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{July 22, 2018}   “My Life is Not Your”Porn.

Today’s Topic will surely raise some eyebrows because it is all about Ex-boyfriends and Males in general who insist that they have a God-given right to continue to demoralise their past girlfriends and shame them through distribution of what we now refer to as Revenge-Porn brought about from the disgraceful display of countless women trashed by Males of which is an insult to all good Men for it is men themselves who create the problem by what they do to form hate and distaste where they are the ones with the issues that need constant counselling and not the Victim we have since discovered that the moment Porn photos of a male have circulated they cry for a Lawyer what does that tell you?

Over these past months it has been difficult for me to decide on whether to add this piece to my story because I regard Relationships as very private and believe that they should only be shared by the two people involved but as you all know my life was made very Public just by the sheer fact that so many people involved themselves in such damaging and false Litigation without even consulting me so I must continue on my journey until my quest for justice and peace appears on a permanent level.

It is still relevant that anything I do even what I wear gets taken back to the Media but if they are so hell-bent on what I do then how come I don’t get paid as a celebrity or make appearances on television I cannot have any sort of personal new relationship or even friendship due to this story approaching nearly 3 decades because to have a partner he would have to be on the defence side at all times —-so with everyone who sits on their butt and doesn’t try to make any improvements other than what I do myself whilst forced to watch those affected along with their teenage sons and daughters it can only get further progressively worse as more years roll by nobody talks to me about whatever they’re on about they just dish out Verbal Abuse at any opportunity and make it clear that I have no right to do what I need to do.

–No more will I take as I see fit to defend myself/ it is a Basic Right to go shopping/have a haircut/buy a mobile phone and get to use it/go into a restaurant without the hassle of annoyance/seek medical attention if required/take my pet’s to a Vet/see a Dentist/receive my mail like everybody deserves to/be able to earn a living from selling product from a computer without one’s computer being attacked on a permanent scale weekly /I am at best not out there and haven’t been for years and yet I face this dilemma each week of my life not being able to face the perpetrators who join as one to do these things coming from a vast percentage of Victorians.

The contributors>Media and their contacts on all levels with many celebrities in question

It is so easy to pinpoint which media channel has done the most damage through various things I have put to the test and they follow I bet you all have beautiful homes that I would dearly like to take from under you for your part in spreading scandalous stories about myself over such a long time.

Ex-rejected boyfriends conveying mostly Fake stories and consorting with criminals.

Those with vendettas of hate where I applied discipline to their filthy habits at some stage throughout the contact or passing in my life I have been given a life sentence for nothing and have never been charged with an offence and yet the torment continues from the Network.

And the same Network of losers who have pursued me for such a long time working together with what I estimate more than half of Victoria motivating our Youth to dish out Abuse when they can need to look in their own backyards you’ve got more problems than I could ever account for in a lifetime with so many of your kids on drugs who are also thieving from others robbing innocent people and so many of you bought into mortgages that could never be affordable all because you wanted everything in front of you and now you have lost it with more and more becoming homeless/I make mention of this only because attempts and threats to my home had been jeopardized from time to time.

Too many of you seem concerned about what I am doing and not taking care of your own business.

“A huge majority of Abusers in my township of Sunbury work for Bunnings and live locally where over a 12 year period some have lied to me and countless times overcharged me when I enquired about product then having been put through inconvenience of having to go back to get my money where extras were also offered that don’t even relate to the product I had bought all purposely done and not one of them had the guts to explain their actions/ management for that store had previously put an apology in writing on behalf of their staff of which is unacceptable—-when all of you stop offending for No God-given reason then I can stop writing.

Ex-boyfriends are the problem they all chose me for my most glamorous appearance and sex-appeal but for me, I saw things very differently as after my first relationship reaching 5 years from the age of 16 (Michael)boyfriend (1) where I experienced domestic violence just through simple jealousy of interacting with the opposite sex of which set a benchmark for me to bear no children and to one-day write a book called— Stop Abuse to Women this bloke could never accept rejection I believe I was the reason for his first marriage break up and yet I was never in any way a part of their lives I had long gone.

This course predominantly led me to experience many male relationships with some younger than myself in my early 30’s I gave all these guys more than 20 years plus of my life mostly during my Driving School Teaching career— where my work cars and my pets always came first taking people’s lives into your hands and having to teach them to drive to standards where they would be safe is a huge responsibility even the night before a license test I would always be in bed early to gain adequate rest for that important next day.

None of the younger lads at those times were given keys to any of my then rented premisses Nor did they ever offer to Contribute to any Food/Rental or Amenities and because of this were Not asked to as I could see their lack of both manors and responsibilities they just came and went at their own disposal without any pressures, and yet when each one them learned that I was finishing the relationship/ out of their track records I ended up with 5 of whom had smashed/damaged and had even stolen 2 fully registered cars where I never pursued them along with the first boyfriend included and just got on with my life they were given much leeway due to their age silly me one of my biggest mistakes never mind about age these fellas knew that they were getting involved with an older Mature Woman there were No excuses they all had jobs I even helped the last boyfriend get a permanent job and if they saved any money it certainly didn’t come my way and yet I have learned that much of the Abuse dished out to me over such a long time was because I supposedly Abused them??

I hope that all of you can now read between the lines because the bad experiences with these guys will all be a contribution to my book if I decide to launch it they along with their behaviour ended up a complete disgrace because they all came from good family backgrounds where they should have shown total respect instead of the lack of being ungrateful as years went by I always hinted 2 things save as much as you can and find someone closer to your own age for when you want children I have lost millions and a Career that I spent many of my earlier years building and None of these blokes (can’t call them men) had shown any support through these torrid times where I have experienced nothing but Rejection and Abuse especially from these last 12 years in particular where I now permanently live in Sunbury Victoria 3429

The threats surrounding very normal circumstances in regards to myself have been only too real coming from the Network of people.

