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Just look at the Toxic circumstances that Surround our lives in some way or another imposed by other people and yet they all seem to get away with it examples —- Nick Darcy breaks another swimmers jaw and yet you still send him off to the Olympics and guess what he has now been named as the person who motivated and suggested to take the drugs at the bonding session before the games where they failed miserably for their Country,there are so many stories like this one and if you want to go overseas to Africa every second person there seems to have charges pending for something or another they are all thugs selling drugs ,we were shown the Valentines day murder illustration from the accounts that night described by Oscar with 2 people in bed one gets out and fires 4 bullets into a bathroom door and claims (he thought it was an intruder wouldn’t you at least yell out to see if someone answers you before firing a gun this bloke clearly hears voices in his head and yet he poses no threat to society and is out there walking around Quote-What the hell is going on in this world. I now know what I should have become in this life and that would have been a Magistrate oh what joy that would have brought me .

Sometimes we come across freaky people in our lives not by choice they just seem to appear and although not happy about it we end up having to put up with them or paying the price for their wrong doing that can sometimes most certainly Shatter our world,that has been the case for me having being dealt 23 years of Public Abuse and Litigating stories that made my hair curl,all because of some pointless nude photos that I was set up for ,I am now going to list many more of those people who involved themselves with their own selfish stories in the hope that I would fall and fall heavily but that is not the case most on this list became Victims to my Discipline ways where there retaliation was to start a hate campaign against me,this list almost all have a Vendetta against me,and that never was my problem for me it’s there’s.

In No specific order many date back decades— Person (1) Michael Harper now age 62,was sent to prison at age 19 in possession of a stolen camera that supposedly was bought for me and other charges against him were brought forward. Relationship- 5 years.

Person (2) Justin Fletcher approx age 40+ background unknown.Smashed one of my Driving School cars.Relationship two and a half years.

Person (3) Shane Tulac approx age nearing 40 background unknown.Had plenty of young friends that were thieves.Relationship brief affair/Renter.

Person (4) Raelene Penn age ? Wanted by Federal Police and in general charged with many many counts for theft of stolen ID’s. Connection Renter.

Person (5)adopted name of Mark Smith approx age 40+ Mark un-be-known to me had a very disturbing background is a Hemophiliac come cross addicted Heroin and Alcohol user he stole one of my Driving School cars,smashed and dumped it and stole my complete handbag using all ID running up $4,000- plus on electrical goods on that weekend calling himself Chris Leslie Ford CLF are my initials,he also robbed 2 other female renters at the property in Templestow where I learned at a later date that one had tragically taken her own life.I know that Mark may still be alive because he phoned my mobile in 2007′(Insert- and wanted me to drop the charges against him) and was told never to ring my phone again.I had the unpleasant task of telling those he had robbed from years ago that my account was frozen and that they sadly would never be paid for his debt.Connection was introduced to me by another Driving School Client.

He would have been the one that spread the roImagemer that I take Drugs —— My Comments — every day for years I preyed that I would pick up the paper and see a picture of his face lying in the gutter where someone had given him a big enough dose of the very thing that he loved to take of which was Heroin but sadly some unintelligent imbecile’s keep calling an ambulance when he overdoses,he was also sent to jail in around 1986. Some people are simply a total waist and an ongoing nuisance to Society,causing devastation everywhere.

Person (6) Brett Wiseman age approx 40+ previous places lived Hurstbridge Career Criminal and car thief stole a GT Falcon belonging to my then partner Person (2) when hearing of the so called Nude photo’s  of myself and Litigation he went looking for me in Massage Parlors posing as a window cleaner,hoping to dish out more Abuse.He is involved with very corrupt associations Connection to me Zero.

Person (7) Rodney Robinson X Melbourne Speedway Driver(Insert- approx age 60 +) failed to pay my then X partner Phill Bowyer in the eraly 80’s $4,000 + for a Race Engine that Phillip built Phill was experiencing Depression we both confronted Robinson’s then Darebin Panels where I confronted him for the money of course Phillip never got paid Robinson assaulted Philip and the following day tried to assault me telling me he would take all my work from me and that is precisely what has happened over the 23 years,this bloke has a criminal background and should never be trusted.My partner Phill of 2 years + was one of the finest engine builders he ended up in Alcohol re-hab so I was told and became totally wasted.My connection to Robinson Zero prior to that incident.

