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Many people use different way’s to promote products and services some are intelligent with their approach with a product others are just well kooky—– I used to promote many products years ago but there are some things that I just plain and clearly do not agree with and will not promote 4 topics in particular where I have recently past comments on because they may have been news at that time are~

(1)Cigarettes not much to say other than they have been known to cause you massive health issues and some will agree that the cigarette companies are to blame however when people suggest that they never knew the consequences of what smoking does to your health what a lot of rubbish anyone knows that to smoke it has consequences on the body I have even bought cigarettes for perhaps a house-mate to save them going shopping when they get home from work and have in every case loathed asking for cigarettes and all but one of my nine brothers and sisters do not smoke that’s something to be proud of I hope many more of you can see your way to do the same I view smoking as that of a troubled person.

(2)Alcohol take, it or leave it not something I must have in my life and again in large doses can have a devastating effect on one’s body and in many cases can interrupt one’s Health and one’s life creating permanent damage in so many areas Health/Family/Road Accidents/ it’s very much an all round killer in many aspects however in moderation one can enjoy themselves and go home happy and by far the best place to consume alcohol is at home or a friend’s place making sure that you don’t do any driving in those coming hours so many people over the years had asked me to drive them home knowing that I was the designated driver.

(3)Church people and the belief that everyone should give to helping others~ well that used to be the case for decades but not any more so many hiding behind the word church are either involved to line their own pockets with donations or are known sex offenders as we have all discovered it brings me to the question should all church practices be taxed? and I can only come up with one answer Yes— Hillsong, is the perfect example of clever people using the word religion then adding music concerts to advertise a massive display of asking people to give millions of dollars this practice from the Hillsong, group has taken the word charity to a whole new level and turning it into theft by deception using the vulnerable as their targets I would like to see Laws in forced to stop the theft of taking 10% of one’s wages for their own lifestyle fun at a concert I am all for that but taking money by deception is something else~ you don’t see them putting their hand up to help the needy or the homeless Quote of the day-For Heavens sake TAX THEM AND MAKE Them be accountable for their actions.

(4)The Gay community~ Whenever a straight person makes a comment, about a topic towards gay marriage we get called names such as well I can’t write it because it’s too nasty or shut the F—– up in general it’s always nasty comments I have nothing personally to do with their lifestyle nor would I ever want to promote homosexuality full stop for any reason it’s out there and part of the community however I expressed to everyone on my Facebook page who wants to promote that kind of behaviour that I would not tolerate it and have taken some people off my page I will always express opinion that’s every human being’s entitlement but at the same time would never want to see another person harmed in any way just because they are different and would want to protect them just the same as I did when I worked in security in some gay venues I didn’t want to be there but I had to earn wages to pay my way and I was always polite to them.

Added Information 7/7/2015— after writing a piece on my views of the gay community I not only discovered but in fact uncovered that this very industry along with the sex industry are responsible for much of the Litigation and name tags put against my name in this story where I was set upon and called a lesbian and a prostitute that being the last insult I now understand how that happened on my journey in life where sometimes I would advertise for people to share house  in the township of Whittlesea 25 years ago or for a cook so that meals could be taken care of whilst I was in full training mode teaching students to drive 2 transsexuals entered my life one had horse agistment the other applied for a cook’s position where he had also taken up a place for rental those type of people never bothered me as I was too busy getting on with living however in a very short time I was becoming aware that this person had suggested that he take over my entire set up where he became aggressive at one time in an unprovoked attack pinning me against a wall and attempting to punch me I called my other house-mate Geoffrey to help get this guy off me of which he did and on the way out the aggressor put his fist through a stained glass window at the door entrance I never saw this person again and was totally unaware that he saw me as a threat to his lifestyle where I was a very beautiful and undisturbed female capable of any challenge with a mind of steel who possessed the willingness to succeed at anything I chose to do or be part of at a similar time these nude pictures of myself emerged at the hands of one ex-boyfriend Michael Harper where everyone and anyone with or without a vendetta believed every story they were told and jumped on board maintaining one of the most wide-scale assaults on me combining —- Stalking/Intimidation/Human rights/Defamation/Sexual Harassment/loss of businesses and denial of any other jobs I applied for as well as being denied many public services where nobody wanted to deal with me I was left out in the cold facing rejection from the public in its entirety and experienced homelessness on 4 occasions and on one of those having to share emergency accommodation with the likes of criminals and drug users of which again was the an insult to my lifestyle those involved had the rest of the public believing that what they were hearing was true because of the nude pictures where I was set up whilst gathering information for a book I wanted to write to be called Stop Abuse to Women I never imagined that anyone could be so cruel with that of an envious mind where I  have ultimately paid for someone else’s troubles with my life again I stress this is why the innocence of many were told to keep quiet because of the terrible things that they were hearing that were simply not true where it painted a picture of myself as being so black that nobody wanted to know or deal with me.