Here is a summary of male behaviour from the past that today doesn’t seem to have changed one bit—- in no particular order—-

Boyfriend (1)relationship 5 years–Michael H. Fractured nose/gun pointed to the back of my head from a moving vehicle/assault on an 8-year-old boy with a half slap come punch to the face/vehicle taken to assess its value never returned and sold for profit with my signature forged– still he sits in that same rotten car-yard today and has never been charged with anything/he is also responsible for the collaboration and distribution of Revenge-Porn along with a whole line of other perpetrators those pictures were circulating for almost 30 years with the Public believing they were yesterday until they realized my age now being in my 60’s an Intervention order was taken out on this fellow at 20 but I considered his age and did not go ahead with the charges(right there was my first big mistake in life above anything else)

(He is responsible for more than 40 + years of Sexual Harassment towards me all played out using Public social/circles /Assault on both a child & an Adult/Theft of a Motor Vehicle including theft of other stolen items.

Boyfriend(2)between 2-3  years–Adrian B. vehicle borrowed and smashed no contribution to repairs at least he cried feeling sorry with an apology given.

Boyfriend (3) 2-3 years— Guy C. asked to take over driving 10pm in the evening due to myself feeling tired I closed my eyes for a moment he ran off the road within 4 minutes near missing a head-on accident driver of other vehicle turning back to see if we were okay this was one of my driving school cars where I was then able to take control got rid of him not long after I always had a motto (if you can’t handle my car) then you can’t handle me true to its word— no apology ever made/ perhaps these fellas should have looked me up beforehand to help them with better Driver Training skills.

Boyfriend(4) 2-3 years—-Justin F.another driving school car borrowed came back damaged no apology no contribution to the damage/ after reading this anyone would get the impression that I owed these sons of bitches a favour before that happened this same person had all the paint for his car restoration fully paid for by me just because I am a nice person and had the knowledge where to get it I ended this relationship at the end of 1989 when I had realized how irresponsible he was and the trouble he had caused and still he followed me to the next address before the age of 21 his parents had divorced but between them had bought him a men’s hairdressing business with paperwork not secured he lost it then a GT Falcon he also lost to a career criminal car thief who then started to follow me after I went to the trouble of finding it only to see Police exchange other information in return where they laid no charges towards the car thief. Just devastating to me Justin had contacted me for Driving lessons but I never trained him as he could already drive and park a car my job was to give him tuition and check all his driving levels sadly on the day he was so infatuated with me he failed to release the handbrake during the entire test and had to be rebooked/I left him in 1989.

(His part in this mess is also the last 30 years of Sexual Harassment using Public Social circles with Litigation stories unprecedented)

Boyfriend(5) 8-9 years—-Michael F. one driving school car borrowed over the years came back damaged another driving school car borrowed never came back given to relative to learn driving skills on back roads and paddocks in effect stolen the same person involved in 2 accidents with work cars and damaged a near brand new vehicle parked in a Ringwood RSL car-park creating at least (I estimate) between $10 & $15 thousand dollars worth of damage purposely smashing into the side of it because he was dragged out of a Poker Machine venue I do not mean physically he left no details leaving me choked for any kind of conversation for hours he never paid 1c towards damage for anything those poor people I often think of just who they were—-at least 6 attempts made to leave this fellow including an Intervention order taken out I believe that the blame for all the Ex-boyfriends wrong doing was put on me and that these stories were reversed by the Network of people to make me look the bad one to my knowledge none of these so-called boyfriends knew one another during these times.

(Also responsible for Sexual Harassment/Verbal Abuse and Theft of a Motor Vehicle It’s hard to find the right words to describe a young fellow who had just about everything bought for him by his parents where they looked after and made a living out of fostering children Michael had moved out of home very early in his life to live with his grandmother.)

Some instances are missing it took a lot of gut’s to write these columns and is definitely embarrassing enough I, fortunately, have the ability to move on very quickly and just get on with life and never look back but I have been forced to relive so many past things due to absolutely scandalous stories Nobody else would put up with this Why am I having to? I am a very private person.

Would I have another boyfriend No/Would I have the trust in someone new No/would they ever get to drive any vehicle that I own Never/and yet all of you meaning public had the gall to send our Youth out there on our Roads to Abuse not only their cars but the most vulnerable of innocent people.

I am and always will be one of the finest Driving Instructors of my time and I feel very sad that I didn’t get to help so many more people in taking care of themselves with Driving ability skills I have participated in the build of Race Cars with far greater capacity engines than most general road users will ever experience don’t ever let it be me who has to take your keys off you for bad behaviour on our ROADS.

1987>                                     1980>                                    2014>

Simply Beautiful every boyfriend became annoyed because none of them was good enough to control me or my life(Because they were not in the same league as myself I was looking for much more in a male than what these fellows had) the other girl in the picture her  brother Justin & his father so I have just found out are responsible for at least 90% of the false Litigation that started against me 3 decades ago and has been continued by others on a weekly scale he has caused so much damage to not only my then career but my entire life over such a long period it is beyond me how anyone can believe they could get away with terrorizing another person and turn a community on its head and not be caught you think Justin F that you can’t be charged along with other disgruntled past boyfriends of whom you joined in with to continue your dirty work of Scandalous Abuse using Social circles and a Network of people to motivate the Public in doing the same and in doing so taking these stories back to Media to make them sound so believable you all think that to Abuse an individual for over 30 years is a joke that’s more than obvious.

1987>                                       1988>                                         1988> Listed as boyfriend 4.

Let’s see the other main offender, not the most intelligent little idiot and certainly very poor knowledge of women his first wife and now adult daughters didn’t want any contact with him after their split this guy pulled the same tactics as boyfriend 4 long after I had left him he sat behind the desk of a car-yard that he and his father ran for more than 40 years using this site to collaborate Abuse stories against myself involving the Public all the way through but there were no stories to tell that would in any way affect the Public so why did he do this? I never interfered with his life and yet he always knew where I was living no matter where it was he made it his business even though he had his own family, he and others are responsible for distribution of Revenge-Porn for decades using the same pictures motivated by Abuse stories he sat in that car yard telling the public I was mad in the hope that everything I turned my hand to would be a failure he also rides a Harley Davidson with plenty of mates that do the same.

Boyfriend (1) for starters I do not believe in marrying the first relationship because this is where experiences start in life and we are busy getting to know ourselves and what we want/ males mature later in life than women many of these fellows we meet for the first time are still very much boys and still incredibly immature and are certainly not responsible enough to take on anything serious like marriage or children thank heavens I did neither.

My blog has become my book because I have never been left alone to live my life the way I deserve to in spite of continuing to write since 2012 worst of all I have never been approached to answer any questions of why such long-term punishment and for what.

