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{August 17, 2016}   TAC Updated-17/8/2016

People who did not want to take responsibility for their actions invaded my computer at an earlier date and have removed both themselves and earlier articles of my Credibility from my site, but don’t worry I’ll put them all back for you ,bad people who wish to make others feel worthless are pieces of shit themselves.

TAC had the pleasure of taking the credits for my Research on Road Safety back through the years with their 120 hours on the Road Campaign, as I have before stated every Driver requires much more than that, in fact, hundreds of hours, because this Litigation was going on about me, they took the Credit for my information.Have had to attend to some recent issues of a different kind and will address the Public via video very soon,the video to come will not be about TAC but rather a full explanation of how 27 years of Public Abuse arrived based on a 2-minute nude video and continued right through those years causing the damage that has just surfaced from within schools of your boy’s and their nude female classmates right across the board.





{December 11, 2015}   “Decades of Sexual Harassment”

“Decades of Sexual Harassment and Abuse with absolutely no support from Australia or my immediate Family and past Friends” not one member of my relatives have ever come forward to speak about any of this Litigation due to the fact that it came from the public so all of it must be true they thought without asking me anything.

So many of you have participated and joined in this long-running issue without the slightest hint of thought that perhaps you may be wrong with your judgement in what you have done Australia is known for helping others, but there is another side where you have proved that you have no problems in dishing out Sexual Harassment of the highest proportions/Bullying of the lowest form/followed by Intimidation/Stalking/and so many other tags that belong to those couples who have attacked me along with the Coordinated Network of Monsters and ex-boyfriends who motivated our youth with taunts of this is the girl in the picture and this is the car that she drives and this is where she lives.

Never will my case be just pushed under the table as I too deserve compensation for the trauma that you have all caused in my life where you have kept me out of a permanent job for 24 years you have destroyed my life to the point where I have had to make sacrifices by using no mobile phone not going to dentists/hairdressers/restaurants or veterinary clinic’s for my pet’s and even competitions on television the moment I enter one of those where you have to leave a telephone number within a week my private line will start ringing because someone has handed out my number.

The sacrifices were also continued when I asked Police for help( worst-nightmare) in finding the monsters behind this saga and because of the lack of help from them I had to give up my Security license I had also given up my Driving Instruction license of 27 years before hand due to public harassment and yet there is nothing that I have done to anyone that warrants two and a half decades of continued harassment where I will step out in public and there will be someone ready to instigate a situation and cause trouble without any comments from myself other than being there Police will make sure their own female officers who have possibly been treated in an unfair way where they may have been sexually harassed will be well and truly compensated for I am no different as a member of society where I have to vote at each election.

This kind of community impact has sent a generation of our youth spiralling out of control where they believe that anything they do is all okay and in not separating wrong from right.

It seems many of you want your name in lights well that can be done but first breakfast for me this morning so perhaps in the next segment (extended notes )22/12/2015 At this point I will hold back on printing any  further names to this story due to the fact that a major television company is involved with the Litigation from this story where I will wait to be advised by legal.

My photo-shopped pictures that were filtered throughout Victoria and afar and on porn websites will be a reminder to all of you for the rest of your lives as I will make sure of that until you change what you started.

I no longer want to support my banner of Stop Abuse to Women as I realize myself where an enormous amount of this horrifying disturbance is coming from it started with dejected boyfriends then circulated on to a generation of youth of whom I had never met followed by many couples that I had never had anything to do with then the gay and sex community jumped on board spreading wildfire and complete rubbish stories despite the fact that I have never harmed anyone of them in any way that is not my scene (extended notes)—- with all of this supported by a major television station of where none of them have ever approached me to ask my version of any events this is how these stories of Litigation travelled so far and so fast reaching every group  of working industry and categories of sport and into most cities interstate I have summed up any issues in total many times and have found no grounds for any of what has been said in relation to having an effect on any members of the public or any people who have played a part in my personal life of which means for any intended purposes you never had a major story in the first place and just assumed much of what you had heard was true and I still have the rest of my life to bring all of this damage to light and however although I now care a lot less about many things that I was so passionate about in life I am a person that does stand for justice.