How do the public justify themselves when they have participated in criminal activity?for over two and a half decades assisting in damaging communities and in misleading our youth with such defamatory stories where nobody asked the person of whom they were all talking about in myself.These problems may have started 25 years before, but I have had issues with people spying on me and stalking me just days ago.

I regard myself as one the most gentle clear speaking and honest people where I have been deprived of many of the pleasures in life over the last 25 years and certainly I deserved the best like so many others who took advantage of this Litigation and used it as a tool for an excuse to Abuse not only me but others who entered their lives for whatever reason causing a ripple effect anything I did was preyed upon and I was subjected to the worst possible predatory levels so many have read inserts of my story over the last 3 years where I have tried to piece it all together and finally I have.

My quote of the day Is that when I look back at the devastation these industries have caused to me alone what on earth is it going to be like if our government grants same-sex marriage ??? of which to me is simply rubbish much of the community see it as 2 individual’s in love and that may well be the case but have you actually stopped and thought about the implications and the drama’s it would have in so many other areas life in general and in reality tells me that nobody has to be married to enjoy the love or affection they share but these people feel so insecure where they feel the need to marry each other but that will not change their circumstances and as I have stated this will cause absolute drama’s in so many areas and those types should know because they are the drama queens and in my life I pray I never see gay marriage as it is a lie and a complete fantasy by those who just want attention.

An insight into both the sex industry and gay community with them both being very grey areas crippled with drugs/pimps/contacts with the underworld/both area’s are subject to unsightly bad behaviour with trouble leaking on their doorsteps constantly most women in the sex industry have been the subject of some form of abuse in their lives of which sadly follows them and on the other hand the gay community have trouble with a personality identity and become trapped within trying to find out just who they are resulting in transgender of men wanting operations to turn them into women of which in itself is crazy and never should be performed by doctors this is really interfering with the human body parts there is also an enormous amount of suicide within these two areas just imagine making same-sex marriage legal oh dear!


Some of my favourite groups are ~~~~~ Chicago/Electric light orchestra/Fleetwood Mac/Bee Gee’s/ and so many more—-

Solo artists male~~~~~ the late Michael Jackson if there was ever an entertainer you would never forget for performance it would be his concert called the Bad tour held at the MCG simply unforgettable and unique others are Phil Collins/rocker Rod Stewart/Gath Brooks very diversified with my choice of musicians.

Solo artists female~~~~~ the unforgettable Celine Dion sensational voice/along with the late Whitney Houston/love Pink with her raunchy way’s and ability to always impress simply gorgeous/and of course we don’t see much of her now but who could forget the powerful Ms Tina Turner again brilliant performances she rock’s.

These are just a few of my personal favourites.

Topic (6) Children left in cars on hot temperature days ——

First of all it is beyond belief how the public can accept an adult as saying oh well I forgot my child was in the car or I thought I dropped them at kinder or play group where on earth are you coming from this is a criminal offence instigated by an irresponsible adult and needs to be dealt with in a court of law.