When the Network couldn’t pin me down and have me locked up for anything they then moved to interfere with Family members and their lives causing harm and damage unprecedented using the same tactics as they did to me constantly calling their mobile phones stalking their places of living and work for those who had jobs also interfering with their computers and stealing from them so many members of the Public just tagged on using these forms of Abuse in helping them it’s not human by a long way to target others who have not harmed you or interfere with your life in any way and yet they did they all thought they were entitled to do the same, this is why we are now seeing Abuse on a massive scale because it has escalated for way too long.

This picture is 1969 staggering, isn’t it? Michael H.these blokes need counselling big time like do they actually sleep? His mother when she was alive was heavily sedated on Valium because she was so afraid of what her only child was capable of they had lived in Australia for most of their lives having run from their own country of England, many of his friends are complete criminals of which he thinks are really nice blokes because he is part of their circles I wish I could print the words that describe men who trash Ex-partners for circumstances that are so normal in everyday life where they turn conversations into exaggerated problems to suit themselves designed to harm others I left these relationships because they were not suitable and did not match my expectations of what I was looking for in a male it should have stopped right where it finished but the number of people recruited by ADULTS to carry on the Abuse trail against me is staggering including a younger generation of kids who were paid in drugs for their participation hatred is such a cruel word in the eyes of people you don’t know.

Boyfriend (5)Michael F. it is more than obvious to me so many years later that my Generous Nature was a prime target for predators wanting to take advantage sometimes you overlook these things because you are happy within yourself just wanting to get on with life and in doing so experiencing things that are unpredictable in this relationship that was certainly the case once again the only son of 2 children I remember this guy saying I want to take care of you those words meant very little to me having understood from an early age that men anywhere from age 20 to 30 are very much still boys so I took it with a grain of salt and continued thinking to myself I’ve got nothing to lose unfortunately it turned out that I had plenty to lose he was hearing all this Litigation in the background from his friends and yet he would come to my home 4 days in every week and say nothing this went on for eight & a half years until I managed to get him out of my life finally in 2002.

Having proposed so many times one would not expect the type of damage that I experienced, however, I did know within myself it was over long before it ended as this person showed No responsibility in wanting to give to anything and didn’t show any strength in wanting to save money for either himself or any other purpose by this time I had become very emotional because there was so much Litigation where people were saying anything they wanted to wrong or right the stories had circulated by other jilted Ex-boyfriends but no one was asking me any questions because they were all told to keep quiet so many added stories were false coupled with the fact that I no longer had any permanent wages their aim was to push me into the sex-industry to become their cash-cow but that was never going to work for them.

This person cost me damaged cars/denied me an incredible lot of Human rights/a first division lottery win in 1996/and before we parted he stole one of my fully registered driving school cars having given it to his Nephew to learn driving skills in paddock’s this kid was not old enough for a license because he was only 10 when I asked where my car was Michael told me someone had smashed into it but there was no second party I had No big dollars to fight him because the Public made sure I could not keep up or get a job in normal circles.

These pictures were taken over an 8 year period that finally ended in 2002.

Entry Tues 2nd October 2018 The Network became so large and so involved in their own perception of crap beliefs there has been some change in attitudes after I wrote this column but the Harassment still continues the false calls made to my private landline using made up numbers generated from a mobile phone during the months of July & August were a staggering amount some of the same continued into September and October/ today is only the 2nd for those who hadn’t noticed when I don’t write on my blog to keep my followers up to date there is at least 1 psychopath who cannot stand to not know what I am doing next he and his false profile had just become deleted from one of my Social pages he uses some of the oldest methods in the book to try to trap me into false situations straight afterwards the landline rang it bothers this person a lot when I never answer the phone —-don’t know why he bothers—-it was game over a long time ago for me.

It is Bathurst this week I always face Harassment during Motor Racing events because things in the Motoring Industry (was) my background also both before and or on my birthday(Valentine’s day) of which I share with the World the annoyance also includes important dates of events that have passed/ some persons have the knowledge of that information.

Entry Friday 12th October 2018 Males make up the majority of people who have caused these staggering amounts of overwhelming years of Sexual Harassment & Stress related incidents, however, there are Females also involved supported by their boyfriends and husbands where they openly found it easy to follow the Abusive behaviour like a pack of sheep following their leader and it is obvious to me they all think it is equally fair to put their actions under the carpet and take No responsibility just the same as my past boyfriends who were happy to enjoy themselves at my cost without blinking an eyelid I believe it is a great shame for people to behave in this way especially without ever having spoken to me and taking on board Litigation completely blown out of proportion to the extreme with the main offenders being the Boyfriends motivated by the Network & the Media my job is to bring to justice all the main offenders and do whatever it takes —— If the WORLD wants the same results TO SLOW DOWN and Educate Men on Stop Abuse to Women INCLUDING Domestic Violence then showing support for me to continue to raise these matters would be a good start WOMEN need to do their bit as well and improve on the way that men look at them as they don’t seem to understand what is causing Domestic Violence.

Entry Monday 22nd October 2018 My site for my Personal story will stay open until many people are charged with 3 decades of Ongoing Sexual Harassment and Litigation and continued Interference of attacks on my computer the latest being the month of October 2018 the Network made up of mostly Australian born citizens who have on many occasions been on the other end of my private phone line I am so sick of the repeated need of continued punishment from these morons and want this case resolved especially taking into consideration that I have nothing to do with the lives of those causing the trouble.

Entry 27th October 2018.