Topic (20) The Media has long been known for its often over rated sometimes twisted and full of scandal type stories and nothing could be far from the truth like mine aside from the correction and the real truth that I have written during these last 3 years all of them are responsible for taking Litigation on board dating back 25 years generated from so many built up stories and filthy lies shouted from members of the public without anyone ever having spoken to me.

All were prepared to try to destroy my life in one way or another through either greed or envy much of it from people I had known who had entered my life for one reason or another and who could not tolerate my manner and strong personality.

I will always be forever grateful to my parents for inheriting such strength and great character they were the best and made enormous sacrifices to themselves to produce 10 children of whom I wish had been much closer and for these reasons alone I will always be a challenge to those who try to belittle me for no other reason of their own other than bullying in trying to make it a point of empowerment over me where you all allowed yourselves the right to think that I had done so many terrible things in my life where you preached so many damming stories that in the end you actually believed what you were saying was correct well by now you will have read that yes I loved life and believed the sky was the limit and enjoyed every day as if it were my last but the lies that you built up from so many ordinary circumstances will never be forgiven as you have selfishly taken many of the best years off my life that could have worked in your favour as a community I had so much to give and share that it was spilling out of me these day’s I no longer care too much about my once favourite motor sport or harness racing where I was developing some of the finest designs yet to come and so many of the other things I used to do in my life (I burned all of those exciting patterns just one week ago never to surface again) my tolerance over those years has been at your mercy and I am glad to say that from now on I will spend the rest of my life enjoying what ever I choose to do in going places buying what I can afford and going back to some of the things that I used to enjoy so much without your interference I cannot accept that both Security of whom I worked with and Police of whom now I despise dealing with at the best of times could actually sit back and listen and watch this terrible form of Abuse by members of the public the media included without never having asked my version of events You all are simply shameful people I see that others have posted nude photos of innocent victims on a report from Queensland just this morning this will continue if perpetrators the same as in my story think they can get away with it for heaven’s sake girls all I wanted to do was gather information and to write a book of which would have been called stop Abuse to Women which  some of was based on personal experience as well as what I saw out there in the community it would have taken your breath away but instead I became the subject of ex-boyfriend anger where they were dumped and revenge became the subject of 25 years of Public Abuse I have seen so many horrible situations arise over these years from within the community based on things that I was accused of that became a ripple effect on many innocent victims in our society and because of this I will now be almost very outspoken on most subjects.

My quote of the day Nude photos or what you call selfies seriously you know what your body is all about is there any need at all to do this other than bragging I would never do this and modelling nude photos always wear something because anything else is exploitation where you can become the subject of Abuse just like in my case where the excuse of an a mature photographer was used to take them and I was set up but to me I was actually undercover gaining material for my book at that time and never thought anything more of it for your own sake never trust this type of behaviour its your life make the best of it and support whatever lady like way’s you have.

Topic (21) The Ever growing scams that surround our community almost weekly now have been around for a long time but in true form have increased 10 fold where so many vulnerable people have been taken down through the desperation of others who otherwise would be sleeping in gutters because of no real effort of their own.

Now a computer person myself for the last 7 years I watched and saw hundreds of emails sent to me on various ways to make money and all that said one would become rich if they bought this and did that ——– eventually having understood the industry of Internet Marketing —— in short Internet marketing 99.9% are scams where you will not earn an income and should delete these emails that you see it is a very complex industry where very clever people with many helpers and sophisticated software try to real you into their web many will take fees time and time again from you only to return nothing where if you buy this or that and put it into use you would earn yourself income it’s not true you will be bitterly disappointed although selling products for the likes of Ebay/Amazon/Clickbank of where there products are sold all over the world can be rewarding as long as you are prepared to do their training that will help you get there.

