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{September 22, 2014}   Your Survey Indicates No Means Yes ?

What is this I am reading you surveyed people on the topic where when a female say’s No it really means Yes ——–

Next you’ll be telling me that I’m wearing a green dress on any given day when it’s actually bright red ????

Please cut the crap seriously having worked in Security part time for 11 years and specializing in corporate functions and night clubs and bars I do agree with one thing many females present themselves as what I call loose cannons too often with dresses displayed 2 inches above their nickers using language that would make you block your ears and in getting themselves so inebriated they can’t stand up and they all too often trust others way too much ——- and this is where males feel they can take advantage of a female almost always because to a male No really means Yes.

This is so misinterpreted by the male on his point of view that No really means Yes,when in all instead of taking advantage of a female in particularly when she is in a state of embarrassment most males should be making sure that the female is okay and looked after.

I have a mate who tells me all the time that just because a female is nice to him when she is just being polite and friendly,he claims that she wants him and wants to take him to bed ,to me her actions are quite normal and his thoughts are(well that’s just wishful thinking) a load of rubbish I keep saying to him go on ask any one of them out and I bet you they have a partner somewhere in the picture if his notion were correct that would mean every male that talks to a female and every female that talks to a male would be going to bed with one another so that theory is absolutely wrong and so is the the No Yes thing ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

No definitely means No and a Yes well that can mean maybe, but also can be seen as a No,that depends on the receiver !!!! I personally can only be one way or the other its either a Yes from me or a definite No end of story there is no in between!

This current world we live in has grown from what I call well educated and relatively quiet kids to outspoken standover and disrespectful little monsters so many on drugs who are prepared to bash and intimidate anyone they don’t care about their futures and disregard anybody who tries to tell them different ,my experience from having to deal with this has been more than just challenging all caused from the backlash and overwhelming response towards the hate campaign created by the Victorian Public where facts were not facts and Abuse became the center of attention for everybody who wanted some sort of credit for their input most of it being total garbage.

Your inability to even ask me any questions on the subject is so wrong with your inconsistency of stories spread throughout Victoria and afar they have caused so much damage to not only me but the youth in our community long term,where the situation of Abuse to the community has now gone from mild to high epidemic proportions and I don’t know how your going to turn this around because your actions and in all of this time I had done very little or nothing wrong the scale on which this ripple effect has taken hold of bashings to strangers,attacks on women and the elderly and steeling from others is beyond belief and the innocent are suffering because of your all too pathetic actions.( I have become Immune to your Abuse and this is why I am able to live a normal life without remaining damaged ) however because of X-boyfriend Justin Fletchers story that I abused animals(all in just one weekend) everywhere I take my animals for their needles and or the care that they may need I have problems being treated badly by bitchy females who just want to dish out Abuse the difference is they are hurting my animals and not me I don’t know you why should I be fearful of anything you do or say as I am not,and I would surely like to sit some of you on your butt and well could have done and although I am not a violent person one can only take so much and 24 years is past its use by date,its time to get some intelligence about you,because you just get dumber and dumber,I have my much loved boarder-collie who needs a little operation but I have no trust in anyone to touch him where he will probably die without that attention — Justin Fletcher was also a male hair-dresser I have been to a hair-dresser only 3 times in the last 10 years due to no trust in anyone that I now try to do my best to trim my hair myself as it is so very long,there are so many things that I now don’t do because of no trust in people,but get by easily due to my experiences in life,your a sad bunch you people it breaks my heart to have to take anyone to court because that’s something I don’t choose to do but I feel that until I do justice will not be done—— to the Justin Fletcher’s and the Michael Harper’s and to all those people who involved themselves in this Horrific long term Abuse trail I no longer care what happens to you at the end of this as it was your choice to invite the Public to join into my personal life and all it’s content.

Lastly on this topic to all of the different youths who have taunted my neighbourhood over the past 8 years driving past my place or others and then dumping your car on a corner preferably under a street light where you display so much Abuse to your vehicles in dumping and burning rubber that only the rich can afford to replace I want to know 2 things who is selling you drugs and the names of those who told you to go ahead and Abuse a complete stranger being myself  because I know you weren’t born to behave like that YOU know my email address send me some emails and if you still have copies of the nude photo’s of me that you were shown where you were not even born when they were taken don’t forget to send them!!! as well because I will protect your information as I don’t see it as your fault you have been lead to do this by Adults who groomed you to do so.

Signing off with the nickname that you gave me Cherwonderwoman.



{September 10, 2014}   Abuse First Hand in Our Community/

I Have Seen Abuse First hand in our community Will it Ever Go Away —— I Doubt It ——- ??????