Can’t let this one get away with the damage she has caused perfect timing for the Spring Carnival Horse Racing Event (called herself Irene Penn)? works for Victorian Racing Club (No idea how? as she was banned from every Victorian Race Track) she is responsible for 30 years of Defamation the last contact with her was 30 years ago when in the early 90’s saw a recession she walked to my home seeking rental after having been kicked out of a home in Eden Park where the man claimed she was trying to steal from him I took sympathy given her age she paid me one month rental and then stopped I attempted to remove her to re-let the room because these No Gooders were dragging me down and discovered Federal Police were looking for her after learning she was a common thief she was then locked up for 4 days having stolen other women’s identity snatching their handbags when they got up to dance at the Mooney Valley Hotel —— these people have all used my strength to bounce off focusing on me and in turning their own lives around to avoid taking responsibility for their own criminal activity(extra notes whilst on duty as a Security Officer I did spot her at Caulfield Racetrack working on the gate dressed in VRC clothing in 2006)


All Anyone has to do is take part in Criminal Activity and they are instantly Protected Yes they get access to everything help with Lawyers/Medical you name it whilst a person who has done the right thing all there lives has to fight for these services. (What a mongrel of a Place this is)

5/11/2018 entry Boys and girls you have constantly sent me emails wanting to talk to me where I have deleted them/put them into spam/ and have exited them every time/ if you want me to defend the fact that innocent women are becoming attacked on a frequent basis or for me to give my best advice in helping those more Vulnerable what I ask of you is to bring the nude pictures of myself forward that have circulated now for almost an entire 3 decades used and circulated by the Network of people distributing what we now know as Revenge-Porn I know that so many people have seen these as they were purposely used to bring me down and to make my life come to a full stop so let’s start moving and get the job done IN CREATING A MUCH SAFER PLACE For WOMEN to enjoy instead of feeling so afraid to be their own self.


Too many people to add to this list Police will be kept busy chasing up the main ones who continue to probe into anything I do and try to block me out from all communications/ You only have Yourselves to blame for the damage to a Community that you have caused and my advice to all who have participated is that you need to act wiser and speak out against those who continue to dramatise because they are just full of Bull and are Criminals themselves there is one major predator behind these years of Public Abuse WHO HAS KEPT THIS TRASH going and who is hell-bent on not allowing me to enjoy myself he has an almost airy voice with a background intent just like the predator in the Clint Eastwood film PLAY MISTY for ME he doesn’t show his face only from afar out of my view and continues to try to block all levels of my computer except he hasn’t succeeded/ the one thing that he won’t attempt to do is attack me physically because he hasn’t got the Mental Strength to challenge me but rather would send someone else to do his dirty work —— the rest is history ——- WHAT MAKES THIS psychopath tick is the Love-Hate relationship he has with himself and I am his target I have No contact with this person only the contact he makes with the attacks on my Computer and when he rings my home phone with the view that it’s a wrong number he has dialled/ the attacks on my computer is made from his place of work where he commits these crimes in his company’s time my Telco provider on his shifts he opens my line for some 10 to 12 hours (where I can’t use my Internet or landline then by using a mobile phone to connect out of service numbers and in doing so is able to Hack into other persons Network and then Scamming them I am tired of all the important things I have to detach or remove from my computer so I can protect myself from harm HE IS AN (IT) idiot I am quite insulted by his behaviour (and long to take his job away from him)just like he has done to me in the past he also has friends in Australia post who from time to time have continued to block and not send my mail on to me among other things/ this time last year he was trying to find out who my House Insurance was so he could intentionally course damage but he failed to find any details for this on my computer and that made him ever so mad/before that he sent a female around to my house claiming to do Surveys with the purpose to try to find out more about my house mate they failed that as well there is no wrong doing coming from my home and never was/my question to you the Public do I have to stop these people on my own??? My head is in a good place but you have all pushed my Patience way too far I have never heard of any Person having been Punished and Tormented for some 3 decades without ever having been Spoken to for in this case my side of any questions that in itself is Criminal.My Telco group just happens to be a major sponsor for a Media channel who are keeping their mouths shut now.


My New Years wish is for all those responsible to be caught and dealt with in a court of law where No Mercy will be shown towards those involved for their Menacing behaviour and Public disturbance of Litigation & selfishness against myself I won’t give a damn what their positions are or Family circumstances it’s time you paid the price for your own wrongdoing and bad judgment of me I cannot wait to take your Ugly Faces off my blog never to surface again each and every one of you.


In the months to come charges will range from ——

Aggravated Sexual Harassment ranging from long-term

Sexual Harassment Annoyance and  Assault in a place of work

Theft of a Motor Car and damage to another by 4

Defamatory & Litigating with Intent to Harm

Stalking /Deprivation of Liberty/Human Rights Violations

Computer Cyber Attacks & Phone calls Harassment over 11 years

This is a Historic case lasting 3 decades of continued Sexual Harassment with Intent to Terrorise the Victim and Computer attacks still current in the month of December 2018 in moving through to 2019 with mail also held back and not delivered caused by the same Network working together from the beginning.


Over these years I have experienced much cruel and brutal Bullying coming from Adults who prime their kids to do the same where the teenagers feel comfortable because they know their peers will protect them now I have come up with the most Simple answer That I believe will stop Bullies and have them thinking again before opening their mouths —— from now on I will be using forms of recording Public Harassment towards myself and may even have a Go Pro hooked up I want to see more people who are constantly being Bullied for reasons used that don’t even exist wearing recorders & cameras.

Also Sick of listening to the same all night house party that has lingered on week after week for years and the trail bike rider at all hours any time of day and night delivering their drugs in terrorising those respectable human beings that do the right thing and that is just in the area where I live so imagine the other communities that are putting up with the same this is where the hones still in their(nappies) exit from the party and rip up our roads I am also tired of (the criminals)often being protected where on the other hand the innocence of those too often being attacked are treated like mud when they ask for help nobody should ever be locked up for Defending themselves in particular when it comes down to long term torment from anybody.

Sadly my country has now created its own destructive next generation of Bullies and ongoing violent Family Violence.

9/04/2018 Nice and quiet this last week hmm.

18/5/2018 It just gets better doesn’t it???

This concept is working for me where I am able to walk around freely without interruption as people are now conscious that they can get themselves in trouble through unnecessary Bullying involving not just them but their friends that tend to join them, I suggest to parents to allow your kids to arm themselves with recorders & cameras to capture the annoyance and damaging effects from those who think they can get away with Bullying this type of behavior will carry into adulthood if it is not stopped in its tracks I saw the latest episode of a program recently where 12 & 13-year-olds were being not only Bullied but punched and kicked by other 12 to 13-year-olds instructed and encouraged by their older mates from the same school the older teenagers are your targets these are the ones causing the damage and getting away with it standing back laughing at the injuries they are causing the innocence of others because of  horrific fighting between children this is the type of thing that causes suicides–the teenagers responsible should be pulled out of school and put into boot-camp to help solve the problems before it becomes way to late forget any careers for them because now their futures are bleak I have told you before in my story that it is Adults & Parents who encouraged teenagers to believe it was okay to Bully me because of False and very nasty Litigation I condone all of you for your choice to pick on an almost complete stranger in myself where most of you do not know or understand very little of who I am.