Opp’s  that beautifully presented engine Picture belongs down here < I had a hand in building 2 of these they went to Graham Wincup to be fitted to his Chev Monza sports sedan he is the uncle to Jamie Wincup V8 Super Cars both engines were stolen around one week after this incident.— Give ya one guess who.— I was trashed in the very sport that I spent an entire lifetime building and giving endless time to because of Public litigation  these day’s I couldn’t care less if Motor Racing became extinct tomorrow when back in the 80’s half of those blokes in that Sport were endlessly running around with other woman at each Race meeting other than their wives ,they would have made Tiger Woods look like a total beginner.My self discipline for most Men was too confronting and too much to bear for some,my personality was incredibly strong but this should have been a plus not a minus to most.


{February 20, 2013}   Thank’s for Your emails ——–

As Quoted – To my few friends left my well wishes on Valentines day were appreciated with messages of your Kind Thoughts and words for a Happy Day ,I am most humble and Thank you from the bottom of my heart, My 60th Birthday was very memorable.

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Yep It’s Valentines Day

Quote- To All those People who don’t give a Dam about Celebrating anything well just think of the pain you cost your Mother to bring you into the World and that would be Enough to open a bottle of bubbly any day of the Year ; So come Celebrate with me Those who have Birthday’s — Those who got Married on this day — and for any other Reason that makes you feel Good Let’s Celebrate Good Will and Harmony on this Valentines Day 14th of February 2013′   Cheers and Happy Times Everybody.


Raelene Penn or at least that is what she called herself one of the many females who participated in the Nude photo scandal come Litigation and Public Abuse against me this female answered an add for Renters in 1990 in the area of Whittlesea she had just been thrown out of a place in Eden Park ,I knew nothing about her which is fairly general when one advertises for Renters that is the punt you take some turn out good others have troubles that you don’t want to know about this girl appeared to be around age 45 where I took sympathy on her situation little did I know of her dark past and I allowed her to move in with just 1 months rent no bond for memory big mistake made on my behalf no matter what situation a person is in you need to take a bond for your own Security as after 1 month she refused to pay anymore rent and teamed up with a Methadone user and it was on for young and old Australia had just slipped into a recession and I should not have been expected to carry anyone I did not ow these people anything and worse was I never knew anything about them ,I found it difficult because the rental was $1,085-00 per month some of that relied on having Renters in but when I tried to get her out it was a no go so I called Police in to remove her so I could re-let the room ,it is a sad story because she was a very talented sewing machinist and I had just started making samples for what was to be classy Harness and Jockey apparel where if she wanted could have worked along side me and been very happy but Police charged this person with 11 counts of stolen ID all of those  females were from the Eastern side of town , she spent 4 days in the lock up but I have no idea what happened to her from there ,all I know is I was hearing stories that I was the thief that was steeling females hand bags at the Moonee Valley Hotel when all the time it was her Police caught her running down a footpath with some girls handbag in her possession directly after she had stolen it she had been previously banned from every Race Track around and yet I am backing it in that she still works for VRC on race meeting days and that no one has done anything about  dismissing her ,she tells everyone that she is dying of Cancer for sympathy this has been going on for the past 23 years what a shame it’s not true,I hope Raelene that you have a rude awakening for the things that you have done to other people and that you blamed me for. Using the same photo as previous.Image