Abuse in all forms —— Before I write about my experiences I can proudly say that coming from a family of 10 children our Parents were 2 of the nicest people you would ever want to meet they adored their family and both worked incredibly hard to keep us together my mum and dad shared their lives for 42 years with each other and I will never forget those words yelled so loudly from my mother He’s gone when our dad passed away at just 77 those were piercing words for my mum to suddenly feel alone after all that time I am proud to have known them but lost a lot of my years away from the family having moved out of home at age 14 to pursue my own career ,I never ever saw my mum and dad argue and if they had their differences they were solved in the bedroom that might explain how 10 kids came about I feel gifted that both our parents did not smoke and only dabbled in an occasional social drink usually at some kind of celebration,just like me they were fun and laughed a lot. Out of the 10 siblings only 1 is a smoker and 2 brothers definitely like their alcohol too much but more importantly non of us ended up with any major illnesses and for that alone we have been gifted from a combination of good jeans. Thank’s to You Mum and Dad.Every second family these day’s fight some kind of challenge falling victim to some of the most horrific deceases many I have never heard of.


My first hand experience at seeing Domestic Violence came at the age of 12 when I was helping a cousin with her take-away and accommodation business after a long hard day serving people and cooking food I stayed the night into the weekend to help her out when her husband returned from somewhere he had no idea I was in another room resting when I heard him accusing my cousin of well where have you been who have you been with well we worked together all day so I knew exactly where she was he proceed to belt into her when I appeared at the door and spoke to protect her even though I was only 12 my actions stoped him from proceeding any further.

At the age of 15 and a half I moved to the big smoke Melbourne as there was very little work in the country and to survive one needed Trade certificates and lots of experience and so started my journey of my incredibly proud background of achievements of which only I knew I never used to speak of my achievements especially to boyfriends of whom I knew I would never marry and there fore no one really knew what my background was not even my own family,you have heard the old saying what happens in Vegas stay’s in Vegas except this was Melbourne.

Having no knowledge of Melbourne myself at that stage I asked an older sister to find me a flat close to transport ,and so I ended up in Station St Coburg in a house that had been divided into Community share bathroom and a number of what they called flat-et commonly known as a self contained units ,across from me was a lady called Moyra who already had 2 children and was pregnant with a third I quickly realised that again I was witnessing the cries of Domestic violence from her unit the walls were very thin in that place horrified I spoke to her on a few occasions but could only offer the advice of you need to leave him,living in this same unit was where I took up a relationship with one Michael Harper according to him it was only supposed to be a 1 night date (I Wish it had not been at all) after nearly 5 years he caused myself a fractured nose just short of age 17 and he assaulted my brother who was just 8 years old I knew it was only a matter of time before I would take a deep breath and walk away with the feeling like I had never known him ,he had more than 1 mate in his circles who were also violent towards their girl friends and there was one fellow who seemed to get girls pregnant frequently only to then arrange back-yard abortions where I believe some of those girls nearly lost their own lives.Harper kept the company of many criminals of whom I was oblivious to but realising today just how bad some of them were and although I left him 40 plus years ago he took it upon himself to once again get involved in this terrible trail of Abuse that I have delt with lasing over a term of these past 24 years ,Harpers first wife Judy left him years ago with their 2 grown daughters and they are believed to not have any contact with each other this clearly makes sense to me.

It was at this point that I hoped one day I would write a book on Stop Abuse To Women as I was constantly seeing it all around me —– When will it ever stop —– or slow down ——- probably never ????

There are many forms of Abuse / both Verbal and Physical these are just a few examples of the Trauma that women face during there life,the one main thing I learned was that don’t just have children to any bloke just because you want kids first make sure the bloke wants kids too many females never ask them they just go ahead and have them thus then finding themselves in an Abusive relationship after a few years one should be able to tell if a bloke would make a good father and more importantly can you both afford a child if these are not clear main factors then your chances of survival are very thin and the children suffer immensely —— I could write on the topic of Abuse for long term as there are so many stories to share but there are other things in life that must be well organised also like a happy household / plenty of good food on the table and being able to afford everything you chose to do —– the last story I want to share with you is that one of our oldest Hospitals in Melbourne that no longer exists in the Queen Victoria well known for delivering babies was also the highest in pregnancy terminations with a huge majority of previously married women who attended —— for those who believe in wright to life and condone pregnancy termination (I condone you for such actions you have No wright to run anyone’s life) in telling them how to run theirs there are a million and one reasons why a woman makes a choice to terminate a pregnancy some of them are lack of money to provide / the sexual experience may have been a one off where the female is unaware and has been caught up in falling pregnant not wanting the pregnancy / casual affairs have been well known to have produced unwanted pregnancies / in many cases the female has completed her family but has become pregnant once gain and the pressure can be enormous to have to be able to afford an extra mouth to feed / and Rape cases No Female should have to bare the affects of an unwanted child through forceful rape,imagine having to bare the scars of not only having been raped but to have to bring up a persons child that( 1 )you never knew and (2 )that caused you so much grief that you just want to throw up at the thought of it !