As I have 4 cases pending at present another part of my defense I am now going to block off any further information to the Public on my story until further progress happens as there are too many of you who are quite willing to carry your hate and aggression for as long as possible and don’t wish to have discussions about it and I am left to continuously defend myself also the Media should open my story and take some responsibility for the way they have attacked me without ever having spoken to me.

26/04/2018 The work I have to put into my case is extreme however I must push on keeping in mind that every day must be celebrated and life must be enjoyed putting all other issues behind me and moving to greater heights.

18/5/2018 My advise to the offenders who constantly attack my phone and computer YOU HAVE THE UTMOST CHEAK to think you can get away with continually Harassing me after all this time.

{February 22, 2018}   You “Win Some You Loose Others”

Well I had 1 day in court yesterday 21st February holding the courage that I own to fight for justice wanting to be left alone and live my life just like the rest of you part of my case has been won and although I felt that the judge was too slack in reading between the lines to make an overall judgement of my requests he even said I haven’t got time to read all this as far as I’m concerned if a judge doesn’t read all the information provided by then he is not capable of making any correct judgement perhaps he should go back to brush up on learning important points before proceeding overall I have continued work to do before I will be happy to put all the Harassment incurred over such a long period behind me because I still find people on a weekly basis today who think they have the right to run my life I will address the Public via a video in the hours to come.

A lot of hours have passed since I last wrote on my blog merely because my case will be ongoing I’m only at the beginning of round 1 and I am so proud of myself for maintaining the patience to understand how a Hacker that wants to harm others with intentions to inflict Malicious Malware and other Crime fighting problems on our computers actually work I am dealing with such a grub, a psychotic psychopath who for every month for the last 11 years has attacked my computer using every possible avenue to enter my Network some of the ways he has entered my Network is that he works for a Telco company has very up to date knowledge of an IT Specialist and used out of service numbers to hook up to my direct line to reach my computer my Telco clarified they were dis-used numbers the intruder had used they have since been put back into service after having been out of service for a several years the Hacker is now trying to cover all of his tracks believed to be Australian and lives in Melbourne.5/03/2018.

I have never done Internet banking and never will so in my case it will be a Vendetta against me because they started something they couldn’t stop and now everyone knows nearly all the Litigation was Frivolous and Heinous bullshit their idea is to stop me from making any progress in my life and to isolate me from everyone and everything including all Family members of whom the Network of people have also interrupted they have stolen from some of them and used a video to film their homes and movements I caught 2 of them in the act a couple with their child present way back in 2006.

These circumstances do not stop with computer/internet and phone tampering with another grub working from within Australia Post who held mail back from me last year where the envelope that should have arrived in the month of June 2017 instead arrived in December 2017 with the words written on it (No Longer at This address) it is a Females handwriting there were no notices of any kind on my account and I have lived at the same address for the past 12 years the envelope of course had been opened and still remains in that same condition of when it arrived in December 2017 I knew of its contents in the month of August because I had rung the company asking for answers.

It begins the question I have items due to arrive in the months of March/April/and so on bought over the Internet Will These Arrive? and what price do I have to pay to just breath? many parcels from earlier deliveries were opened prior to my receiving them appalled by this behavior I cannot even begin to tell you I have never done anything wrong on a major level in my life so all of you had better start blaming those who inflict pain on others because that is not my character.





Other ways the grub has been able to get access to my computer are he finds APPS available on Social Network pages such as Spotify, or Team Viewer and some others he then attached himself to Social Network pages like Facebook & Twitter via made up False Identities so that he can see who we are connecting with there are so many more levels involved I have had to take all the following attachments away to block him —-the  WiFi/any shortcuts to Social Pages on the Desktop that will allow him direct access without having to use passwords or SMS codes attached to a mobile phone for Security purposes/he knows how to avoid detection of Security systems/and can even disarm them no matter how advanced the system  I have bought all top recommended brands/he changed the settings for Windows 10 using Malware he has disconnected so many areas of my computer at some stage or another Printers/ Scanners/if you can think of it he will have done it/I have had to put call trace on my phone/due to his disturbing behavior/he has other eyes working for him as well where he was alerted that I have call trace so he stopped calling and has attacked my computer ever since before that he was doing both/forcing many hours of repairs and correction/I took one of the perpetrators to court in September last year and within 24 hours my computer was again totalled more than once every time I open my computer I look for any detection of him having been on it he knows I am well and truly on his trail and just in this past week he has tried to delete files/photos/and any trace of him ever having been on my computer quote(stupid grub don’t you know I keep copies of everything you have destroyed nothing, not even my ego)what a looser I bet you and your Toxic friends know and Understand how many years you get for conspiring against someone he would attach Malware to my computer making it look like it was a Dangerous website I was trying to reach when the real website on the other end was okay this is one example of literally hundreds of attempts to try to block me from Communications.

Between Microsoft and my Telco provider, I have logged around 48 appointments over an 11 year period and have everything documented SO DO THEY as you all read my story you can see the current condition my computer is in where again it has been put into disarray by the same connection of people who have bothered me for the entire total of 28 years all are acquaintances of an ex-boyfriend much of that was sexual harassment with the last 11 years causing very troubling circumstances to and on my computer this information is just a very small part of the damage the Network have cost me preventing the opportunities for jobs online my Windows 10 settings have been changed at least 3 times sending my computer in very different directions —– I will put a stop to their behavior at any cost because I am backing it in that I am not the only one has been targeted 1990/2018  Media played a huge part in the beginning of this story and once again appalled at the fact that they have taken No responsibility for such a mistake to take part in something without speaking to both sides where they make No effort in coming forward to open this story in trying to find solutions by bringing it to a close the world is not laughing at me but instead they are laughing at Australians for their stupidity there are major TV personalities who involved themselves in this story without ever having spoken or meeting me in their lives.

16/03/2018 Today the Media are supporting Bullying campaigns What an absolute joke.

1/05/2018 Football a disgraceful pack of bastards for their participation in my case over the years no wonder they wanted me out-of-the-way as I am Anti-Drugs and they are into everything from Drug taking/Participating in fights/Firing bullets out of moving cars you name it they have done it and they are forgiven by the Public because Football is an everyday sport participated by youngsters I am glad not to be part of Common everyday people—-Yep stay away from my door.