Then there are the scammers that tell you they have lost a loved one who has left them millions of dollars and that they want to give you some (really)but first they will need your bank details to transfer the money delete all of them and never apply back to them as all they want to do is empty your bank account what ever the amount you have in it.

Scammers also find your details on social media sites where they may tell you how special you look and that they have lost their own wife but  have a small child and would love to be part of your life and share with you only for you to find at the end result that all they were after was your bank account details delete them all before you ever go that far because these thugs are not who they make out they are and often use a photo or photos of other people to express themselves women in particular where these stories have sounded so convincing have been taken for absolutely thousands with nothing left in their bank accounts we have all seen them delete those emails for your own safety and well being because they will turn out to be all bogus they are not there to love you only your bank account.

In every one of these circumstances I have had emails sent to me fortunately I am in the clear and simply delete them all.

Never would I use Internet banking or give any credit card details over the phone or the Internet by this I mean a real credit card that has say example a 10 or 20 thousand dollar limit once you have given those details anyone can use it instead if I have to give any card details over the phone or the Internet it will only be a debt card where you can restrict the funds in it to pay only that bill or bills so no one else can take any money that’s not there’s that card or account is never used for important things like say a mortgage payment or any direct debts you can obtain another debt card account for those purposes where no one has access to your money be wise and protect yourself using the swipe and go system if you know you have to shop for things like grocery or other then only leave the amount on that card at the time that you need to spend example $150- budget leave $155- that way if you happen to have misplaced your card then you have time to cancel it and no one can drain your bank account these are simple tips and will save and keep you and your bank account out of harms way.

Domestic Violence—–

Very few words are needed here to describe the situation and the level of bad treatment to women that has blown out of proportion on a scale unprecedented it was always the old fashion(woman falls pregnant)male should offer a marriage proposal-my how things have changed(woman falls pregnant and at best becomes the single mother)and in many cases is barely able to put food on the table because of the lack of support from a partner.

This goes to show that in today’s economy so much has changed but in many cases the thought pattern of many women has not  with job positions so uncertain and many where the dream of having their own home is unreachable is causing an alarming and very worrying trend of Domestic Violence with just these two facts alone it is causing men to crumble under pressure in the worst possible way as they become more unwilling to deal with these situations.

Boys so young are becoming stuck with their own children when they haven’t even started to live themselves.

My first encounter to have to witness another female under Domestic Violence issues was at the age of 12 it was eye-opening for me as a child when I had never seen my own parents argue as they were always happy the one area where I can feel proud was that just my unexpected presence provided security for the female in question and prevented her from much harm sadly when I was 17 I was met with much worse with no one to protect me at that time my boyfriend of just one year Michael Harper became volatile if I spoke to other men in a general sense this paved the way for a fractured nose to myself and the assault on my younger brother only eight years old and who had nothing to do with anything I now understand that it would be my decision not to have children because of the Domestic Violence and just because you have sex definitely does not mean that you must have babies education for birth control is what we need to see more of instead we are seeing women creating further problems by having children to partners under Domestic Violence or short-term relationships where the female well and truly knows they would not be staying together life becomes so complicated when children have to try to understand that there are many fathers that brought them together there was an intervention order taken out on this person some 40 plus years ago and I had it squashed because of Harper’s age of just 19 BIG MISTAKE as 40 years later he used any excuse to get back at me.There has been next to no support from my country of Australia including any groups and people I had known for 30 years due to how these stories were Litigated non-stop without my presence over these last 25 years that speaks for itself I have bothered nobody and have kept to myself.There are basic answers for all that I have heard.

Topic (17)

Marriage of Quality—

If you had that then you don’t need a certificate to prove it???

This will open the flood- gates for the IVF program to be choked and an already Health System to become impaired leaving those who need treatment for health conditions with nowhere to go (glad I am not one of them)

Females should never be allowed to drain any health system by trying to become pregnant through IVF time and time again with each attempt costing the tax payer $7,000-a pop out of $10,000-this is shameful by our government when orphanages all over the world are crying out for you to give a child a home.