You wright to Lifers can go and bag your head in the sand as you are obviously not the sufferers and it is not your place to run somebody else’s life or make choices for them.Some good suggestions would be to spend your time providing third world countries on how not to fall pregnant and in helping them educate themselves where so many children are born only to die within months nobody can help a starving Nation full of people whilst they are still producing,and all the money in world is going No Where until that production line stops give these woman a life for heavens sake.




{September 3, 2014}   Sport and Sex

Partners and cheating ,well ladies if this has happened to you and you think what a terrible thing well think again because it’s a fact of life this goes on in our everyday lives like it or not ,prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the book and never let it be said ow my husband would never go there he has no need to because at some stage most probably have.

Motor Sport,Driving School Teaching and everything I stood for was surrounded by my world of the Motoring Industry,above anything else I’d ever done a race-track was always where you would find me rain hail or shine that’s where I wanted to be I was given an opportunity for a possible place in both the Miss Australia and Miss Sports girl quest but no instead of raising money for the course I was at the race track—- in 1990 whilst researching different methods to obtain information for my book to be called (Stop Abuse To Women) I sold lingerie and custom made clothing to the sex industry for a very short time to obtain different stories for my book and if not for the jealous and incompetentcy of 2 X-boyfriends in Michael Harper and Justin Fletcher and their aquaintances distributing nude photos of myself right throughout VICTORIA and afar tagging me a prostitute and telling a Nation so many false stories I would have been well established today and in stead my fight just to survive has lasted over a period of 24 years with total lack of respect towards my private life from the ongoing Mental Abuse,Sexual Harassment and Bullying that has been dished out by the Victorian public.

This aggravation has terrorised me through more than 2 decades and kept going into a new generation who were not born when these pictures were taken(thus being groomed by adults) the verbal and mental abuse has been nothing short of both cruel and sadistic coming from strangers at the helm and in trying to control my life,whilst Harper relinquished in fine restaurant food with the likes of Mick and John Gatto and acquaintances his friends of many years ——– this explains why many people are afraid to come forward with their stories of how they were told to Abuse me believe me you don’t need to be.

The staggering figures of married men and couples in general who contributed to this awful abuse will astound you,Harper himself having been married twice with 3 children ,on the other hand his wife and many other wives will be totally unaware of their husbands involvement in such horrific circumstances.Bob Gill X-motor racing(Plumber) used to ring the daily planet massage parlour regularly just to see if I was there I have never even been in one of those rooms they work from,and this explains why when I needed a Plumber for renovations to my home that nobody wanted to call one he had bag mouthed me to the point where other tradies were actually afraid to call a plumber and yet Gill was so infatuated with the glamourous Cheryl again this is annoying jealousy of myself a girl with a lot of genuine qualities.   


img027img030img022 (2)img013 (3)img029 (3)img008 (2)

 These are some of my private photo collections along with some cherished moments of my used to be favorite sport I presented Ambrose with a cake to signify the appreciation and efforts he put into V8 Supercars I loved his career and wanted to share some of those moments I know he will always do his best.V8 Supercars have produced some of the finest and most talented Drivers in the world and although I was shunted in this industry also because of false Litigation and rumours I could never look up toimg007img001img005 (2)img002 (2) these fellows because I have the talent to build the very engines that they drive.


The very damaging bit about being a celebrity’s wife is that a lot of the time you have no idea where your husband is in the early eighties when I first entered Motor Sport I have always been a single person and rarely took a male partner with me because it annoyed me I wanted to walk where I wanted to go without hassle but I can tell you that so many drivers had other female company especially when going to interstate meetings even my eyes opened to some of it some drivers even competed with each other on how many girls they could service in one weekend I can never forget sitting between 2 wives in the grand stand at Sandown and listening to their conversation about family and thought if you only knew.  

The same went on in World Series Cricket I can never forget my cricket book that I took to be signed by the then top contenders only to be met with not 1 but 2 girls hanging off the arms of 3 very familiar faces song wine and women were rife in cricket it is all part of their show and it still exists today ——– I have no idea why anyone gets punished for having sex with another person given that it appears to be a fact of life,whilst I do agree that you should stay single until your ready to settle down the principals are relationships grow old and tired or for other reasons incur one problem or another and even though I condone this latest story of the journalist turned escort girl there is no way I agree with her morals of also the fact that she is a mother as far as I am concerned the children should be taken off her because what she does while they sleep is immoral I myself put a roof over the head of a girl who was an escort many years ago thinking I was helping her then she told me that her family were trying to take her 2 children off her I can completely understand why,anyway I should never have been punished to the extent that I have been and will proceed with court proceedings as soon as possible.

Welcome to the world of reality girls. 



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