5/5/2018 Okay Girls and boys, you are full of surprises I reach out to you and ask anyone of you who may have in your possession the Nude Video of myself also turned into pictures unauthorized and distributed Victoria wide and afar in 1990 also on overseas websites, please drop a copy into my letterbox most of you know where I live I cannot accept anything via email because of possible Malware attachments lets fight this together and stop the Bullying carnage through the unexpected innocence of others back then I only wanted to write a book was to be called Stop Abuse to Women and fell into the hands of criminals who simply wanted to course me a lot of damage and ultimately harm others in the process.

18/5/2018 Still Waiting for whatever you have to share with me I know many of you have copies of the pictures of me used to bring my career to a holt we can solve these crazy issues together forever and make things better from within the community LET’S DO IT —I know I am not hated by all you are simply scared to come forward there is nothing to fear.

Well you have all heard me speak plenty of times on a consistent level where I have openly asked people to speak up and bring any issues send about my story but still you stay voiceless (and I am constantly still being harassed with phone calls and attacks on my computer)nearly 3 decades down the line so my only option is to keep fighting for justice with my case until common sense prevails many titles fit my story from the beginning Revenge-Porn/then it moved on to Conspiracy(with far more people attacking me) from Litigation/defamation/Human rights violation/and so much more I begin to wonder how you all sleep at night.

I’m backing it in that many of you realize just how wrong you have been in making a judgement on me just because of consistent stories that emerged from much false litigation.

Okay let’s  and bring some of these facts together if we all want to break down the barriers for the meaning of White Ribbon Day and the cause of helping prevent Domestic violence/Revenge Porn/and Cyber Bullying then we all have to work together in doing so for the benefit and well-being of our future generation of kids who are already very much out of control as I speak.

You could start by speaking out about your own feelings of topics that sit uncomfortably with you even if it means giving up someone you know who said this or told you about that get these issues out on the table and then compliment yourself for becoming that of a good person.

Today I am going to discuss Revenge-Porn and Ex-boyfriends those who cannot accept that when a relationship is over their reaction often ends by using revenge-porn against an earlier partner I have never really understood those who react to simple nudity of which in general is a very natural part of life and yet so many men use this as a pay back against women to try to damage their reputation pathetic I say poor excuse on a males behalf, unfortunately, it did happen to me and ruined my entire career of whatever it was I chose to do so on that note (I ask anyone of you who has information for either URL sites of where my pictures downloaded to and some of the names of people,who put them there these pictures still being displayed as late as this year a total of nearly 3 decades simply ridiculous (I do have some information but would like to acquire more) if you feel uncomfortable sending anything to my email address then don’t give your information to Crime Stoppers.

You will learn that I never Abused any of my previous relationships I certainly yelled and screamed a bit when they didn’t pull their weight but they were given so much rope and took far more from me than I deserved to have taken, their track record of Abuse via means of taking whatever they wanted and taking advantage of a good thing far out weigh’s anything I could have ever done to them there is video 3 to come on that subject many members of the Public allowed our youth to Abuse me either in person or with their cars ripping up the road outside my home and surrounding streets is absolute Terrorism and criminal against an individual.

House theft was part-time entertainment for more than one of the offenders in this story the Purple Bear displayed is from a robbery some 40 plus years ago this was given to me as a gift at age 17 the thought horrified me to learn so many years later that it was part of stolen goods from house invasions please ring Crime Stoppers if you recognize it from perhaps a child’s nursery or shop there has been a pattern made for it so hopefully someone will recognize it you will be helping to solve crime the other item displayed in the video from 1986 possibly Eastern suburbs a one-off fur coat made especially for its wearer stolen from a home invasion these are things the persons in question never told you I just happened to protect the items for their owners hoping that one day you could have them back the person who will also recognize this coat is the person who made it for the wearer please contact your local Police or Crime Stoppers.

To the offenders (more than one) before I put this post up yesterday you were ringing my landline every day using discontinued numbers to connect to my line from 12th to the 15th of December 2017 after I put this post up you stopped why because you are guilty of many more offences aside from troubling me for the last 28 years and most of you all live in Melbourne —– Your interest in who my Insurance company is and the threats that you imposed on me tells me that (1) you intend to rob my home (2) or burn it or both let me help you out with some facts No items of value or Important documents are in my home and if you burn my home well you would be giving me a brand new one How Perfect I have always adored 2 story homes.

This blog has stopped them from harming myself and my home and has kept them at bay for now but Public help is required to claim these items.

img005 (2) 20160629_101130

Progress with positive outlook in some areas of my story that is the reason for delay of upgraded posts I hope to deliver information on that progress soon I too have experienced the last 11 Years of Cyber-Bullying I am now focused on all the”Molly’s across the world along with myself who have met the strain and effects from this despicable treatment from others who hide their faces.

Much of this Bullying is coming from Adults carried down to their children so stop focusing on blaming all children because many children are being groomed by adults to dish out Abuse I have seen this first hand with my case(my story) the evil in some Adults is the primary reason I will never stop until justice prevails and the world becomes a much safer place displaying peace and better attitude.

If you think I worry about who might go to jail for the damage being done to Communities through the events of senseless Abuse that has occurred during these 28 years of trying to stop me from living quote then I hope you and your friends enjoy your stay.






{March 18, 2017}   “A long awaited video”

The first of many videos to come will now be released after this coming weekend as a sign of respect to those who lost their lives in the recent UK attack——quote- I do note in any way promote terrorism but rather condone it , keep tuned as you will not want to miss the many answers included to resolve your suspicious and grotty little minds especially for those who have tried to post their sex sites on my Twitter page of which is purely a business site to promote Marketing/Music/Art & World News.

Happy with my plants so plush a favorite Grevillea(Peaches & Cream)

And the (Jack Harre) Leucadendron growing beautifully in these pots.

{October 31, 2016}   Be Careful of Your Accounts

My personal blog over these past 4 years has attracted a lot of trash , people who cannot be bothered looking after their own affairs and are more interested in interfering with others of whom they have no connection but believe they have the right to control—–

The attack’s on my computer have been atrocious and I know they have all come from right here in Melbourne targeted directly towards myself in trying to stop me from communicating with the world so I am going to hand you the best advice possible to protect yourself and they are —- if you have a Twitter account download an App called where you will get a reading that looks something like this —–

Punch any name into it that you feel suspicious about and a reading will come up about that person that say’s Fake 4% Inactive 24% Good 72%

Examples your followers 84% speak English 6% have not tweeted in 100 day’s 4% follow less than 250 people.