My continued fight for survival has always been based on just what is all this fuss about? and still is because you have started something you can’t stop the tolerance I have had to endure is endless having to fight for every step I take and no thanks to Australia all support has come from outside my own country of which I find quite alarming this fight is no longer about me but more to the point about you and what’ you, in general, have caused as a judge and jury within community levels turning the youth of this country upside down and the imports from other countries who come to Australia many not as righteous human beings wanting a better life but as a breeding ground to have their families in peace and then only to watch them turn around and want to kill the whole world.

More stronger and precise laws need to be added to reform our country now such as any foreign couple wanting to live here only be allowed 2 children otherwise we will deport you back to where you came from anyone who has more than 2 children would not be allowed in this country to begin with in fact I would like to see Australia adopt a 2 children policy all round and that seriously ill drug users be doctored so they cannot breed at all and don’t come back at me and say’ but they have no human rights well you have given me none so why should the real offenders have any.Religion should have no bearing on the way this world is turning Out of Control that is.Pauline(H) was right about many things in her political career and you went and locked her up in a prison she had a future vision of long-term problems for the future same with Derryn(H)he only spoke the truth at best and tried to save children from any further harm by shamming pedophiles and our courts locked him up as well Sham Shame on you policies for first offenders needs to be no less than a 12 month jail term (to be served) entirely with 2nd ad 3rd offenses to be much more harsh this means building more jails to accommodate more offenders and well you all know how I feel about horrendous criminals so my choice of the death penalty comes as no surprise.You also tried to permanently put me into a nut farm blaming me for everything but guilty of no crimes that didn’t work for you because some people knew the difference between crazy and normal and I come under the normal category.On so many levels and in every category people from all walks of life joined into this wicked stance of Public abuse involving groups such as football/motor racing /car clubs/television as a judge and jury never having spoken to me or asking any questions not even once you have supported drug runners and sports people who have absolutely run off the rails the world are reading these blogs and you are protecting the main players in this case.My nieces and nephews have suffered immensely through these times not understanding how their once loved and popular aunty Cheryl could be treated in this way where they also want answers I could not help but match my story with similar circumstances on A Current Affair last night where an ex-wife was set upon by police all because her ex-husband claimed she had stolen money from his business accumulating 46 charges of fraud and it turns out that he was lying in order to not pay her any money from their marriage break up police terrorized this woman before hearing both sides of the claim I feel much the same punished for no reason.Most of you know who has been behind the motivation of this abuse lasting 25 years and its time to speak up.”Thanks to many of the teens in the area you have all but stopped your car-hooning and have brought some peace to a community try encouraging your mates in every area to do the same.”

Lastly on this topic your teenagers are out of control in so many ways what are you going to do about it? yes, you the public I refer to I don’t have any kids so they’re not my problem.You need to give the main offenders up in my case so that I can help you turn all of this around this disgusting abuse and humiliation towards women has already gone too far it’s time for change  and don’t rely on a foreign prime minister in Tony Abbot to fix things as he does not have a long term view on this countries future he is also a religious catholic who will not in force any of the proposals I have mentioned as well as he will not tax church people on the buildings they buy or the cash they take in of which we all know does no longer go into helping the needy but rather stay’s in the pockets of the organisers.Hillsong is the perfect example sucking innocent victims into handing over their cash at every opportunity they get trouble with that is the only people they help are themselves raking in trillions of dollars.

Remember these two faces at the beginning of my story in 2012 Michael Harper & Justin Fletcher both ex-boyfriends and decades apart in age now 64 and around 45 neither one knew each other and yet between them using nude pictures of myself at age 37 managed to litigate some of the most twisted stories about my background of which neither knew very little or nothing about that I have ever heard using the public sector to spread messages with some of the most wicked and atrocious of all tactics used with many coordinated criminal groups watching every step I took and monitoring every move I made involving all age groups and in particular our youth and in doing so subjecting me to some of the highest predatory levels I believe ever seen in our country of Australia lasting a term of 25 years because of their jealousy and determination to belittle and humiliate everything I did using an endless army of people who became judge and jury without ever having asked me You all just wanted to abuse me no one approached me You all just wanted to accuse me no one asked as time passes I have addressed many topics and answered many questions and I now find that many realise they were terribly wrong about their incorrect judgement of me.This is the reason you were all told not to speak to me or tell me what was going on because 99% of the litigation was false and that you the public would look at me as a toxic person not wanting to know me.