The Early ninety’s and Australia was heading for a re-session Many people found it tough and went back home to live I had no choice for I had been renting since I was fifteen and a half and by this time I was 35 I knocked back all the proposals but should have got the house like many girls did and then I would have been set up ,not that type of girl to leave damage all over the place but I certainly broke many hearts when I knew relationships for me were over and moved on. I had recently moved to Whittlesea only because I had 6 Border-Collie dogs to house and needed land but when I took up residence there at the end of 1989′ un-be-known to me the nude photos of myself followed with false Litigation of what I did for a job and this was circulating across Victoria and other states so fast that  by 1990 every man and his dog thought they had the right to have a go at me sexually and their fore many blokes would apply for rental and that’s were person 3 comes into it young Shane Tulac formerly from Mernda Victoria applied for rental ,he seamed like a nice young fellow paid his own rental was willing to help with most things happening around the 32 acre farm  with Horse adgistment and many other things ,he only rented for approx 4 months I trusted him with my animals and the house when I took a brief 4 days away but missed my Border-Collies so much that I would make a phone call each night to make sure nothing was wrong and came home 3 days earlier because I missed my animals too much as they were very close to me ,I remember arriving into Melbourne by plane at 2am morning and just dropping my suit case in the middle of the drive way and allowing all 6 dogs to show their affection until I was exhausted what a special moment ,I still miss them today.When Sane left I heard from the public some of the most damming Litigation not about my animals so much but about me personally and was shocked as other than teaching people to Drive or doing courses on the property I was always there and lived as a single person only on one occasionImageImage did I not come home when I visited a friend in the city and it was late and I was simply too tired to drive home and asked could I get some rest on the couch and that is where I slept ,how can people accuse you of being in 2 places at once and I could assure you if I had have chosen to go down the path of Prostitution I would have been worth a fortune according to those guys I did take to bed looking for the appropriate husband  so I  never would have needed Renters I detest anyone who accuses somebody of anything unless they have solid facts and can support those facts and even though as I have already Quoted-no group support have come forward in favor of Stop Abuse To Women many members of the public dropped some very big hints at what was going on so much of it was easy to put together who was circulating this wicked Litigation of both Jealousy and Hate for myself ,I hope that you Shane regret the part that you played in this Litigation towards me because I never did a darn thing to make you feel that way ,you to come from broken parents with many step sisters and brothers Shame on You,may be now as you are older you would realize that what you have participated in is organised crime. I have not seen this person since 1990′ and do not know anything about his background,and yet this harassment followed me for 22 years of wasted time on the Public’s behalf. Chasing me for nothing.

Justin Fletcher seemed like a nice young lad with ambition a male hairdresser by trade and played in some bands formally from Kew Victoria came from a background of broken parents and an only sister who back in 1988′ dabbled in drugs this kid and he was at the time booked me for his Driving Lessons where he became mesmerized with his Driving Instructor he invited me to his 18th birthday where I met his family and friends as I was one of the youngest Instructors in Victoria back then at age 23 I found myself teaching many students my own age and although I was older by the time I met Justin things did not seem much different ,he had a girlfriend at the time his own age but dumped her giving her no reasons and thus starting a relationship months later with me ,I had nothing better to do at a time in my life where I had no ties and was always a fun player ,this relationship lasted two years plus and I ended it just short of his 21st birthday ,we had a very caring and loving relationship ,if my memory serves me correctly we only yelled and screamed at each other on a couple of occasions when I lived in Doncaster on a normal house block where my two Border-Collies had just had pups and Justin was in a play called Lola Montez where somebody gave him two domestic ducks that he brought home to me,well I AM AN ANIMAL LOVER and had countless animals from my childhood around farming areas but I knew that I did not have the space for 8 Boarder-Collies and two ducks so I was looking for a bigger property to house these animals as I missed my teenage years with my own family members I was big on keeping my family of pets together and did not want to part with any of them but one of my dogs thought it would be fun to play with those ducks running at them and playing but unfortunately both ended up with broken necks and this all happened in a spate of about 5 minutes,I was devastated and at the same time angry because I was only renting and was expected to cope with all of this whilst I was doing Driving Lessons without any support from Justin other than himself ,I still don’t know to this day whether he saved any money from his wages, I had a very short fuse because I was such a perfectionist and demanded so much more but from my own experiences these young bucks that think they have the strength to take on older women are just full of wind and very time-wasting and when I left Justin and my nude photos emerged he saw this as a perfect opportunity to get back at me by circulating some of the most damming Litigation about how Cheryl was an Animal Abuser that the public did not know what to think so everybody just went along with these fabricated stories where a few one-off incidents in my life eventually cost me my career as an Instructor and the next 22 years of Public Abuse this bloke or anyone else never saw me Punch,Kick or torment any Animals in my life and I would absolutely condemn anyone that I see Abusing animals ,all I can say is that sometimes in our lives incidents of a general sense happen to all of us and at best sometimes beyond our control many are classed as normal incidents and never should be blown out of proportion like this kid has done to me professionals even tell you that if you have a pedigree dog that has not been neutered or has no female animal partner that you should help that animal along by helping it to ejaculate this is far from the truth and very embarrassing if you try it ,I know they forcefully mate Horses just for the benefit of breeding for money ,I have seen this and to me it is so cruel ,helping a dog to ejaculate is also not nice and my new blog coming out is on the topic of Animal Welfare and from my own experiences tell’s you the importance of the need to have your cat’s and dogs de-sexed no later than between 5 and 6 months or you and the community end up with unwanted animals that simply cannot be housed as there ends up far too many and a lot have to be put down. Just getting back to Justin I have not seen this individual since 1990′ and have no idea of his current back ground nor do I care however he has played the part of criminal activity by what he has done and I hope like all the rest of the main perpetrators who started this terrible war and revenge campaign against me  that the law will prevaleImagewhere these people will be taught a lesson hopefully never to hit out at anyone like this ever again as it is so unjust ,I have done nothing wrong and more to the point have corrected things when someone or something mucked up I have spent an entire life time correcting mainly other people’s issues,not because I interfere with their lives but because these events have happened whilst they were around me,and I put up many barriers when I see things go wrong —– at the end of my heading paragraphs of Let’s weigh it all up there are many messages in here for people who got themselves involved and thought that they could run my life and at the end of it you will find that you can’t and that you were never strong enough too.                  I have been punished because I am very disciplined yet easy-going and  I don’t have the bad habit’s that most people posses like half a nation are now using drugs of the worst kind — or they smoke or drink and I am not into bad behavior of any kind striking out all criminal activity ,car theft you name it ,I just would not be or play any part in these things only the occasional celebration drink and sometimes even that maybe a healthy juice,so even though shocked at the things that I have been accused of on the other hand Quote-I was always the angel that could do very little wrong and still am, only these day’s I have much more of a controlled temper and very little bothers me.,as there is always a solution to everything you just have to find what works for you.