Topic (7) Makeshift roadside Cemeteries ——

Well we all feel sad when it comes to Road deaths and many family members left become traumatized and coming from a retired Driving School teacher I sure understand as I retrained many Road accident trauma victims who had more than one accident but are still here to tell their story however I absolutely do not agree with your loss in that you should not remind and make others feel emotional pain each time they have to drive past a makeshift cemetery on our Roads —— My driving school students always felt uncomfortable when driving past these and many said it was a complete distraction on concentration levels they were correct and to add to that these are Public Roads and should never be laced with Road- side cemeteries as such loved ones may have died there but they are not buried there you went to their funerals and this is where their final resting place is — a place where you can always grieve privately I totally agree with Vic Roads on this one that all persons leaving debris at Roadside cemeteries should be fined and made to clean them up.

Topic (8) States who have repeated flooding areas ——

We see this same stuff year after year costing Insurance companies and taxpayers unprecedented amounts of money leaving house insurance prices unreachable in many areas for so many people —– there are so many ways to fund a project to divert water from these flooded areas on to other areas that need this precious wasted water like our farmers who should be able to have water on tap all year round so that they can produce the best quality livestock and grow quality crops much-needed here in Australia to keep up production and providing jobs.

Cash flow from Drug Laundering would be a good start and taxing churches on whatever property they buy would be another suggestion instead of sitting around watching the innocence of people resorting to suicide because they can’t see anyway out. Offering them to call lifeline is no answer give them a real reason to want to stay on this earth that can be so brutal at times.

Many incidents that took place involving myself happened during the course of my 11 years in Security  between the years 2000 ‘and 2011′ six of these incidents were caused by the nationality from India I found it difficult to understand why this race of people would want to hurt me as I knew nobody from that country have never had friends from that country and my duties as a Security guard had no connection to these people they simply took it upon themselves to inter-fear with what ever I was doing I was always puzzled as to Why? up until now learning of the case of rape against one single person from their own Country and the vicious rapes that occur on a daily basis here in Australia I was branded a Prostitute amongst many other things through the distribution of nude and explicit photo’s distributed by x boyfriends,those involved never knew one another until these photo’s emerged ,Nothing I have done with any of these men other than reject their proposals of marriage along the way should have caused them to react to a female in this way as I did nothing but Love them to death ,I had loved men all my life and lived my life that way surely the gracious need to be loved by any one is definitely not wrong so where and why? did these blokes go so wrong to feel the need to dish out Abuse to a Woman they once loved involving the public and in carrying vicious hate stories so that people would be afraid to come near me and so that I would end up with No friends.

When many of these followers joined the Abuse to Cheryl campaign who did not succeed snapping photos of me when they wanted them the following night whilst I was on duty as a Security person there would be a bloke of Indian decent who wanted photos of me and they would always know where I was working at any one given time where I was chased and probed worse than any animal could have endued —- I had no idea why anyone wanted to chase me I still don’t —– other than the fact that you are all sheep following one another for no good reason—– and the fact that pretty much non of you are willing to explain your actions or give reasons about why you have set upon a person consistently for 22 years.

It is only since I started to print my story last year that you have stopped the Abuse to me and I don’t even need a mobile phone anymore because all of you that hounded me no longer have the gut’s to hassle me with silent phone calls,You the Australian Public started this war and many incident people have suffered or even died because of it Now you need to spend your time turning it around because the majority of arrests these days for crime are ages groups of 20 year old’s because they have grown up listening to this Abuse and they believe it is okay to Abuse a complete stranger as a point of control.—- Quote – I BARE NO SCARS from this from this long term Abuse and regard myself as the fortunate one to be able to move forward but people need to be aware that if you hold vital information on those that started this Horrible ,and Vicious Abuse and Litigation against me that other women will be affected by it .

My answer to the 6 men from India that treated one female in the most Un-Humane way is the Death Penalty the Bus Driver included. In the year 2012’ 37 countries viewed my blog on Stop Abuse to Woman.

A video where the world will learn how Australians dished out Sexual Harassment and Abuse to me lasting 22 years_ is a must in the near future  Quote that should put some of you back in your places.


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Sascha Hjort

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