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{May 4, 2016}   “It’s An Animal’s World”

My Animals want for Nothing just look at their sanctuary and I am only a quarter of the way in developing their playground very content animal’s they will never leave home.

They have everything from (sheds with synthetic grass) on top of it, to climbing gear across all fencing, and such a choice of bedding in so many places with toys galore a sand pit and water features to drink out of not forgetting scratching posts inside and out of which they use every day as well as drinking out of the water features that have no chemicals in them lucky little critters.

Am somewhat baffled to hear one of our prominent Vet’s a regular on TV when asked Do Cat’s drink water instead of giving a sensible reply like sometimes his direct answer was No, well Blondie mine drink and use scratch posts every day in every week of their lives and on an earlier segment you suggested they don’t use scratch posts, did you possibly mean as they get older or not at all like your comment not sure where you are coming from I have left all pictures of my cat’s out of this post for their protection from Bogan’s who dare( to be )stupid.

This is just some of their entertainment equipment  they use ——–




The green screening on the fencing is so that my cats can climb due to the fact that I have all the flat side fencing on the inner part of my property.

My adorable Rose bush this looked half dead before planting and just look at the result Stunning.



Comfort talk for your Pet’s anyone who has a Pet would appreciate the statistics on the fact’s of desexing it is far better to create an environment where your Pet’s are not fighting with neighboring animals and for Cat’s not dumping multiple Cat litters that only end up being taken to animal refuge by irresponsible owners also giving kittens not de-sexed to their friends of which becomes a vicious circle of litter’s everywhere from this many feral Cat’s become displaced of which is very cruel.

There are also many people who do not realise the costs involved towards the upkeep of a pet and therefore, become neglectful with things like regular worming and flea control in particular of which is of such importance during the summer months your pet may not start with fleas but will contract them from neighboring cat’s who have not been treated,learning all about cat’s and their needs definitely brought the challenges, mine are 4 years and 8 months now and very well settled.

The stories I could share with you on keeping healthy Pet’s with the things I do and the products I use are endless having owned Pet’s for most of my life many years ago 90% of renters owned pet’s of some kind,  very difficult for them because these day’s many owners renting out an investment property will not allow Pet’s and therefore renters become disadvantaged to own a beloved Pet my Pet’s always came before my boyfriends and that is true fact.



A must read Hospitals should be using Hibitane to wash absolutely everything from top to bottom including floors etc,I have never seen an antiseptic/disinfectant as good or effective.

Hibitane is a registered trademark for Chlorhexidine a chemical which has been proven in the medical and veterinary fields in recent years,as an antiseptic/disinfectant for control of bacterial diseases,

No irritant and pleasant to use ,Hibitane/disinfectant also has a wetting agent to aid in the cleansing of dirt from wounds/instruments etc,disinfecting knives + instruments,cuts +wounds,hands +arms,


Recommendations for use 100ml per 1 litre of water.

I have mostly used it straight without diluting and find it’s more effective applying it in a spray bottle.

Extra notes-Many places will not sell you this product if you claim you want to use it for your own personal use why (from a political and doctors point of view selling drugs to you makes them more money and not to recommend a product that is 100% workable for general use that you can use at home to solve some solutions in an easy sense where regular visits to a doctor can be preventable,however you should  always be able to buy it for your pet’s because Vet’s used to use it years ago, we have a chemical certificate in my household so I would just love for someone to tell me I cannot buy it/as the product has saved me big dollars over the years through not having to visit a Vet or in some cases a Doctor.



Some good habits to keep your Vet bills down ——-

No need to leave dirty food bowls out in my household their bowls washed within 10 mins after feeding twice a day and during the day they have leisurely pockets of dry food of which they wake too early am.  and before they go to bed, because of this they have beautiful white/healthy teeth and in general only need one Vet visit per year for their yearly needles I also use a product called Hibitane on hand to treat any cut’s/rashes/de-fleeing/made by Cooper’s everyone should have this product in their cupboard again to keep not only Vet bills down but I have found multiple usage for this amazing product not just for animal’s but also for humans I have used this since 1990 when I had 6 Border Collies where it was rare to see them at a Vet clinic used as an astringent/disinfectant it has amazing properties for both animal’s and human’s example cropping a bush last week using seceders I hit one of my fingers that absolutely needed 3 stitches one week later one weeks use of Hibitane sprayed on each day and using skin closure strips you can barely see any cut if you know how to use something that you will benefit from to me it beats going to the doctor and given antibiotics of which is something I learned in my earlier years of having constant tonsillitis too many antibiotics slowly destroy your immune system of which we are now seeing all these years later.

Strangely enough, Hibitane is not promoted for human use and when you look it up you will read it’s used for sheep and cattle dip well I can comfortably tell you that if Coopers sent some of their product over to the third world countries where people become injured through disasters this product on its own would heal many of those cut’s and bruises suffered where they use antibiotics, & stitches don’t care what other opinions are I have the proof of my usage for it, you can only buy this product on order through some Chemists and Veterinary clinics also Animal stock feed stores the cost years ago for 5 litres was $181-00 cannot imagine my life without it,a No Brainer alleviates infection.

On A Personal Note——-

Healthy Living requires monitoring your body for the right food intake and understanding your body becomes a vital part of what else you need to add to your diet to stay healthy and free from general problems like Cold’s and Flu/Ache’s and Pains/Lack of Sleep/Indigestion/Arthritis to name just a few I wrote on my facebook page just yesterday what I do to combat and stay on top of these issues I tried a product that worked well for these areas and more called Theracurmin BioActive 300mg this had been advertised before and chemist warehouse used to sell it but no longer do they as it can only be sold if they have a Naturopath on board and they do not have one,however this product should be in most other chemists,if not you can buy 3 alternative products that make up the full content of Theracurmin they are a brand name of Healthy Care super strength Bio Turmeric 3,000- 100 capsules/super Bio Magnesium 100 capsules/and Vitamin C-calcium ascorbate oral powder 125g all for around $42- lasting for a few months take it or leave it the advice is good it works for me and keeps me away from doctors of which I don’t like going to anyway.





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