Using the previous picture in an earlier blog this is Justin at happier times.

This English-born bloke from Yorkshire came to Australia with his parents when he was a baby an only child we met when I was just nearing age 16 or so his parents lead a healthy and comfortable life however they told me that his father Ernie Harper fled England for Fraud he and son Michael as I knew them had always dabbled in selling cars Ernie back then used to work for Brent’s Sports World then based in Holmes Rd Brunswick where Michael had access to some of the most prestigious muscle cars imaginable he did not have to own them but had access to anything he asked good old dad for I spent the best part of a 5 year relationship with this fellow as I was growing into my early 20’s we wanted for nothing as Michael always had those boys toys we spent countless weekends away going water skiing ,etc I think you get the picture and I was always lavished with gifts most weeks and unlike many females got to stay in Motels and never had to camp it was a good lifestyle and I felt lucky to be a part of it but there was one terrible side to Michael even though he was a talented young fellow able to fix just about anything very knowledgeable with Motor cars he had a down side many of his friends were mechanics but many were simple Rat Bags destined for trouble I was very young and very naive but smart enough to see around corners and did not appreciate many of his acquaintances I could see many were going to turn into what I call bad eggs and did not want to be associated with such garbage always protecting myself as much as possible Michael could see that I was developing into a very attractive young lady of which made him somewhat jealous and protective from other males however it was only one year into the relationship that he became violent with his attitude first smacking my baby brothers face and then fracturing my nose ,that should have been where it ended right there right then and I did apply for an intervention order on this fellow but withdrew it taking into consideration his age approx 18 and the fact that I did not want any repercussions down the track and I had moved away from my family to then come to Melbourne and work and never knew anyone much —- Big Mistake —- He proposed countless times even taking me into the Marriage Registry (where I ran out of there) it used to be in Williams st Melbourne back then such a cold and morbid looking place as I saw it full of concrete and very plain wasn’t my idea of a blissful or happy day and I was far to young and still growing up my parents commented that they did not like Michael and had no time for him ,they only met him once if I had have told them what he had done to members of our family I know they would turn over in their grave today Michael thought he could buy me back with gifts on tap but the damage of Abuse to Women was planted in my head forever and I knew my time with this person was gravely limited and left him just on age 21.