Bad people create Fake profiles to come on to your pages and check out what you are doing and or cyber attack your computer,you will be unaware when they so graciously try to take control of your Facebook and U tube accounts what they are effectively doing is that once you check out their sites and add yourself to their Facebook/U tube they then can see all of your activity rolled into one by using these methods they are avoiding your high-class security that you thought no one would be able to get past, and once they have gathered what they want suddenly their site becomes still and going nowhere because they have left it,they work in groups because they don’t hold enough intelligence to become so clever on their own.

Check out a new person’s details thoroughly before you allow them on to your Facebook page and don’t accept all friend requests because, there will be some rough heads among them—-don’t just accept anything —- I have had Fake emails thrown at me for job’s that I would never open–fake emails claiming they were from PayPal that I would never open–after a while you get to recognize anything that looks Fake, these people don’t have lives so they try to steal whatever they can from others.

Protecting yourself is your first priority ,don’t settle for less or allow someone to make you feel special by fussing over you sending you information online and lastly never and I really mean never send money via the Internet or by mail to anyone who make, up stories of sympathy cases where they need the money for something because they will be scammers every time.

Enjoy Yourself wherever You are,and try to stay positive Cheers


{October 21, 2016}   “Please support my Petition”


The link for support is on my page at when I have a certain amount of signatures it will then be listed at ( where you can find it(just go to the search bar and type in my name)nobody in this life needs to be treated in this way and for the astonishing length of time this is one hell of a psychopath along with the group who have continued ravaging my life for nearly 3 decades without any contact from me everyone was told to keep quiet do any of you realize the type of drama that you are causing through our community ? kids and teenagers who often read my blogs are now so out of control because my case needs to be discussed and brought to the table for awareness the Government and Media have always been aware that one of their own has been treated in this way and have offered nothing in the line of counselling/compensation/or any initiatives in helping slow down Bullying or Terrorizing another person, I am now in the process of charging many people for their actions including the Australian Public.

The significance of believing someone is wrong for their actions does not even come close to Harbouring and Protecting Criminals of which is what many of you are doing by not speaking out you willingly got yourselves involved my Petition should be signed so you can wake up to what you are doing and prevent others from the same consequences.


Have decided that I am going to give you now nothing more than processed paperwork from court proceedings because that is about all anyone of you involved in my story is worth.

After years of thinking how all this turmoil began based on 2-minute nude pictures produced from a video coupled by a vendetta from the male and his group who took them and then moved them on to the Media where the punishment from the outside ran against me for a total of 27 years of being attacked Publicly both by Insults/Intimidation/Bullied/Stalked and Followed/as well as Family members/with me having been terrorized on a day-to-day basis and continuously Sexually Harassed in Both Business and Job losses from Abuse of all sorts, as well as continuous calls to both my home and my then mobile phone and Sexually Harassed to the point of disbelief that included ex-boyfriends putting their ten cents in with personal information that only they knew out of relationships and with also professional people in a position of trust in our Health system revealing any Heath Records information, is so Shameful that I find myself hardly wanting to write about it but I have to because I know that I have never in my life done anything on a level that may have caused anyone long-term or uncomfortable circumstances for others the object of their game was to force me into the Sex Industry to make money out of me of which is something that is not in my makeup not under any circumstances one Ex-boyfriend from 43 years ago  used his car-yard in Strathmore as a reporting station with his friends(many criminals) and the public to freely discuss scandalous stories building his reputation for attention.

How it all continued the very people who bring you these stories(the Media) are responsible for their part in knowingly participating in this atrocious Litigation lasting for nearly 3 decades where the word Prostitute based on the 2-minute video where they then decided to become (judge/jury/and executioner)preventing me from living every step I took forward I was pushed back where they used every resource within the circles of television that they had access to in all forms of Professional people/covering all forms of Sport in particular Motor Sport and Football/Tradespeople/you name it the lot they have known all this time and I have never been approached or spoken to.

While this all went to plan by the person with the vendetta who took the video for A mature photography reasons that were deemed private back in 1990,as he already had the support from the Media he and his group of followers continued the rampage on me by posting and photo-shopping my nude pictures to a website where the world could see them thus telling everyone never to say anything to me where I would be at best home in bed asleep and through all of this time they used a younger generation of kids and teenagers grooming them by showing them the nude pictures of me and telling them they were better than me and by doing this allowing them the right to Abuse me when seen in a Public place or outside my home in their cars ripping up the road and if that didn’t give them opportunities then they were given my mobile number to make silent calls at any time of the day or night.

This is why I was unable to recognize 99% of the Abusers because I had never met them before in my life both male and female’s were equally to blame for the Abuse with female’s having been encouraged by their boyfriends my story and the course of circumstances I believe are what has contributed to the latest case of students right here in Melbourne Australia grooming and conning their female classmates into posting them nude pictures of themselves just so they could be put on to websites to become demoralised and to show the lack of respect to women just like what happened to me— the more stories the trouble makers could gather be them True or False the more Fear and Hatred they put into the minds of those listening the amount of People who added themselves to my life with false stories were staggering and for other reasons alike I also blame what has happened to me on the massive spike in Domestic Violence over the years as well as One Punch Victims the attitude is because I don’t like you I am going to smash your face in or take a knife to you even though they may be total strangers this Abuse story went National long before I ever started writing about it and my purpose of that was to slow people down and make them realize their big mistake but with the impact it has had on a Nation it’s looking like the rest of my time may be spent with much paperwork and in courtrooms because all of this troubling activity has to stop quote most support for this story has come from overseas but I am progressing at a steady pace and am confident that justice will take its course in the hope that less women will not suffer the same fate that I have because you need to be a mountain of steel to survive what I have the Ex boyfriend in question that I left 43 years ago through an episode of domestic violence fracturing my nose and an assault on my 8-year-old brother Michael Harper married twice with 2 grown daughters and a son under 21 why a person would go to such an extent to damage an Ex girlfriend from so long ago and not protect his immediate family is beyond me where at 65 he may stand the chance of being jailed I should have been the last person in his thoughts if at all my fatal mistake was to take into account his age at 19 where I dropped an intervention order on him saying to myself it is better to part on  good terms if possible without arguments but over the years even though we were not intimate that did not stop him from selling one of my cars using a forged signature keeping the money when I only asked him to value it , he also had his thieving friends steal a colour TV from me one of few at that time in Australia and on another occasion pointed a gun to the back of my head in a moving car in Toorak Rd many years ago through jealousy all because I said hello to a bouncer at a venue that we both ended up at ,he walked into the Police station in question and told the officer that I was mad and that it was a toy gun he had and the cop let him go I was never called back for questioning so far from the truth he has never been charged with any of these offences because I chose to get on with my life you be the judge what punishment would you want to see a person that creates this much havoc to someone else get ? this guy would not even be able to tell you what my favourite vegetable is ?