On four separate occasions over those year’s I approached Harper’s car yard then called Ventwood(more appropriately)it should have been called Bentwood in Strathmore where the public and his coordinated criminal groups had been feeding him daily information about any of my activity since I started writing my story he has taken the Ventwood sign down replacing it with a dirty old sign of Strathmore auto car sales and left his long time car sales person to cope however this is all a deterrent in order to misleading the public that he no longer has any money and is not operating the car yard that he and his father had for 40 plus years I can assure you he is in the background and many of the older cars that you the public would have bought from this yard would have had their speedometer turned back as he was excellent with those tactics,he is a compulsive liar and always was a thief and served time in prison at 19 for charges on many of these levels and his background is laced with underworld crime figures he held a gun to the back of my head from a moving car one night when I was in the back of a Taxi on my way home I wouldn’t buy a car from this person as he took one of my cars to this yard years ago and he along with his old man Ernie sold it and forged my signature to VicRoads this criminal fractured my nose at just 17 and assaulted my eight year old brother of whom he had not previously met and even at that time had never spoken to which turned me into a very emotional teenager where a doctor back then wanted to give me shock treatment they were doing it to many individuals for general issues I knew I never needed it and was never treated for it or anything else so part of the litigation Harper was spreading was that I was mad(to hide his guilt) I am more level headed than he is and always will be as through it all I never lost my way he has not been charged with any of these offences yet because the public have been protecting all those involved.In 1990 when this litigation started everybody just joined in continuously adding name tags to my once-respected name digging me deeper and deeper into the soil adding levels of discrimination denying me of every job in the community over this long-standing time frame/even many community services where I was imposed upon including general health tests were so unjust the predatory levels were frightening/then there was stalking/silent phone calls day in day out/I was approached by married men and our youth with sexual harassment/facing public abuse all the time/isolated to the point where I had no help with anything/older cars were placed outside my now home in Sunbury from time to time where a driver was posted to stalk my house gathering any information on activity/there is so much more that I endured that I have already posted in other blogs that it’s going to take one very experienced lawyer dealing with human rights to solve some of these issues the community was turned on its head by these most vicious attacks imposed upon me.

My approach to police in 2008 fell on deaf ears if they had done what I suggested they would have had all the information required to serve these criminals with what they rightly deserve but they could not believe I could be treated by the public in that way and wanted all the answers on the table claiming I was delusional with one of them insisting I be admitted to a psychiatric hospital since that day I have become totally aware that a victim often gets treated as the criminal with so much disrespect and as a result I would never go to a police station for any reason now unless I am accompanied by a legal representative I cannot believe that police are given the power to suggest anyone be sent to a psycho ward without any background of violence of any kind this is totally wrong some of them should spend a week or two in these places and then they would not be so quick to put individuals in there with often general issues that could be sorted out in a very different manner these places are just dumping grounds for force-fed drugs often proving fruitless to the patient I definitely question that officers judgement I also had paperwork ripped out of my hand whilst reading off it by another officer on another occasion when I went to make statements of which did not occur the mental health system desperately needs an overhaul along with many of those people who run it.There is absolutely something wrong with the country when you’ve got our government trying to save two drug mules what’s the world coming to? that’s a clear example.I must be the only one in Melbourne with a mobile phone who now never leaves a telephone number with anyone.

