I have ever had to make you the public all pushed me there your own fault.quote(3)I have never kicked -punched-or underfed an animal in my life some wrong decisions I made were very quickly corrected but I am an absolute anti-anything when it comes down to Abuse  and would never harm or have anyone harm my animal’s quote(4)the same goes for child abuse ,I have no idea where this came from and can assure you I am a very safe person to be with I used to be very short-tempered in my early years but am very placid in my older years and my personal choices to not have any children are my own and have nothing to do with the public quote (5)this came from a jilted relationship I have seen this bloke just 6 times in 40 years not on a personal level and only because he runs a car-yard, am looking forward to my day in court with this mongrel he has gotten away with far to much to date—–Look forward to more posts on these perpetrators.



{April 14, 2012}   some of my credits


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