I always have lived my life not thinking of the bad things that we experience only those loving and caring times that light your face up with a big and continuous smile, and could only hope that we could still maintain friendship along the way but it is obvious to me that friendship was never going to be the case as you will have read in my earlier blog that despite leaving this guy more than 40 years ago and only ever seeing him 6 times during these years he latched onto those Nude photo’s of me taken now 23 years ago and participated in circulating some of the most vicious and damming stories where I felt my hair curl and believe me my hair if I may use the term is straight as a dye,I find it difficult to comprehend why any bloke would want to involve themselves from such an aging relationship that ended long ago with no strings attached and worse he has been through two marriages one current and with three  children of his own,I hope his wife somehow makes her way in order to get to read my story because Michael is and always was involved with people in crime and I am backing it in that this wife has no idea how he makes his money she is just the little female at home looking after their child. You have seen this picture in my earlier blogs it is 40 years plus old — hope you enjoyed my story —Quote – I am still the little Angle he fell in love with who could do very little wrong but I am days away from my 60th Birthday and would feel much happier if I did not have to write about throw back’s like this one.Image

Well I put my cards on the table for you The Victorian Public to respond (the mouths of these issues) relating to the content of my Story and you proved to be nothing but a bunch or group of unwise, unforgivable and downright dirty pack of Ferrel’s in this case targeting myself an innocent victim of other people’s Slander the cost to me over the 22 years has been gigantic where I was Tormented beyond believe,and ridiculed well beyond the side of Human Nature and to the point of no return or so you hoped,all of this because you were told things from a few of my x boy-friends who never knew one another but decided to make my life so public to the point of invading everything I did and watching every step I took lasting more than two decades,so many Females joined and were involved in this that I should not ever care who might Abuse you along the way and so many Males participated that I should Hate you all forever but you know what ? whether your reasons are fighting and disputing over money or for the simple fact that you do not like some one even though you may have never met them I am by far the better person because I would never in a life time involve myself in such destruction of another Human being regardless of what was being said about them this is now why your kids are out of control and show no respect or very little because they are listening to garbage from your mouths,since I have been writing my story no one from Australia (groups,forums or individuals have come forward to offer their help or any apologies for what I have been put through) only complete strangers from other countries showed compassion towards my circumstances and offered assistance ,I feel so ashamed for my fellow Australians for their Rat Bag approach towards me and the Terrible attitude that you have shown towards a person that has done almost nothing out of the ordinary and have come to the conclusion that no apology will fix it and that I am far better off on my own and away from you with my own Family members included where I believe all heard these horrific stories and not one of them spoke up or asked me was any of it true,despite the fact that I left home at age 14 to start my working career and have never grown up with these people only seeing them once and awhile and barely attended any of their kids events mainly because I like a formal invitation for these things,I was often blamed for things by 2 of my older sister’s even though I was never around they were always jealous of something about Cheryl although never bullied at school only as an Adult I was tormented to the point where I eventually went to local Police for guidance and assistance with this public Abuse but unless I had all information on the table for them , to them I somehow deserved to be treated as the criminal and should have been locked up in the Mental Asylum in Sunshine because they could not believe how many people were involved well they were wrong about that to because I proved that I was never a Mental case and am one of the most level-headed individuals you will ever meet,even an x police officer running a Security group I was working for where she was told I was being Harassed by members of the public and needed to be moved from my position who now speaks out to tell you young kids are out of control —– Quote she never asked me who was troubling me or why I was being Harassed ,I was just a number and yet I was a popular Security person and asked to come back by many of her clients.The following week was nearing the end of my Security career.I rest my case,it’s either fight for your rights or go down, on another occasion where an attempt to run me down by a Truck Driver in a Water Tanker at a concert that I was doing Security for was swept under the carpet because the owner would not have wanted to lose his contract again x police running the show ,that Truck Driver should be charged with attempted murder because that is precisely what he tried to do to me with no question or doubt.   I AM LUCKY TO HAVE THE CHOICE OF AN ADORABLE MAN just waiting to take me under his wing to spoil me rotten  He is not Australian Quote- thank Heavens for that. And would wipe the smile off those faces who think they can get away with Abusing Women all very quickly. I have been 100% Honest with my information towards you ,and will continue to print until I have covered every angle of this damming report On Abuse towards me,the best is yet to come. Right now I am thinking do I really need another relationship as I draw nearer to turning age 60 ? And how much it would mean to me after the taunts I have been put through ?

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