And Fletcher well he’s just a simple brat stomping his feet because he lost what he wanted to keep mummy or daddy could not buy me like everything else they bought him his attitude towards women was somewhat appalling where he belittled his own sister to me went to school with Kylie Minogue who had barely left school calling her a slut and I am such a disciplined person in general and yet he managed to bag and downgrade me as well handing out my pictures to everybody I want to see some Human rights advocates contacting me in support and many more people coming forward to tell their stories of how they were told to abuse and belittle me over such a long-standing time.Keeping in mind that I have never been charged with an offence nor have I created any that would warrant such harsh punishment my email address is clearly visible I ask that you come forward with any information about this case.

This dog belongs in the animal section

This dog belongs in the animal section

That quiet smile very damaging

This bloke belongs in the same place in the Animal section.

Now that I am older and more wiser not for all the tea in China funny how life works when you’re single very busy but still have time on your hands for relationships they all seem fitting at any one time and young blokes always thrust themselves upon me like a magnet because of the mature sexy woman look that I always maintained but the truth is from my experiences the younger bloke older woman combination is a no-go zone and the result is that you end up losing many good years of your life because with gaps of age difference of 17 years and over you know that you’re only waiting for the right time of when is a good time to leave full well knowing it’s the right thing to do as young blokes need someone their own age to have a family with.

The break-up is always sad but that’s the journey in life where I would not allow myself to fall in love with a younger fellow as I viewed things very different and would not allow any of these blokes to pay for me I chose to pay for myself and stay independent that way I owed them nothing when it came to departing I wish I could say the same for them but I can’t all 4 of my younger male relationships cost me a lot of dollars and much heart-ache I think the one thing that stands out more than anything else is that most younger blokes try to take on something they can’t handle a lot of mature women are very strong-willed never were any of these fellows ever given keys to property I lived in nor did they make any contributions to my rental or live with me and one of those relationships was 8 years + all 4 were of age and had licenses to drive and after this very troubled litigation I was subjected to horrendous predatory levels where through later years my mobile phone number was given out to anyone and with silent calls made every day and at any time both my family and relatives have been badly affected by the distribution of such terrible litigation through the public sector so to the parents who think I did the wrong thing get your facts right first before assuming the worst and telling our younger youth to dish out abuse to women I was myself also young at those times regardless of age difference and that’s very natural and normal.

And to those women who want to be Cougars you’re just fooling yourselves with the I love you bit and the charming compliments from these younger fellows (notice I do not relate to them as men that’s because they are still boys at a younger age)most would not have the foggiest notion on how to treat a mature woman and some have the idea that a restaurant meal is a trip to McDonald’s.That’s 16 years of my life lost then through much false Litigation brought about by some of these younger ones the public believed I did not deserve to work in the community by refusing and taking every possible job from me over a 25 year period together that’s a total of 41 years lost over my life time and a Perth couple have just been awarded $750,000-for being refused a job imagine what I am owed over 25 years of job denial so get off the trip you older women and go find yourself a rewarding mature male preferably one who can take care of you.

“What I think of Death Row penalties in other countries”—- wish they were in Australia laws are made to define the difference between the wrong and the right this is a reminder that where no respect is shown and you break those laws the penalty is death I have no compassion for anyone in these predicaments and nor should most of you anyone on death row has committed a very severe crime and on average those people would commit such crimes again if given the chance and therefore those countries who put these rules in place are not likely to go back on their word and let people go otherwise the meaning of laws would become meaningless jails are full to capacity with these types of offenders and most jails are suffering huge overcrowding in many states here in Australia and other countries (What to Do With Them) too often the public complain when some of the worst offenders have done their time and are due to be released from prison, but they don’t want them living back in the community and many don’t believe in the death penalty because it’s too harsh well what the heavens are you all about ? the crime they committed was far too harsh on the victim or victims something has to be done with them that’s why the death penalty is brought in you all cry so loud when a child is targeted by a sex offender so what would you suggest?maybe castrate those men? I’m backing it in that given a second chance they would probably go out and kill someone in hatred give them life in jail? then I ask the question why on earth would you want to pay for these offenders for the rest of your life?when they have already caused either death or left a child with permanent and long-term damage the same applies to an adult who has been brutally raped by a predator the death penalty is the end and that would have those who chose to offend to maybe think twice before committing these atrocious crimes.