Well just to close the information on this post, there are many forms of drama that my life has been left with and they are not wanting to leave any phone numbers with anyone ever and only communicate via email for my protection where everyone else walks around with their mobile in their face all day long and because of this aggravation I don’t enter competitions and try not to fill out forms for anything I am careful who I choose to speak to and at best don’t want to say anything if at all through not being able to trust anyone I find myself observing more of what people do and don’t want their friendship I tried to make a living from online sales but found that by simply having a computer the same group responsible for distributing the nude pictures of myself were happy to try as best they could to intervene and interrupt anything I did by trying to hack into my computer no less than around 15 times in the last 10 years with me having to make constant adjustments and in using the finest quality Security that you can buy their aim was to try to pin something on me but there was nothing and that was aside from any hackers from overseas doing their best to rip off innocent people scamming them for millions of dollars any long-term jobs are now a thing of the past caused from the prevention of being stopped from gaining full-time employment not to mention the treatment towards my animals when they needed Veterinary care was at times that of pigs where the Abuse was reversed directly on to my pet’s who rightfully deserved the same care as anyone else’s pets I  have now found peace in that area from someone completely outside my township this long-term attack on me has also had a massive impact on my family members in particular my much younger nieces and nephews who could not understand any of it given that their version of their aunty Cheryl is that of a kind gentle considerate person of which is correct.




There is so much more I can say but what for I can now leave that for a Magistrate to decide what form of compensation I be given for 27 Years of Public Abuse where I have never been asked any questions regarding the said complaints and  having never committed any crime that has damaged another person—– the journey has been long and drawn out where I have had to share my experience with the world to make you sit up and realize your mistakes(the Public) of which has turned another generation of our youth upside down with misleading Litigation my private life and personal choices had nothing to do with any of you but you made it your business and for that there will be a price to pay because at the end of the day you are all to blame for your participation in such stressful events.

































We are going to start with good old Facebook the perfect place for a stranger to hook up with a plan of attack to attach themselves to all of your details and more(1)by asking for your friendship—-never accept a stranger unless they are part of a group of friends or business online where you can verify their status otherwise you can become open for punishment.

We are all vulnerable to predators given that in general, our nature is that of a friendly person and unfortunately, we show that trust in return only to find that circumstances turn out to be not just an experience but often harmful to us.

Both Facebook and Skype are 2 of the most vulnerable places where people can come onto your site so easily and use fake identities to encourage your reading I have in fact uninstalled Skype and now never use it and think it is the biggest con place of all with your google account also often jeopardized with fake pictures of army people wanting to get to know you the aim is that you should feel sorry for where they are and that they have to fight in other countries of course I block them all anyone who writes a blog for instance just like myself who normally use every avenue of media to advertise what I am writing about is opened to predators only if you let them——all of my material is from true stories of experiences and I am very tired of reading where the next person has fallen for fake identity and have lost their life savings so it’s back to Facebook—–

Fake identity is made up of fake name profile pictures with the background of fake picture settings and so when the fake predator deletes their profile after taking your money all the surroundings in that picture of the profile becomes dis-taught and the images change because it has been added to the fake picture they also can use for instance a phone number in America, but they are not actually in America or from America more often Nigeria please feel entertained by my story of which has a good outcome—–

My own (real)profile say’s that I am single and that I have no children only pet’s and I have my home where men looking to scam a person become very attracted to my details for all of those reasons and always use the line your eyes are simply gorgeous and you look so pretty thus providing their phone number that is my first point of shutting them down or in one instant wanting to see what they will do next —– This is where you come in—– for 3 months I moved conversations back and forth with a male from Facebook who wanted me to look after his little daughter and that he had fallen in love with me through a computer (Yeah Right) even though I said no thanks if I wanted children I could have had many of my own he still insisted I want you to look after my little girl and boasted with pictures in the background of how he owned everything and was very rich as an engineer and that he was going to another country to buy equipment for his work and then fly to Australia to meet up with me (Yeah Right) he even sent me photocopies of receipts for bought and paid expensive equipment to use for his next project alarm bells rang once again why would he need to send me anything when he was supposedly coming to Australia just around the corner (Yeah Right )What a dumb ass then the dumb ass just get’s louder I can’t get out of the country after buying the equipment because the tax department said I owe them more tax on the equipment and unless I pay it they will not allow me to board a plane and my daughter and I are starving because we have no money for food and I cannot access my money because my bank account is with an American bank and they don’t have one in this country (Malaysia) so he wanted me to send him five and a half thousand dollars (more alarm bells) and when I had sent no money he then sent me his details to transfer $10,000- from his account over to mine(where he needed my banking details to do so) Yeah Right)Wrong—- and even sent a fake copy for paid airline tickets bound for Australia for him and his daughter with 2 vital parts of information missing such lack of intelligence when I told him he was a fake scammer he responded exactly the same way that thieves do in that they believe they have the right to take what belongs to others.

Another common scam are, the emails sent to your computer telling you a relative has died leaving millions and that they want your banking details to offload some of their money because they don’t want anyone else to know designed to make you feel very important and lucky of course the object of the game is to gain your banking and personal details in the reverse to take any money you have.(Never send them any money and never open these emails simply delete them)

The strongest message here is that never—-never send money to strangers no matter how urgent or desperate their story sounds and that these stories are not restricted to just overseas but in fact also right her in Australia—— Enjoy your day part 2 will be covering business scams online where I have collected 7 years of data you could say a truckload meanwhile if you want to keep up with the latest online scams free subscription then go to this guy is very straight forward and talks no bull.

et cetera
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