The bottom line is you either respect the laws of another country when visiting no matter where it is or be prepared to face the consequences from wrong doing example Australia spends massive resources on trying to combat the drug trafficking trade and yet there has been so much money and time wasted on trying to save this latest pair on death row overseas and my bet will be that according to the press the mastermind behind it said to be living in Sydney on his 5 million dollar lottery windfall will live happily ever after and his ticket will have been paid for from the proceeds of crime.

Second Topic —— This latest campaign by some young fellow having collected some 18,000 plus signatures asking for road licenses age 18 in Victoria to be dropped to 17 well I wrote about this some 20 years back and more recent from a couple of months ago and posted similar stating why license age should be brought back to 17 and learner permits given at age 15 one of the main reasons for this was to separate gaining a road license at 17 from being able to drink in hotels at age 18 because a huge majority were losing licenses not long after gaining it through drink driving as early as one week well youngsters, unfortunately there is much more you now have to prove regarding driving on our roads than ever before that law can be changed some examples —– drugs are so much more a part of your lives now where driver behaviour and hooning ripping up our roads and abusing your vehicles is so far out of control that it is going to take you to show sheer discipline to get it back together aside from that you need to do two more things that will help you find your way and they are experience behind the wheel before gaining a license forget the 120 hrs it’s more like 500 hrs plus and in all weather conditions and you need to cover many of these skills by joining for a class or classes many of these were held at Calder Park raceway in Victoria in the past look them up and then go on to completing an advanced course so that you can see how much driver control you have understood and in the very early stages use more than one driving school to gain knowledge as each instructor will have a variation of ideas you need all of this before ever booking your test you do not in any way need speed as to have a license is a privilege and to respect that you need skills and handling ability to save yourself and why am I telling you this after in which the way you have dished out abuse to me over so many years is because you were given the incorrect information in regards to myself of which has lead to bad attitudes in so many ways and I am giving you the time and the opportunity to turn that around but I will not go out of my way personally for anyone of you it’s your choice instead of spending continued excessive amounts of money on alcohol and totalling both car and yourselves go out and be constructive and spend more time doing some of these things to protect you and your passengers from harm because I have heard the un-tuned cars and seen the lack of experience shown through hitting roundabouts and road signs you’ve ran over through sheer ignorance and anger and most definitely lacking in-experience through having no car control and also if you cannot perform to parallel parking easily then don’t even bother getting on the road until you can because these manoeuvres are required in everyday driving regardless of whether or not it is part of your license test I know Vic Roads took it out and just asked you to perform a 3 point turn this is not good enough ask an Instructor to train you properly ——so go to it teens let’s see some improvements——this anger is also associated together with the brutal gang bashing’s towards complete strangers the ongoing attack’s against commuters on public transport with many bus and train related incidents so many of you know these offenders and too many of you keep quiet our jails are full they don’t want you.

WELL DONE CHANNEL 10 YOUR SEGMENT VIEWED ON FRIDAY 6TH MARCH 2015 for should we hope point learners in the right direction to book in for courses and get more much needed handling skills before getting their road license and for those who have already had accidents this experience will point you in the right direction to gain safety on our roads.

pictures 004 Well, I had a great Christmas did You ???

My new Spa proved a winner in the hot weather even though I had bought it more than a year ago but did not set it up until this year —— I also did some painting,preparing a delicious Christmas dinner that’s the good part now let’s get down to some serious stuff/ No Botox or Hair extensions it’s all mine,that’s sure to piss some people off/ let me just add to that No Nail extensions or Tattoo’s (NO) Smoking,Drugs or Alcohol after everything you have litigated about looks like I live in the perfect disciplined world it’s called my world,quite the role model and that gives me 7 good reasons of why I would want to stay away from all of you as more than half a Nation appears to be on Drugs we all have made an irrational decisions at some point in our lives but your continuation of this long-running harassment is without cause and totally a joke.


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Despite two solid years of writing now and two and a half decades later each time I step outside my front door to shop locally I am still faced with taunts from the public and age is no discrimination here are some examples over the last three years alone (put yourself in my shoes for a moment ) what if you went to the local shopping centre wanting to buy some food and your groceries totalled around $340- worth and you had already unloaded them to be processed by the checkout girl on the 22nd of December 2014 and suddenly you have 2 girls groping each other walking in from each end of the check out right beside you workers in senior positions in one of the biggest food chains if not for the wish cards that I had ready to cash in I would have walked out and just left everything where it was myself highly embarrassed in a supermarket the manager saw this on CCTV and yet they still work there ( I am strictly only attracted to men)and that has always been my life.

Or if you made an appointment to have 2 new tyres fitted to your car and a wheel alignment and you got there not only to find that the manager had no appointment in the book for you and never had the 2 tyres on the premises that you ordered on the day and you were there prior to this in person and spoke to him at length to make sure he understood what you required holding my temper together I politely settled for 2 other tyres of the same brand and as for the wheel alignment when picking up the car he said it didn’t need one well, I must be a super seated whiz kid when it comes to driving with a  brand new vehicle bought in 2005 that had never been for any wheel alignments because I have had no trust in anyone and this was 2014 would you shop there again ???

And the many stores who not only overcharged me some multiple times just to inconvenience me to have to come back and the guy that sold me an(outdoor) umbrella cover full well knowing that the model I bought never came out with a cover they gain your trust by making out they know what they’re talking about when they don’t or the Asian girl who welcomed me into her store for the very first time telling me how colourful I looked wearing very trendy clothing she was so happy I bought 2 items that Friday evening only to have to go back the next day to change the sizes where she made out she had never seen me before and had her colleague follow me out to my car implying that I had stolen more than I had paid for all because of much false litigation from her Australian partner—– ( I am the type who would crucify anyone stealing because two of my pet hates out of a list are house and car thieves) we all go through many learning curves in our lives but get your facts right before pointing the finger at others in this case it’s me you have done harm to and what about my lawn mower just wanted someone to look at a couple of things,that possibly needed upgrading only to be told it had a bent shaft meaning it was cactus well I brought it back home did any minor repairs and am still using it 2 years later,you can sell your new lawn mowers to someone else —— then there’s the horror female who deliberately sold me a pair of seconds boots where I had asked her to hold them for me until I had finished shopping only to be met with some bloke that she had called into the shop for when I made any queries it was all so obvious,but you have 15 more pairs of boots at home so it doesn’t really bother you they think you don’t know what they’re up to what dumb shit’s or the bloke many of them that slur a taunt from their cars as they pass you whilst you’re waiting to cross the road to get to your own car you know it’s directed at you because of the type of things that relate to these circumstances of taunts.

The extent of my worst nightmares with these locals WOULD PROBABLY FILL SIX PAGES with no less than 14 businesses where reports went to managers complaining of the types of people working for them who just want to dish out taunts and abuse only one apologised in writing and considering I have no contact with these people or anything community other than walking into a store to buy something of which has been very much the same over the entire 25 years I find these types of incidents very disturbing and realise that many people involved in this long-running saga are living here right under my nose is it any wonder the mental health system is overcrowded glad I’m not one them regardless of what you try to do.

There are 4 main categories of businesses that I don’t get to visit often due to lack of trust caused by others they are Mechanical 99% done at home, Dentists due to a couple of bad experiences that were way above normal Veterinary clinics as some of the treatment has been so unfair towards my animals and Hairdressers where I have extremely long hair that requires shaping constantly and  have only been to these places 3 times in ten years due to lack of trust in others,I do the best I can by cutting it myself these are all current pictures there are new laws in America now under a felony for anyone trying to threaten or distribute nude photo’s of a person with intent to harm of which is how this war of abuse started by X-boyfriends.



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Many thanks to Serena Williams that at least I get to wear a beautifully styled and colourful new sports bra that she promotes by Berle can hardly wait to get the full range —– Part 2 of taking my life back coming up —–





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